The pushback against feminism is gaining steam. Here’s a personal story to introduce this Top 5 list.

Just last week, I was on a plane with a man from the Midwest who oddly brought up several politically incorrect topics with me. He seemed bolder than men who speak about these things usually do… and he was driving the conversation as I was only in “listen” mode. I enjoyed listening because it seemed manosphere narratives were effortlessly seeping out of this self-confessed Trump voter who was a married business owner with two daughters and a decent looking wife in tow.

I don’t think the man ever read our blogs. But word is getting out, nonetheless. I was encouraged that things we have been discussing for so long have seem to have started to go mainstream.

One of his key points was about the destruction feminism has wrought on America and the West in general. He boldly talked about what a disaster it was in front of his 15 year old daughter who seemed unsurprised and undisturbed by what he was saying.

Cue heavenly music as the clouds began to part after a cultural hurricane has ravaged the land. This random conversation is yet another sign men are starting to wake up, and are realizing the end results of 50 years of feminism—five of which are listed here.

5. Men And Women Competing Rather Than Cooperating

Feminism actually weakened women's natural strengths as it threw them into the rat race

Feminism actually weakened women’s natural strengths as it threw them into the rat race

It’s no secret feminism has been great for the emerging corporate plantation. The labor supply has doubled since feminism, driving down the cost of labor while simultaneously doubling the tax base. Men and women now compete with each other for favors from employers rather than women taking care of the most important job there is in the human species—the proper care, feeding, and education of the next generation. As I wrote earlier this year:

Feminism actually dethroned women… Contrary to strengthening women as it claims, feminism weakens women’s hand in society. Not only has it created ill will towards them as they force men out of jobs and render large numbers of them worthless as the state and an employer replaces the male role as provider, but it has removed women from their position at the core of the family, placing corporations and government at the core of the family. Today, women work to pay a nanny or baby sitter to take care of their children rather than doing it themselves. Further, the government micromanages family life, and has the power to enslave men in the court system.

When men and women are competing with each other, the inevitable outcome is women with man-jaws and weak, de-balled men.

4. Sexual Androgynization And Man-Jawed Women

The end result of feminism: Tattooed, sexually ambiguous Man-jaws

The end result of feminism: Tattooed, sexually ambiguous man-jaws

If you think women are becoming manlier—they are. In fact, it’s becoming clearer sexual dimorphism (distinct male and female appearance and behavior) is an enemy of social engineers who want to see the sexes blend into one androgynous human pod in the coming generations.

A fascinating scientific study published in the National Institutes of Health used several methods to determine if feminists had higher testosterone levels and if they exhibited “manlier” behavior than their non-indoctrinated counterparts. The study used a widely known measure index as “2D:4D” method to measure the ratio of the length of the index finger to the ring finger to measure testosterone in women. Researchers also measured “Directiveness” in women, or their responses to the following questions to determine how masculine feminists have become:

  • Are you the sort of person who always likes to get your own way?
  • Do you tend to boss people around?
  • Would you rather take orders than give them?
  • Would you avoid a job which required you to supervise other people?

Of course, traditionally speaking, women who like to boss people around, give orders, and display other forms of Penis Envy are a pain in the ass to be around.

Here’s what the study found:

The present study tested whether feminist activists are more physiologically and psychologically masculinized than are women in general. Feminist activists were operationally defined as attendees at a feminist conference, and indices of sex-dimorphism were 2D:4D ratio and Directiveness. Consistent with our specific hypotheses, feminist activists exhibited a significantly more masculinized 2D:4D ratio relative to both Swedish and aggregate comparison groups, a substantially higher level of Directiveness than both the male and female Australian samples, and within-sample correlations between these variables.

Translation: Feminists have a ton of testosterone coursing through their veins, and as more women are taught to act like men instead of being nurturing mothers even more man-jaws will emerge in the years ahead. It seems social engineers are catering to already existing instincts in women by encouraging them to be copies of men rather than copies of their grandmothers, bringing out the worst in women rather than the best.

3. Rise Of Childhood Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is on the rise, and it correlates with single mommery

Juvenile delinquency is on the rise, and it correlates with single mommery

We all know its true. But here’s some empirical research referenced by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service to back up the claim that dads are vital to the proper development of children, and the collusion of women with the State to eliminate fathers’ in society is having disastrous effects.


The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency reports that the most reliable indicator of violent crime in a community is the proportion of fatherless families. Fathers typically offer economic stability, a role model for boys, greater household security, and reduced stress for mothers. This is especially true for families with adolescent boys, the most crime-prone cohort. Children from single-parent families are more prone than children from two-parent families to use drugs, be gang members, be expelled from school, be committed to reform institutions, and become juvenile murderers.

Beyond research that screams dads need to make a comeback and the State needs to be vanquished from having any influence over the family, the following conclusion from Child Trends helps resuscitate Bronze Age wisdom that was somehow lost when a collective lobotomy known as Liberalism descended like a dark cloud on the West.

An extensive body of research tells us that children do best when they grow up with both biological parents in a low-conflict marriage…. Thus, it is not simply the presence of two parents, as some have assumed, but the presence of two biological parents that seems to support child development.

Mommies need to take care of their children rather than chasing feels, empty accolades and meager salaries at the corporation plantation, and they need to stop relegating men to pre-civilization roles as sperm donors. House-bands (husbands) need to have the power to hold their families together again.

2. Males Are Withdrawing From Society

Turns out you shit on men, we shit on you back

Fuck this shit, I’m leaving. That’s the response of millions of men who are leaving their jobs and even leaving the country in response to being treated as disposable utility modules to power an economy of wasteful consumerism. Men do not naturally spend hand over fist like women do, and many are rediscovering the masculine art of minimalism. Then there’s MGTOW, which aims at reducing virtually all interaction with women.

Policy wonks are already wondering why men are dropping out of the workforce. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is puzzled as to why American males now have one of the lowest overall labor force participation rates:

This fall in the prime-age male labor force participation rate, from a peak of 98% in 1954 to 88% today, is particularly troubling since workers at this age are at their most productive. Because of this, the long-run decline has outsized implications for individual wellbeing as well as for broader economic growth.

Turns out you shit on men, we shit on you back.

Not to mention, a full 8-10 million Americans now live abroad at least full or part time, and that number is only expected to increase as more men run off the Anglobitch plantation.

1. Demographic Conquest

If women won't have enough babies to run the economy, leaders resort to other options

If women won’t have enough babies to run the economy, leaders resort to other options

An entire ethnic group is being submerged by a demographic tidal wave brought on by feminism. Since the family was broken up by feminism, birth rates of white women have remained well below the minimum to even sustain a culture (2.1 births on average per woman) for two full generations.

Ever notice how most Kia models have Spanish names? The Daily Mail wrote this about changing demographics which are swamping the U.S. as white women literally killed the goose that laid them the golden egg (i.e. the Evil White Male):

U.S. companies have also been advised to shift their focus to Hispanic consumers who will be making up a majority of the U.S. population and will account for much of the nation’s future spending habits.

It turns out demographics is destiny, after all. This “ripe for the conquering” effect of feminism was recently detailed on Return Of Kings. It is interesting to note historical trends show prosperous periods are often followed by decadence and decline in various studies of history. The following 2,000 year old passage from Polybius sounds as if I could have been written as a diagnosis of what’s happening in America and Europe today:

In our own time the whole of Greece has been subject to a low birth rate and a general decrease of the population, owing to which cities have become deserted and the land has ceased to yield fruit, although there have neither been continuous wars nor epidemics.

In essence, feminism was the coup-de-grace that decapitated a society already learning toward decline. As male authority erodes during times of prosperity, cultural cancer spreads throughout the body politic.

A Death Style, Not A Lifestyle

YouGoGrrl: Right into oblivion

YouGoGrrl: Right into oblivion

This listing comes in stark contrast to the glowing pleasantries presented by the dying “mainstream” media of just how wonderful feminism has been. Feminism may be the darling of social engineers who want to further reduce men from strong, free, and independent individuals to human cattle, but there are those of us who do not suffer tyranny gladly. It has allowed Western women to run a virtual fiefdom, but it has not come without drastic and dire consequences.

Indeed, as viewed through multiple cultural and demographic lenses, feminism is a death style, not a lifestyle.

It’s often been said feminism is a self-correcting problem as those who practice it will die off. The problem is it will negatively impact millions before the pendulum swings back towards patriarchy and strong nuclear families. It is our fate to be faced with this tragedy, but at least there are encouraging signs men are starting to wake up in the aftermath of women gone wild. We just have to turn the page to see how far we have to fall before men set their foot down and collectively say, “No more, goddamn it!”

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