Rather than reading self-improvement books that merely regurgitate and repackage the same old wisdoms, it’s sometimes best to become a better version of yourself by practicing introspection. By uncovering your subconscious motivations and desires, you’ll achieve the awareness necessary to focus your drives on things that matter to you.

The following 30 questions will help you clarify the meaning of your life and discover what lies in your heart. Instead of just going through this list only to forget about it after couple of hours, I strongly suggest you take the time to think through each question and answer them as specifically as possible. It’s best if you get a sheet of paper and write out each answer for yourself.

The Questions

1. Why do I want self-improvement?

2. What would I do if fear wasn’t holding me back?

3. Who are my role models?

4. What is my purpose or mission in life? Do I need one?

5. If I could only achieve 20% of everything I currently want in life, what would they be? (Keeping Pareto principle in mind)

6. What do I have to do to live the perfect day? (Not in terms of what happens to you, but what you do)

7. What is the one thing that detracts most from my ability to be happy? What will I do about it?

8. What is the one bad habit that is impeding my ability to succeed? What am I willing to do about it?

9. What is my greatest fear? Would my life be better without it? Am I willing to overcome it?

10. How much money/power/sex do I think will make me happy?

11. What is the one thing that will bring more satisfaction and contentment in my life? What have I done in the past month to attain it? What will I do in the next month to attain it?

12. What are the five or less things that I must do before I die?


13. What is stopping me from being completely satisfied with what I already have?

14. How can I be happy while still going after the things I want?

15. In what ways will my life improve if I had better control over my mind?

16. What would happen if I didn’t care what other people thought about me?

17. How would my life be different if I stopped caring about all the things I can’t control?

18. What have I learned from the biggest and most painful mistakes I made in life?

19. Who do I want with me when I’m in my deathbed?

20. What will my biggest regret be when I’m about to die?

21. How do I want to be remembered when I die?

22. What would I do differently if I knew I was going to die five years from now?

23. What is my greatest weakness that I must to overcome?

24. Do I have a friend that I can trust my life on?

25. How do I define myself (without using profession as an identity)?


26. What would I be doing if money wasn’t an issue?

27. What would I do with my life if there were no rules to restrict me?

28. How can I start doing all the things that I only hope, wish, and dream?

29. What can I do to be 1% more masculine everyday?

30. What value can I give to others? (In other words: Why should people care about you?)

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