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I’ve noticed in most non-Western countries the majority of the men are unapologetically masculine. Most of these men were taught by their fathers (or other male mentors) the true nature of women before they reached puberty. For example, some cultures in Africa give their young male child to the grandfather for him to raise until he reaches puberty. This is done so the child can learn about their culture, himself, as well as women, from the teaching and guidance of an elder.

This was true somewhat in the United States (regarding men teaching their sons about masculinity) until a little after the suffrage movement. Before then, most married men were very masculine and did pretty much what they wanted to do, granted they provided for their families. It was not uncommon for men during this time to care for more than one woman and their children in some cases. Women just accepted this as the norm. Why? Because men left them no choice! These men understood being married just meant being responsible for her well-being and the well-being of the children, but not giving up their manhood. However, in today’s western societies the roles have flipped. Women are doing whatever they want to do and the men are ether accepting it or going MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Are The Men The Real Problem?


I had a conversation with a former co-worker of mine (from Panama) who once said that he believes the problems with women in the U.S. are not the women; it is the men! He said his father taught him that men must have two faces when dealing with women. One face is the provider and protector, while the other face is the lawmaker, disciplinarian and enforcer. He also stated that as long as a man is being true or just being a man, most women would follow that man almost anywhere and will forgive him of just about anything. This co-worker also had a small side business towing cars and a mistress his wife knew about.

I also met a man from Africa at a car auction. He was buying cars to take back to his native homeland to sell. During our conversation I found out he had many businesses in Africa as well as many wives and children! I jokingly asked him if he fell in love with ever woman he saw. He then explained to me that his wives were introduced to him by his other wives to help them run his businesses. If his wives saw a respectable woman who was hard working like themselves (that is, looking for a husband) who they all could get along with, they would ask him to accept her as his wife so she could help expand the family business if there was a need to do so. If he approved, the woman was then accepted into the family as his wife. Now, it’s a little more complicated than what I just explained but that’s pretty much the gist of it.

“No Respect Or Loyalty”


I then asked what he thought about the women here in the States. He said women in the U.S. do not seem to have any respect or loyalty to the men here. He also said he does not see any of the men demanding that respect or loyalty from women either! He said in his country when a woman is disrespectful or untrustworthy, it shames her family and the word goes out to everyone in the community. When this happens, every man will ignore her and will never call on or accept her as a wife!

Now I do get it; the reason polygamy works in his country is the culture, as well as the solidarity among the men there. However, if we were to take into account the nature of women in today’s western societies, these two men should be broke, in a nut house, or both, but instead they appear to be more sane, financially stable and in control of their own destiny! Unlike men who practice monogamy in today’s Western societies, these men have a more implicit view of marriage because it based more on their own integrity or religious beliefs, not reality (aka true nature of women). So they tend to focus more on being just a provider and protector, ignoring their roles as the lawmaker, disciplinarian and enforcer, for fear of being called an abuser. Developing a form of implicit bias is one of the many ways (I believe) monogamy leads to the emasculation of men.

However, in a society were polygamy is the practice, a woman knows she is not the only lady in her man’s life. Therefore she has to compete with the other wives for her husband’s resources and attention. The more support they give to him the better they will do. It thus benefits her to contribute more to the relationship so she can get more out of it for herself and her children. In this system, a man is more confident in himself and his mind becomes freer. This allows him to be more creative as he concentrates on how to become more successful in providing for his family who support and respect his efforts.

But in the U.S. it’s the complete opposite. A man is pressured to still be a man that provides for and protects his family, while the woman is encouraged to keep her independence and not be supportive of her husband while at the same time extracting his resources. In short, what’s hers is hers and what yours is hers!


The History Of Monogamy


Now we will take a look at the history of monogamy which began in Greece. It was introduced into their society to stop the wealthiest of men from hoarding all the women. Now I am more than certain this was done to insure that all men would have access to a woman, to avoid civil unrest among the men, not that all men should give up their masculinity to be with a woman.

This is what our younger men growing up today do not understand. The basic hunt and fish skills passed down from father to son have been diluted mostly by the feminist movement or are completely non-existent if he was raised by a single mother. This has caused most young men to believe they will never get a woman unless they agree to this feminist ideology.

But when this ideology fails to place them in an intimate relationship with a woman, some of these young men become violent; because they believe somehow they will never become a man (have sex with a woman) and remain virgins all their lives! However, if these young men had a male mentor around who understood and was capable of explaining the true nature of women to them, they would have known this was not the case.

A Motivation For Violence


I believe many of the mass shootings by some of these young men could have been avoided if they had this understanding. That’s right! I was shocked to learn that most of these young men who committed these shooting wrote letters days before expressing their disdain for women. There letters showed they were very frustrated with trying to figure out women. This is why I believe men who have loved and lost can give great advice to other men who have loved and lost.

But for the young man who has never loved at all, he needs to learn the basic hunt and fish skills needed to understand women, so he can learn how to court the right woman or women! Most young men want and biologically need to intimately experience women on all levels (mentally, physically etc..). The Greeks felt this experience was important enough to create laws to ensure it.

This is why I wrote The Basic Instructions Before Loving Eve: A young/all man’s guide to understanding women. The eBook is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords and paperback is currently sold on ebay. Now the book has nothing to do with polygamy (because Western societies practices monogamy), but instead it gives young men a basic understanding of his place in a relationship, the myth of male abuse against women, the many different types of women he will meet, the challenges he will face as he goes through life and how to deal with or avoid them.

I realize my book is not the cure all to end all, but there are a lot of male social groups out there with their own views on how to combat this extreme feminism. However, when you put all of our experiences together; what you have in the end is a complete picture on how to resolve this problem. With that said, men need to understand that we are the prize in a relationship! Women crave and desire the strength of an unapologetically alpha male, the same way men want a beautiful domestic goddess on their arm. It’s the reason why “50 Shades Of Grey” is the bestselling women’s book of all time and not “A Room of One’s Own!”

But when you allow a woman to turn you into a SIMP, she will lose respect for you the same way men have no respect for women who do not carry themselves in a dignified manner. Women want two main things from men, which are to be provided for and protected! On the other hand, men want two main things from women, which are respect and loyalty! Monogamy is not synonymous with provide and protect but respect and loyalty is! A man needs to know the family he is providing for is his, while a woman only cares about being provided for!

Women’s souls are screaming to us “HEY GUYS! START BEING MEN AGAIN!!!” All we have to do is listen and comply. Learn how to do this with my book, which costs only $5.99 and will give you some ideas about how to improve your life and your relationships with women.

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