I was reading Keith Preston’s Attack the System where he made a passing mention of the idea of leftists declaring independence from the rest of the nation which it views as being racist and backward. And I thought to myself, “Yeah, why don’t they?” In fact, why don’t the people of the United States and the rest of the West just push for radical decentralization?

If half of the country literally wants nothing to do with the other half as Bill Maher puts it, why don’t they just go their own ways? I really do think it would solve lot of problems regarding race, culture, and politics in our increasingly dysfunctional world.

The Situation: Metropolitan Leftists vs. Rural Conservatives

2016 Election map. The blue areas that are not progressive, metropolitan centers are areas with black or Hispanic majority.

The current political situation in the US is that of polarization between the metropolitan leftists who are progressive, globalist, technocratic, socialist, multicultural, pansexual, and feminist against the rural areas that tend to be white, Christian, nationalist, conservative, and traditional.

Even in Europe, the political division between urban and rural areas are unmistakable as can be seen in these maps of recent referendum and election:

Brexit vote.

Austrian presidential election of 2016.

Now, these two groups have become increasingly hostile to one another over the recent years and there is no reason to believe that the differences will heal anytime soon. It’s clear that the leftists hate Trump supporters to a point of using violence, it’s clear that everyone who’s not an SJW wants to be left alone by those rabid thugs, it’s clear that BLM want segregation from the whites, it’s clear that Christians are sick of being harassed for their faith, and so on.

Beyond culture, the struggle over national policy also causes major contentions. For example, people who want stricter gun control live in urban centers with most of the shooting violence while the people who actually own guns legally tend to live away from the big cities. So why should one group impose banning guns on the other?

The sentiment for seccession is clearly there for when Obama was elected for a second term in 2012, six states signed enough petitions to prompt a response from the White House. And more recently, when Trump was elected, his opponents were quick to resort to violent protests using slogans like #NotMyPresident. A seccession movement in California is already gaining momentum.

In case you think the idea of seccession is new, it is not. Libertarians already have a project to create their own communities while Christians have attempted an exodus movement with similar goals in mind. So there is at least some sentiment towards self-determination and self-governance, and there will surely be more to follow if the current political polarization continues. But what is stopping the people from making it happen? The answer is: the belief that society can eventually be steered towards the way each person or group believes it should go; that their vision for the world will gradually be realized through constant effort. But is that a true possibility?

Historical Reality

While those on both Left and Right believe that everything will be corrected and that their enemies will be “defeated” once someone of their own team is running the show (but are they really in control?), this is nothing but a fallacy arising from short-term thinking. The truth is that no side can ever “win” in the long run with our socio-political system.

Consider that in 1950’s, the United States was a very conservative society with model nuclear families that seem like dream now, only to have the culture get hijacked by pot smoking leftist hippies and various other progressive movements including feminism. Then in the 80’s, there was a conservative resurgence with Reagan winning the election with the campaign slogan: Let’s Make America Great Again. This lasted until the 90’s when the leftist came back with the first wave of political correctness movement, touching upon issues of race and homosexuality. Then came Bush the Second’s Neo-con and Christian-Right, then the reign of Obama and the SJW’s, and now the Trump and the Alt-Right backlash. I think you can guess what will eventually come next.

From Cultural Revolution to McDonald’s in less than two decades. You had one job Chairman Mao…

Even in brutal dictatorships where the political opponents were persecuted and purged, as in Soviet Russia and Communist China or Franco’s Spain and Pinochet’s Chile, the other side eventually made their come-back. So if gulags couldn’t stop the revival of traditional Christian order in Russia and the Red Guards of the Chinese Cultural Revolution couldn’t stop China from adopting Western capitalism, what hope do the Right have in turning America Christian, white, and nationalist when they live in a democracy? If Pinochet’s free helicopter rides couldn’t quell the leftists for eternity, what chance do the SJW’s have in converting the backward “rednecks” they hate so much to be part of their rainbow utopia through elections?


The point here is that no previous efforts have ever made a society become permanently Left or Right. The perpetual tug-of-war between the Left and the Right will continue on while globalism continues to spread along with technology and the consumerist culture—the elites will continue to operate behind closed doors no matter who’s supposedly in charge. If anything, the current trend of the world is towards more diversity, more equalism, and more progressivism.

The Fixed Path

Similar generational trends can be observed with many other social and political issues.

No matter what the traditionalists hope for, the United States have been zigzagging towards a more progressive society with globalism paving the way for the future of the West. Consider that on almost every major issue regarding the society and culture, leaps were made with leftists emerging victorious: women were given the right to vote (and we all know about their voting tendencies). Anti-miscengenation laws that were supported by majority of the population were repealed, opening the way for a multi-ethnic society. Atheism is on the rise with record number of Americans converting to Islam and even Sataninsm (in case you think it’s a joke, they’ve already built temples and managed to stop Christian prayers at government meetings).

The feminist movement, along with abortion and the pill, has already turned the entire society upside down with the entire Western culture turning gynocentric (you know the society is feminist because even staunch critics of feminism will balk at the idea of returning back to traditional sex roles). Acceptance of gay marriage is on the rise as you can see below (it’s quite telling that many right-wing figures are now openly admitting their homosexuality). And so on.

Deviancy to normalcy in less than a decade. Next in line for normalization are trans “rights” and pedophilia.

Yes, there will be backlash from time to time and right-leaning governments may come in power to slow down the degeneracy for a while, but it’s clear that, in the grand scheme of things, the US and the rest of the West is heading towards a more progressive and globalist society. So if you don’t like where the train is going, why not just hop off when you can instead of trying to hold it back, only to get dragged by it?

The Practical Solution

No super-state lasts forever.

The above points prove why a radical decentralization for a local autonomy and self-determination will be the best solution for everyone who is forced under a nation that is raging with cultural civil war—war which is quickly boiling towards an open conflict. And to achieve this goal of decentralization, the people only need to give up two things:

  1. Patriotism, nationalism, or whatever other word people use to describe their worship of the state (run by a government that clearly does not care for the freedom of its people).
  2. The ability to impose your values and beliefs in the form of law and political correctness onto people who don’t want them.

That’s it. No more forcing Christians to bake wedding cakes for homosexuals, no more being forced to accept Somali immigrants into your communities, no more having the welfare state tax you to death, no more worries about having your guns taken away by federal agents, and so forth. With decentralization or full autonomy, each region, city-state, or a community is allowed to have its own laws and culture without interference from outside influence. Isn’t that a much more practical approach than the constant fighting between the Left and the Right where no side will ever achieve final victory? Isn’t it preferable to fighting a perpetual cultural war that allows the elites to grow in power while the common people bicker amongst one another?

Heck, if people still insist on having a nation for sentimental value, the federal government can be kept (albeit with much more limited role) along with the military while a president is elected as a figurehead with no real power—much like the Queen of England. The small nation of Switzerland already practices this sort of a decentralized model of governance, so it’s not something that’s unseen in the world. The only real obstacle would be the monstrous, centralized federal government that refuses to allow people to enjoy true freedom.


I don’t expect everyone to accept this proposal outright as it’s not an easy thing to absorb for those who’ve been conditioned from birth to think of the nation-state as a the most fundamental formation of society. But I believe everyone should at least have the chance to be exposed to the idea so as to make a decision for himself.

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