A lot of bashing of large cities and big city girls has been done on this site and its sister sites in the manosphere. Many points are painfully valid, with which pretty much all of us can identify and agree with. The cost of living, the feminism and the attitude of women (and guys too) make many of the metro areas downright miserable and so undesirable to live in. However, the largest city of them all in the US deserves credit for being seemingly different and significantly better than many other big cities in the us. Here are reasons that New York City, specifically Manhattan, is far superior to Toronto, DC, San Francisco and alike:

1. Convenience & Options

You can’t beat having a fruit stand and a hot dog stand on every corner, as well as multitude of stores and cafes that are open 24 hours a day. No other city in the US offers that.  With the multitude of bars, clubs, and restaurants and coffee shops, the options for going out, having a good time and both day and night game are endless. Having a great subway system that can take you just about anywhere and five cabs on every block, makes getting around so easy. Yes, the winter is cold and miserable, but the summer months are quite nice and warm, especially if you don’t have to wear a suit every day.

2. Large Bookstores 

I was happy to see during my last visit to NYC that there are still several large Barnes and Noble stores still open and they seem to be quite busy. While in most other cities those social destinations have perished and have been taken away from people, NYC still has them. Bookstores are some of the best places for day game that our children will probably not get the opportunity we enjoy.

3. Less Attitude

You would expect New Yorkers to have a huge attitude problem and go overboard on the douche scale, since they live in one of the biggest and greatest city in the world, considered by many to be the center of the (civilized) world. However, I find both the people and the general vibe in bars, restaurants, and clubs to be far more pleasant than, for instance, in San Francisco. Perhaps it’s the infamous wanna-be effect that SF suffers from. New Yorkers don’t have anything to prove; hence less attitude.


4. Better & Hotter Women

It doesn’t take long after you come to New York to realize that you are surrounded by a large number of some of the most beautiful women in the world. It seems like Manhattan attracts the best looking women of every kind and race. While they might not be as sweet as their Colombian, Brazilian or Polish peers, the women in Manhattan seem to be friendlier, happier and less hostile to men. This is in large part due to a more favorable ratio of men to women, at least in Manhattan. It’s hard to be a bitch if there are ten girls standing behind you who are as hot or hotter than you are. You will also have a hard time finding fat women here (except for tourists from other states).

For example, standing by the entrance to the Time Warner Center during the busier hours, you will see one hot woman after another walking in and out. Admittedly, I didn’t have too many interactions with women during my recent visit but my general impression is that there are plenty of professional, accomplished women who are also not masculinized and are very much interested in meeting guys and dating. Unlike in San Francisco, they don’t separate themselves from the world with sunglasses and headphones and they seem to be far less glued to the cellphones than the Bay Area female crowd. I am well aware of all the rough, ghetto girls who bless Brooklyn, Jersey and surrounding areas with their presence. However, Manhattan, in large due to the far higher cost of living, keeps that element away.

5. Clean & Safe

Manhattan seems to be surprisingly clean and safe. Given the population and the amount of traffic, the job that the city does these days maintaining its appearance is nothing short of impressive.  Women seem to be far more comfortable walking alone at nght, and they don’t have the same fear in their eyes that you would see in other big cities. There seems to be very little space left for petty criminals and gangbangers in an area where you won’t find a one-bedroom to rent for under $3,500.00.

If you haven’t been to New York recently, I highly recommend to visit – even if just for a weekend – to ingest some real city energy during the day and at night, and see some of the most beautiful women you might have ever seen.

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