When people are asked what the future will be like, they often respond with descriptions of shimmering mile-high skyscrapers, flying cars, and sentient robots. People almost always envision a future better than the present, a future where breakthroughs and discoveries are made at a frenetic pace and our lives are improved in countless ways. Not only have people come to take technological progress as a given, they believe the pace of discovery and innovation will only accelerate.

I take a more jaundiced view. Due to the cumulative effect of countless Cultural Marxist policies and interventions at all levels—government, academia, industry, and entertainment—another Dark Age is looming. We will see the pace of scientific discoveries and technological innovations slow. Major breakthroughs will become increasingly rare. Rather than the breakneck pace of discovery and innovation that starry-eyed optimists envision, the future will be stagnant and uninspired. Here’s why.

1. Denial And Suppression Of Innate Gender Differences


Years of social engineering initiatives (e.g., “Girls Who Code”) designed to motivate females to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) have come at the cost of deterring the only segment of the population that has ever demonstrated any proficiency or aptitude (or innate interest) in these subjects.

Indeed, human civilization itself is the product of the male mind. Almost every discovery, invention, or innovation can be credited to a man. And yet, science days, campus tours, outreach initiatives, and mentorship programs that exclusively target girls abound. Years ago, I myself had to serve as a TA for a week-long boot camp designed to motivate high school girls to pursue careers in STEM. There was no such program for similarly inclined male high school students. I’m bombarded on a daily basis by emails announcing new programs designed to promote female entrepreneurship or grants and fellowships for which only women are eligible.

Not satisfied to merely actively discriminate against males, Cultural Marxists have begun trying to combat innate maleness that imparts “unfair advantage” to boys from birth. Boys developing their spatial reasoning skills by playing with Legos? One Seattle public school teacher has the solution: simply forbid the boys in her class from playing with Legos.

Campaigns to make toys gender neutral (pink toys for boys and blue toys for girls) are similarly insidious attempts to deny basic biology and human nature (the innate male desire to create and the innate female desire to nurture). We also see attempts at using Newspeak to criminalize the innate male desire to explain the world as “mansplaining.”

2. Destruction Of Critical Thinking Skills

When you want a child to learn to be careful around the stove, you let him touch a hot stove. Immediately, he will pull his hand away and he we will instantly come to associate the stove with pain. He has learned. Leftists say it is racist for shopkeepers or police officers to be more suspicious of black youths even though they commit the overwhelming majority of crimes. In the eyes of leftists, shopkeepers and police officers are wrong for having learned from experience.

Thus, leftism represents an abrogation of learning, a denial of empirical thought, and a suspension of critical thinking faculties. The leftist philosophy is to ignore patterns and dismiss statistics as “racist.” It is fundamentally incompatible with ration and reason. How can we expect young people to be the critical thinkers of tomorrow when they have their higher faculties challenged at every turn? We have taught generations to avoid thinking critically, to avoid being observant.

The entirety of human civilization was built on observation. Tracking the motion of the planets and the position of the constellations in the night sky told the ancients when to plant their crops. To a leftist, just because it starts to get warmer around the vernal equinox, that’s no reason to assume it will get warmer the next time there’s a vernal equinox. Don’t be so prejudiced.

As Winston says in George Orwell’s 1984, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

3. Ideological Conformity

It takes a particular dissident mindset to usher in major breakthroughs and discoveries. Copernicus, Galileo, and Giordano Bruno were branded as heretics for the ideas they advanced. Anton von Leuwenhoek asserted there existed organisms smaller than could be perceived with the naked eye. Louis Pasteur rejected the then universally accepted theory of spontaneous generation—the notion that life could spring from non-life. Alfred Wagner proposed the radical idea that the continents could actually drift. Electric illumination, heavier than air flight, and space travel were all once thought impossible.


Until recently, perhaps the most defining trait of the West was the innate willingness or inclination of its men to defy conventional wisdom and challenge the accepted way of doing things. Being told something was impossible or ran counter to orthodoxy only served to embolden those with an iconoclast mindset. That maverick streak was what drove progress and underpinned most major discoveries and innovations. The West used to celebrate its intellectual rebels: it lionized those who had the courage to think differently.

No longer. The West is now characterized by the stifling of independent thought (wrongthink) and the persecution of those who question dogma. Bastions of higher learning have been replaced with safe spaces where children cower from harsh reality and are presented with comfort animals and coloring books. The oppressive Cultural Marxist pall that has descended on the West like a miasma will snuff out independent thought and cripple progress. That straight jacket mentality that now has a stranglehold on critical thought in the humanities (politics, history, and literature) will soon spill over into the hard sciences.

Witness how Cultural Marxists turned on their own atheist and materialist heroes James Watson for espousing biological determinism and Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Pat Condell for their critical comments about Islam. This will be exacerbated by the push for more women to enter STEM. Women are conformists at heart. Very rarely will they risk professional ostracism or social opprobrium. I see the American intellectual climate becoming more like China’s: more doctrinaire with less emphasis on original thought. Rote memorization will replace critical thinking.


4. Misallocation Of Resources

Discoveries don’t just happen. Innovations don’t just present themselves. They are the product of the human mind. Innate human talents need to be identified and cultivated. School administrators expend untold billions making sure mentally defective children can count to potato but balk at earmarking funds for gifted and talented education.

With changing demographics (white births were the minority in the United States starting in 2012) as well as mass infusions of immigrants (legal or otherwise) along with settled refugees, expect schools to reallocate resources from the top performing students to the lowest performing students. Classes with limited appeal such as AP Physics as well as programs for gifted and talented children will end up on the chopping block to free up additional resources for remedial and ESL classes for children who can’t speak English or are in this country illegally.

5. Appropriation Of Accomplishments

Lastly, and perhaps most disturbingly, is the willingness of Cultural Marxists to rewrite history, appropriating the accomplishments of others to serve their own agenda. When the Juno spacecraft successfully went into orbit around Jupiter, Google offered up a commemorative doodle of a sexually and racially diverse NASA mission control that looked nothing like the reality.

Hollywood loves to exaggerate the accomplishments of certain groups while trivializing the accomplishments of others. Disney recently released Queen of Katwe, a movie that paints a poor Ugandan girl who can play chess at an average level as a grandmaster. 20th Century Fox just released Hidden Figures, which claims America would never have been able to get to the moon were it not for a team of black female number crunchers.

Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson the public face of science when he has never actually discovered anything? Why is someone who pretends to be a scientist invited onto every late night TV show to speak as an authority while tens of thousands of more accomplished white scientists are condemned to obscurity? Why would a white man go to the effort of inventing or discovering something if his accomplishments will be wrested from him and attributed to someone else?


When I look at modern society, I get the sensation of someone standing on the shore watching a wayward cargo ship heading toward land. We know that such large vessels have a tremendous amount of inertia and take a long time to slow to a stop. We know that beyond a certain point, the ship is going to run aground no matter how hard the captain tries to reverse course.

Society too has a lot of inertia: mental constructs and ways of thinking and behaving inculcated and conditioned over a period of many years cannot be simply shaken off overnight. During the Reconstruction Era, formed Confederate soldiers were barred from civil life and not allowed to either hold public office or vote in elections. Similarly, following the end of World War Two, the Allies vigorously pursued a policy of de-Nazification designed to systematically scrub the former ideology from every facet of society.

Short of a similar comprehensive purge, the policies of the Cultural Marxists will echo for years to come. The ship has been brought to full steam and it will run aground. You can try to slow it down, but it is still going to beach itself.

P.S. I’m not the first to point out that the pace of discovery and innovation seems to be slowing (see Michael Hanlon’s 2014 essay “The Golden Quarter” as well as various statements made by Peter Thiel) and that we may be on the eve of another Dark Age, but I am the first to point the finger at Cultural Marxism as the causal agent.

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