Everyone has heard of baking soda, and if you haven’t you probably live under a rock. It’s that fun stuff that helps you make a fake volcano to win the science fair in fourth grade, or stuff you use for baking. Well women use for baking, let’s get serious we’re men, we don’t bake, we go to the store. But being as men don’t generally bake, not every man has baking soda in their home as a bachelor, and you should. Here’s a few common and not so common uses that make this item a must have for every bachelor pad.


Yes, it says it on the box but unless you’re poor or have been to prison you’ve probably never actually used it for this purpose. For those of you that aren’t super familiar with Roosh’s work, he covered this topic of deodorant directly back in 2011. His full post regarding it can be found here, and I give him full credit regarding it as he’s the one who experimented with it not me. But it is good to know in a pinch one always has options.

Tooth Whitener

The United States as of late has been obsessed with tooth color. And while it used to be determined that so long as your mouth wasn’t yellow with foul breath you were good. These days having that perfect Hollywood smile is the expectation. So if your smile isn’t as straight as Tyrese Gibson’s you’re already at a disadvantage. If you’re teeth aren’t as white as his, you’re definitely discounting points. You can go and buy teeth whitening kits, or even go to the dentist to make your teeth whiter; or you could just buy baking soda which is a fraction of the price. It does the same thing, just don’t overdue your home treatments as baking soda is a harsher way to treat your teeth. Recommendations for it are twice a week.



Mosquito Bite Treatment

Mosquito’s suck plain and simple and eventually you’re going to get bit by them. This is a treatment I learned from my grandmother and use on a quite frequent basis. All you need to do is mix some baking soda with water to make a paste and smear it over your bites. Just let it dry out, the remaining baking soda will wipe right off and your itching will be gone. It doesn’t fully get rid of the bites, but I’ve rarely had itching following the use, and it’s definitely saved me some torment throughout the summer.

Refrigerator Deodorizer

This should be a common fact, but I’m sure there’s one person in the world who doesn’t know, or who has some fancy refrigerator deodorizer and they need to knock it off. Just buy a box of baking soda, put it in the back of your fridge and let it absorb the stank of your horrendous cooking leftovers. You just have to replace it once every so often. Some people have this marked down to days but it really depends how much food odor ends up in your fridge. If you’ve ever used a fridge that hasn’t had baking soda in the back of if (college kids are dumb) you’ll quickly realize how good of a solution this is.

To Extinguish A Fire

At some point one of you on here might start a fire and you might not have a fire extinguisher. Baking soda is once again to the rescue. Just throw a whole boat load on it and boom, fire be gone. You could also get fancy like this fat kid in the video below and make your own fire extinguisher (but who really has time for that). By the way I only put the video because the kid is fat, and fat people make me laugh.

So there you have it, five uses for baking soda. So go buy a bunch. Do it now!

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