“The Walking Dead” has perhaps been the most popular television show around the world for most of the 2010’s. Within the United States, its TV ratings often fall below only prominent NFL games, and it’s an incredibly popular topic on Facebook, Twitter, and other discussion boards across the globe.

Everybody seems to love zombies. Unfortunately, the producers of the red hot TV show also want the world to love cultural Marxism too.

The show has not been shy at shoving a steady stream of interracial and homosexual romances in our face (just for the sake of shoving interracial and homosexual romances in our face), and it’s always gotta be a heterosexual white guy who spoils the party in some way for everybody else who inhabits this mostly undead world.


“Hey, when I’m peacocking with my hand cannon pointed at a downward 45 degree angle, you listen to me alright?”

Women, non-whites, and homosexuals on the show are almost exclusively portrayed as either helpful, friendly, cooperative, or (at worst) oppressed victims of their association with straight white males. As for the straight white males themselves, they are more often than not truly deplorable human beings who regularly commit unspeakable atrocities which only get amplified over time.

Is the Frankfurt school really trying to tell us that in a TV show which is both filmed and mostly set in the U.S. state of Georgia, only white males can be the undisputed criminals, tyrants, and common enemies of humanity? The same state where African-American males make up 15% of the population but commit the lions share of the state’s murders, rapes, home invasions, and gas station robberies on a good (non-zombified) day?

Yes they are. And this article will showcase seven ways in which “The Walking Dead” wants the world to despise the idea of any kind of white male leadership, or large groupings of white males in general. Find hope and sanctuary with women, non-whites, and the LGBTQ community instead.

1. They’re Tyrannical Patriarchs


I’m in charge now! GOT IT!?

When the world turns sour after a zombie apocalypse, white males will find any kind of attempt at leadership by women or non-whites to be totally unacceptable. Violent and despotic “White Supremacies” and the gawd-awful “patriarchy” must prevail at all cost. Women, Jews, minorities, and homosexuals will (of course) inevitably suffer as the next Donald Trump-Literally Hitler avatar takes the helm.

So by all means, throw your Hispanic subordinate in a zombie pit (The Governor), contemplate taking over a town run by a Jewish congresswoman (Rick Grimes), attempt to kill your former friend and colleague because he wants his wife back (Shane Walsh), and bash some ethnic Asian skulls (Negan) if your power is feeling threatened.

2. They’re Cannibals


“You taste much better than we thought you would”

Did you actually think that cannibalism was just something that Amazon natives or the New Zealand Maori did for fun in the past? WRONG.

When the zombie apocalypse occurs, white males will be at the forefront of resurrecting modern day cannibalism via luring multicultural bands of travelers into a trap. Growing suitable crops in Georgia’s humid subtropical climate, combined with maintaining simple chicken coops, would just be too much work after all.

The best course of action is to capture a black man in the woods, eat his leg before his very own eyes, and give him a Yelp review of how he tastes.

3. They’re Marauding Child Rapists


“Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?”

You might think that white males have a tendency to maintain highly-functioning and civil societies. Places where social Darwinism does not compute in the 21st century, and where everybody should have a fair go in life.

Well in the Walking Dead world, bands of unkempt white men (The Claimers) will adopt philosophies like “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?”, lay claim to anything they set their eyes upon, and attempt to rape young boys when said boys father (Rick Grimes) crosses them. If you see white men out on the road or rummaging through your house, don’t walk, don’t stop, RUN.


4. They’re Racist Rednecks


Watch out. He’s southern, from poverty, and probably on the law center’s list!

Oh come on now, it’s the state of Georgia for crying out loud. Did you think that the liberal entertainment industry was gonna let a TV show, set in an ex-Confederate state, go without featuring at least one prominent white male character who despises non-whites and probably moonlights as a Klan member?

Well say hello to Merle Dixon, a ridiculous made-for-TV character who likes to beat up and assert dominance over black men with names like “T-Dog” and Asian-Americans by the name of Glenn. All for well…. pretty much nothing. He’ll just hate you for the sake of being you (a non-white).

5. They’re Gay Bashers


Homosexual man offers straight white male patriarch and his entourage a walled refuge. Gets slugged in face by straight white male patriarch.

Straight white males are the promulgators of “toxic masculinity” according to the SJW world, so why should the zombie apocalypse be any different? If a well-spoken, clean cut, and friendly homosexual man (Aaron) offers a tired group of travelers a walled citadel, it’s only natural that the first reaction for the straight white male leader (Rick) is to assert his dominance over a “marginalized” victim group and send him to the floor.

Clearly, LGBTQ people in this new world are exposed to severe threats and oppression under Donald Trump straight white male dominance. For instance, the lesbian character Tara has seen her whole family plus TWO girlfriends get killed when patriarchal heterosexual white men (the Governor and the Saviors) come into her life.

Why can’t those deplorable white males show any solidarity, tolerance, and love for the LGBTQ community? Liberal logic will explain everything, and it’s because they are irredeemably full of HATE.

6. They’re Bloodthirsty Animals


Let’s put a “W” on our forehead and just kill people!

The zombie apocalypse does some real damage on the psyche of white males.

While most women and minorities will maintain a level of sanity when the world turns south (Morgan goes crazy for just one episode), heterosexual white men will find an innate desire to keep people’s heads in jars (The Governor), eat human flesh (The Hunters), or here’s the best part….. inscribe a “W” on your forehead, cover yourself in half-ass blackface, and just murder anybody you come across (The Wolves)!

The Wolves didn’t “choose” to be that oppressive (and presumably racist). That’s just what inevitably happens when white males don’t check their privilege enough when society is functional.

7. They’re Thieves And Conquerers

the saviors

“Your stuff now belongs to Negan” (Another white man)

Public schools teach children that White Europeans went all over the world and stole land and resources from the non-White natives, who were without question living in some sort of natural utopia before the evil white man came and took all their shit.

Well, that history lesson needs to find its way into “The Walking Dead” universe too. Because in the show, white men will form organizations and institutions which are specifically designed to enrich themselves at the expense of all others.

So say hello to “The Saviors.” They’re a merry band of mostly white males (and certainly led by them) who will not shoot you or bash your skull into tiny bits just as long as you give them half of everything you own. It’s a business strategy so brilliant, why didn’t Donald Trump think of it?


“The Walking Dead” is certainly a compelling show to watch, study, and contemplate. For instance, how would you react, where would you go, and how would you defend yourself when a figurative hell has replaced the Earth?

But seriously, in seven seasons of mayhem has there really only been one truly bad black guy (a prisoner named Andrew) to compensate for a steady slew of bath-shy white male baddies who inhabit what remains of the black crime heavy states of Georgia and Virginia? That’s television for you, and the faux reality that the Marxists want to disseminate across the world.

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