All real men should have the ability to cook, and cook well. The ability to make a mean grilled cheese sandwich and survive off frozen pizza’s and mac n’ cheese is a trait that men need to abandon upon graduation of college (or age 22 if you skip college). Yes, when you are relaxing at your house during the week, or even need a quick meal, they are acceptable. Having the ability to cook real food however, goes a lot further in life than most young men can imagine.

Young Women Can’t Cook

I mentioned this first because this is a troubling trend I have noticed in women age 26 and under as of late. It is also noteworthy because accepting this fact early on will help you to understand why you as a man need to know how to cook. Young women just simply can’t cook to save their life. It’s actually quite appalling that my mother’s generation were great cooks, and my grandmothers generation had excelled to the point where I was convinced that my grandmother used witchcraft to concoct such amazing meals. And then you have women in my generation who can barely boil water without burning down the kitchen.

The building up of the “American princess” is what I blame this problem on. As the expectation was that men would buy dinner, they simply never learned how to cook because after all they could go on seven different dates their entire life and never cook dinner themselves.


It’ll Get You Laid

Cooking a decent meal for a woman is an easy way to get laid. Especially if you keep her around for conversations while she can watch you cook. Trust me this is probably one of the most under-rated alpha traits known to men. Often times there is confusion between buying a woman a meal and cooking one. Buying her dinner puts her on a pedestal. Cooking her a meal puts you in the category of being a capable individual. Add in the fact that by cooking you’re offering a trait 90% of other men don’t have, or don’t display goes a long way in terms of how a woman will view you. Most importantly, you get her to within mere feet of your bedroom.




Knowing how to cook properly greatly assists with your ability to have a great physique. Fitness is the combination of diet and exercise in it’s simplest form. If you don’t feed your body right you won’t get the proper results. There are pre-cooked alternatives out there such as Nutrisystem, however the cost is over double what I spend on groceries myself for the month. If you can cook well you’ll build muscle a lot easier.

gym diet2


Directly relating into the above, knowing how to cook will simply save you money. I eat steak dinners 2-3 times a week. At an average restaurant I’d be paying $20+ for an 80z steak meal. Cooking at home brings my average cost to $7 or less. Cooking for yourself will save you money, boatloads of it. This in turn means more “play” money, whether it be going out of on weekends, or taking extra vacations.

Being able to cook an amazing meal is rewarding on all levels. Like mentioned before, it can get you laid, and it can also help you with your fitness gains. Being able to cook a great meal as a man however, will also help your confidence. There will, at some point in your life, be a moment where cooking will play a pivotal role for a situation to assert your dominance as a man. And when that time comes you’ll be able to grab the bull by the horns and Superman whip it against a wall. And immediately after that moment happens, you’ll be glad you learned to cook. And you’ll be proud to say you’re a man who cooks well.

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