After a few years observing betas and their stubbornness when exposed to damning evidence about the realities of the sexual market , as well as noticing that they have still not been wiped off the face of the Earth (mainly thanks to their role of useful idiots and docile rodents in their entertainment wheel), I first came to the conclusion that they will simply evolve into different subspecies. Following the Darwinian evolution theories, they will undergo the same fate as the finches on the Galapagos Islands that developed different beaks over millennia to adapt to the type of food that they could find in their area.


Beaks as varied as the types of betas already observable: men-children, omegas, white knights,chubby chasers, cucks…

After thinking more about it, though, I then realized that the modern species of beta is closer to a walking dinosaur. The decline in Western society and the announced cultural collapse has not destroyed them all, only because the observable phenomenon is too recent and we have yet to see how brutal it will get.

It appears that the extinction of betas will occur faster than expected, as external factors added to their refusal to deal with their environment and adapt, will accelerate their destruction.

1. The great disturbance of modern times


Betas have, so far, formed the bulk of human society since the dawn of times, with alphas (kings, heroes, rock stars, warriors, CEOs, villains etc) being always logically represented in smaller numbers but in a greater control of power, wealth and, more importantly, women (“A shroud has no pockets” comes to mind) which granted them access to the most coveted prize: reproduction.

That ratio was always kept stable because women and their urges were controlled. We have never been faced, since we started walking on two legs, with a scenario where women are in control and encouraged to limit their reproductive duties to focus on abortion, the pill, endless entertainment, sleeping with unlimited number of men, getting drunk, and seeking attention on social media.

Stefan Molyneux describes it well when he explains that women “cannot complain about men, as men have evolved precisely because of what women want”.

2. The cataclysm


Betas will meet their maker through external factors. What will be their asteroid impact or volcanic eruption on a global scale?

We can speculate that they will disappear due to four main factors:

More and more of them will become alphas or at least lesser betas/alphas and progressing through time, with the spreading of the teachings of the manosphere on the Internet, masculinity-friendly governments, fellow men becoming aware of our teachings and sharing it with others. This will create a ripple effect (following an altruistic instinct which can be interpreted as the “burden of the alpha,” where those who found their way will want to save beta males from their foolishness when it’s not too late, then they just want to put them out of their misery) or father figures that will be the ones reproducing, keeping their son in line to secure grandchildren.


The beta male’s contribution to the global workforce won’t be needed anymore as he is slowly replaced by machines. After being neutered by rising “female empowerment,” toxic feminism, and virtual pornography paired with the rise of highly-advanced sex robots and ruthless alpha competition, this final blow will render him obsolete, even as government-employed working cattle.


The victory of globalism and open borders policies in certain areas of the globe, with a rise of aggressive, predominantly Muslim colonizers and the dwindling numbers of nationalist Whites, hunted down by the elites. Beta cucks and other “Refugees Welcome” types will be weeded out of existence by the very people then opened their butt cheeks for. Mincey faggots welcoming invaders, bringing a violent civilisation that excites their women more than their white knighting will be rewarded by the disappearance of their seed and lineage.

Father and son walking


Women will reproduce more with alphas following the logical laws of biology even if the sexual market is flawed. The male children will adopt the physical traits of their father (beauty, strength, intelligence…). If those traits don’t appear as innate, then the fathers will initiate them to the principles of game, exhorting them to polish skills relevant to the dating world, helping them secure a quality mate for their progeny.

3. Adapt or die


Some will change when exposed to the truth about the world, the elites, game or women and will accept it, changing their behaviour and consolidating another brick in a stronger edifice. Others will deny till the end and refuse to adapt, becoming the dodos of the modern male population.

The likes of MGTOW are an evolutionary dead end. Their kin still dies with them, even if they understand elements of the nature of women, but deny their mission of reproduction.

But as altruistic as we can be, we have to realise that a man exposed to these facts, who refuses to acknowledge the truth, does not deserve to be saved. Without this instinct of survival, the beta male shall vanish.


Sharks outlived dinosaurs, even if their numbers greatly diminished, due to the fact that they were the perfect sea predators, a masterpiece of natural engineering. All the terrestrial dinosaurs which were larger than a dog, disappeared.  Small beings like cockroaches or bees survived against overwhelming odds due to their resilience, sheer numbers or organised communities. Crocodiles adapted mainly from being cold-blooded creature that did not need great amounts of food on a regular basis.

A parallel would be made with alphas adapting to the new rules imposed to them and acting in a way that seems counter-intuitive: working out for aesthetic reasons, being assholes to girls, recruiting them for their orifices on Instagram or Tinder, disgusting themselves in the process by encountering even more broken women, being selfish and seeing yourself as the absolute priority…

A man has got to what a man has got to do to prevail. We do not make the rules. Alphas could enjoy an endless buffet of sluts but that will not ensure their survival on the long term. It is then their role as apex predators to find the quality food (young, fertile good girls), even if that means turning their back on the less soul-nutritive slags and Tinder bicycles.

4. The possible aftermath

Once again, a few scenarios could unfold:


Case in point: Sweden. Combo of low-T men, feminists in power and Mohammedan hordes cause civilization to reach total collapse. Globalists win. Native population is replaced. Nerds might stand a chance if Islamic conquest chooses to elevate dusty academics among the ranks of alphas, just like in Michel Houellebecq’s visionary “Submission“.


Case in point: Russia, Poland, Hungary. Western civilization deflects the assaults of globalism, keeps a system based on ethnocentrism and patriarchy. Modern betas survive but are still in slight decline as the system is reminiscent of pre-sexual revolution times.


Case in point: America if Trump and nationalism create a long lasting positive loop, or European nations awakening through a similar leader. Feminism loses ground, lying media is replaced by honest news, modern betas naturally ostracised on the long term and will eventually disappear. Blooming civilisation recaptures some of its former glory.


Red pill routine in the ethnocentric, self-sufficient town of Orania, South Africa

Case in point: A hybrid new community overseas created by red pill men. Original civilization declines but numbers of dissenters refuse the rule imposed and emigrate to a friendly country to create a new and hybrid lineage. Western masculine men would leave in order to find suitable mothers for their children in a traditional, safe environment.

Va y avoir du changement

Whatever the outcome, the model of society as we know it and its ratio of alphas and betas is bound to mutate.

Either into an Open Borders 1984 hell of obese, green-haired women and brownish betas (from all the race blending over the years encouraged by the elites to quench any feeling of unity) or into an alpha-rich traditional society where women are kept in check (with the racial demographics yet to be determined).

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