Because SJWs and liberals have encouraged the mentally ill to claim whatever gender or sexual identity they desire, politically sane individuals face numerous hurdles in both their public and professional lives. Not only do people identifying as the latest something-sexual get preferential treatment in the workplace, others, particularly heterosexual, biological males, are expected to cater to all the needs of the LGBTQI-whatever else crowd. This includes everything from uttering “correct” pronouns to special or shared bathrooms. Normal men also must adhere to draconian policies on “diversity,” which means never daring to disagree with or criticize the performance of a protected gender or sexual minority.

But has the solution been staring us in the face the whole time? One especially audacious budding politician from the University of Sydney, Alex Fitton, identified as a woman in late 2016 to win one of two student leadership positions. The student body’s constitution prohibited two cis-gender males from holding the office. Fitton represented the Liberal Party, which, confusingly for Americans in particular, is Australia’s main (nominally) conservative party. “Liberal” in this context means classically liberal, in the mould of the French political theorist Montesquieu and others.

Pictured from left to right: friend of shitlord/probable shitlord, shitlord.

Though I still regard American campuses as being much worse than Australian ones, most notably surrounding “sexual assault” kangaroo courts, the atmosphere at universities Down Under has degraded to the point where conservative and social democratic parties have to collude to prevent SJWs from winning student offices. Alex Fitton’s running mate, student Dylan Williams, actually works for the rightwing faction of the leftwing Labor Party. Their teaming-up was designed to act as a bulwark against the more leftist elements of the Labor Party, the Greens, and other SJWs.

Australian (and American) universities are already employing rampant discrimination against biological males. Affirmative action underwrites the procedures of countless faculties. One university, the Australian National University (ANU), recently announced a policy to employ at least 50% women in its “Futures Scheme” for researchers given grants. Instead of awarding money based on the quality of academic work, ANU will be providing money based on whether you have a real or imaginary vagina, or some other distinguishing minority status. The supreme irony of this development is that this university is headed by Dr. Brian Schmidt, an Australian-American Nobel laureate in physics. He of all people should know the dangers of putting identity before competency.

This begs the question of whether men should tactically identity as women or other categories to progress their careers. When pulled off effectively, it could pay big dividends, both personally and in terms of challenging and unraveling the system.

The irony of SJWs questioning Fitton’s gender and gender identity

But I’m a lady!

Chair of the SRC standing legal committee, Cameron Caccamo, said Mr Fitton was now in the process of proving his identity, but had thus far fallen short of the legal requirements.


Hilariously, after he (I mean, she) won the ballot, Alex Fitton faced angry student leftists demanding she “prove” that she was a woman. But with between 60 and 6 million pretend genders now recognised by SJWs, proving a gender identity is as meaningless as describing them. Fitton would have had to sign a statutory declaration regarding her gender identity, a sworn document attracting criminal penalties if made fraudulently. But who am I to judge this brave woman?

I went to school or university with three transgender people, two attempted females-to-males and one attempted male-to-female. I say “attempted” because no surgical procedure will change the fact that these three are biologically female and male respectively. All that really probably changed was some carving or chopping off in their nether regions (I didn’t ever ask) and the ingestion of hormones. And because made-up identities like “pansexual” usually don’t involve surgical or other procedures, a wo(man) like Fitton is really able to pigeonhole themselves as they want.

What this strategy would need

Pepe approves of this message.

Identifying as a woman or a member of a sexual minority would not be for the fainthearted. At a minimum, these wannabe shitlords need to have both the consistency to live out their new “identity” (without compromising their core masculinity) and the determination to mow through any outraged SJWs. Categories like “post-toxic masculinity male” or “neo-male” could be adopted to throw off would-be critics but simultaneously rub it in their faces. To be honest, most readers of Return Of Kings do not identify as “normal” men anyway. For a start, we don’t pedestalize women.

When working with others, allies or otherwise, no comments should ever be made about the reasons for the assumption of a different gender identity. Again, this takes a high level of consistency. Any aspiring shitlord would also need to be prepared to take action to enforce their new identity. Various parties, from human resources departments to university legal officers, may try to undermine your choice. So make yourself watertight.

“How in the hell is this a good idea, David?”

You don’t have to look like this to shitlord.

The growth of affirmative action and other disgusting measures to put underqualified women and others in positions of power is, sans some sort of sudden development or revolution, here to stay. The chief calculation in assuming a different gender identity should be whether a man’s career interests and the potential to offset SJW or feminist fuckery outweighs any awkwardness associated with the new label.

For those who say my proposal legitimizes an awful system, I would counter-argue that openly opposing it, most of all in the workplace or on the streets of campuses like UC Berkeley, is a recipe for being fired, maimed, or killed. We need a greater flexibility in pushing our agenda. Sometimes that means doing it through subterfuge. Provided men do not suck from the teat of the system for unacceptably selfish reasons, the sparingly-used tactical ploy of identifying as a made-up gender might be a very useful way for us to fight back.

For the record, I am not saying dress like a woman or act like a woman. The beauty of the gender fluidity concept advocated by braindead SJWs is that we can twist it in whatever fashion we desire.

So who’s up for some shitlording?

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