Recently, Congress has been trying to push a bill that would require women to register for the draft—could this be a preparation for a potential war with Russia? I don’t know, but regardless, this event makes it clear just how far feminism has come.

I seriously doubt that this draft will actually be passed, but then again, when you consider that the elites are pulling the strings, they may actually manage to push it off. Then again, with Donald Trump in office, he’ll probably just choose one of the 50 illegal vetoes that Obama used to prevent it from being enacted.

Despite its seeming ridiculousness, I actually believe that this will be a good thing—not women going to war, but an attempt at passing the draft. Clearly having women go to war will be horrible, but I highly doubt that it will get that far. Here’s why:

The Elites Are Insulated

female draft

But actually, though

I believe that the elites are trying to pass this law, in order to further break apart the family unit and begin the process of permanently erasing gender roles and differences. But, despite their financial and political power, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that they can do this.

Put yourself in the shoes of an elite for a few moments. They live in posh mansions their entire lives, they’ve never gone grocery shopping, and anything that they could ever want is given to them on a silver platter (quite literally).

They’ve probably never frequented venues or public areas if the average net worth of people in the place is less than $5 million. In other words, they’re basically in a bubble where everything is all perfect and dandy.

The entire day, they’re being told about how their plans are going splendidly, they’re on conference calls with George Soros talking about how much havoc BLM has caused, and they’re sending letters to the CEO’s of MSM on what next week’s news will be.

This is why they think that America is so far gone, that if they push the “going to war is feminism!” propaganda, that it will go through. Every single reader of ROK should know that this is absolutely not going to happen.

Even the most die-hard feminist does NOT want to be drafted; she’ll gladly tie her hair up into pig tails, twirl them innocently, and proclaim: “B-but you’re a big strong man! I don’t want them to hurt little old me!”

Again, the elites are too insulated to see this—they don’t realize the massive backlash that this bill will cause, which brings me to my next point.

How The Media Will Try To Push This

female draft

Too bad Hillary lost.

The media’s predictability is entirely laughable, and yet somehow, they seem to keep doubling down on their crumbling narrative. Expect headlines like the following to be blasted all over the news:

  • “Beyoncé supports the female draft!”
  • “Feminists fight for their country!”
  • “She’s fighting to protect her little girl.”
  • “Female brigade prepares to fight against sexist Putin, leader of Russia.”

Regardless, the media hasn’t learned anything from the past six months of trying to stop Donald Trump, so don’t expect them to change anytime soon. Despite the obvious ridiculousness of what they’ll be proclaiming, you can bet that they’ll run their narrative into the ground.

This will only further bring about their demise, because obviously no woman in her right mind (even a feminist) wants to be drafted. This is the one thing that separates the men from the women: our ability to protect the tribe. As more and more people start seeing how controlled the media is, expect the alt-news to grow even more.

It Will Expose Feminism For What It Is

Ever since 2012, Return of Kings has been exposing modern feminism for what it is: a ruthless grab for power by greedy women with daddy issues. No, we’re not talking about the right to work, vote, or own property—we’re talking about modern feminism (it’s called by many names).

Modern feminism has, and always will be, about giving more power to women and taking power away from men. This takes many forms:

  • Economic power
  • Social power
  • Political power
  • Physical power

At first, it was economic power—women simply wanted the right to work. Then, it moved onto political power, hence the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. These were both legitimate pursuits, but beyond this, it’s all been a grab for power.

Despite women having a gigantic 3:1 advantage against men in STEM fields (due to gender quotas), the feminist media is STILL clamoring for more laws to be put in place regulating jobs. Women have always had more social power than men, but it’s only become worse with the modern slut-glorification and vanity of women—and how men can’t speak out against it, lest they lose their job.

And don’t even get me started on divorce rape or domestic abuse disputes. Yes, clearly some men are abusive and belong in jail, but there’s a huge amount of evidence showing that men are unfairly treated in these cases, even if a woman simply claims that he did something (despite being his girlfriend for 5 years).


So, it seems that in addition to having more social, economic, and political power than men, they even have more physical power over men by proxy of beta male white knights and police officers. Clearly it’s time for a change.

It’s War Time, Ladies!

This is what happens when you ignore gender differences

This is what happens when you ignore gender differences

The massive amount of backlash that I expect this draft to receive will do two things:

  1. Make women realize that they actually do need men for some things
  2. Start pushing some men onto the red-pill journey, as they begin to see the hypocrisy of modern feminism

As this potential draft becomes more and more mainstream, it will also become the hot topic for casual banter, and will likely cause some heated debates. There’s no way that every woman in the US won’t know about this come New Year’s Eve.

I believe that this will start to begin the process of unbrainwashing women. Yes, it isn’t a lot, but it’s definitely a huge jump in the right direction. Striking fear into the hearts of women all across the USA will make them realize just how much they appreciate men.

Expect primal masculinity to start making a comeback—as more and more women become terrified, and realize that they actually do need men to protect them, our culture will slowly start to value men more and more.

Particularly, high testosterone men that are capable of fighting, which is just what we need. It seems that sometimes the pendulum has to swing way too far to the left (modern feminism) before it comes back to sanity.

This, combined with Trump’s presidency, will lead to a huge restoration of a society that’s in line with biological differences within the next 8 years.

“Donald Trump is My Hero!”

female draft

“Donald Trump stopped the female draft? What?? There’s no way he’s sexist, now!”

This pathetic attempt at making a female draft the same as feminism, and riling up women to the point that they’re eager to get drafted, will only give Donald J. Trump a chance to be the savior of every single woman of America.

Imagine it: Breitbart, ROK, Info Wars, and all of the alt-news comes out with a massive headline: “President Trump Vetoes Female Draft!” How could a woman NOT love him for this?

Of course, the mainstream media will likely remain silent on this matter, or somehow try to blame Trump for the bill in the first place, but by this point it won’t even matter—the damage will have been done. Women will have lost their faith in “Daddy Government’s” best intentions, and they will have their faith restored in “Daddy Trump,” as Milo Yiannopoulos calls him.

By the time that Trump is in office, and has the chance to veto this ridiculous bill, the MSM will be even closer to death than it was before. As alternative news sites start gaining more and more political and social influence, expect the news that Trump is responsible for saving women to spread like wildfire.

Lessen Gender Tensions

female draft

Over the past several years, the media has been going full steam ahead, trying to portray every single man as a rapist. In fact, as others have noted, it’s not uncommon to see posters all over college campuses, saying something like the following:

  • “Susie and John had been drinking, and then they had sex. The next day, John was arrested for rape. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!”
  • “Susie had a drink, and invited John back to her place. Little did John know, that was rape.”
  • “One in four women on this campus has been raped. Stay vigilant!”

Obviously this is complete propaganda, but despite this, it’s been brainwashing young and impressionable college students to buy into the “all men are rapists,” frame. The draft being vetoed, however, will begin the process of lessening this.

I believe that once Donald Trump vetoes the draft (which, I promise you, based off of his values, he will), women will feel a surge of relief, and some of them may start to realize that not all men are, in fact, rapists. Some are actually normal guys that are just trying to protect them.

As more and more men start to wake up and realize that feminism is a hypocrisy, and as more and more women start to question their conditioning, I believe that we will begin the process of transitioning us back to a normal, patriarchal society. We’re on the path to victory, boys.

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