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Long-distance relationships are a common phenomenon today. Firstly, this is due to the popularity of online dating websites and apps that people use to find their potential partners. There are some happy remote daters who met online and have been keeping their relationship for several years. But if they have never met offline, it can be hardly called a real relationship, rather platonic love or friendship.

Sooner or later, an online relationship goes offline (if partners really want to be together). Secondly, this is due to the mobility of today’s world. A new job or promising internship in another city or country makes couples deal with a long separation. These couples used to live under the same roof or at least, date regularly but now they are miles away. Keeping a long-distance relationship is a real challenge for partners. Lovers get 80% of information non-verbally. To put it another way, words are not as important as physical presence. There is an adage that only a real love can stand the test of a long-distance relationship. Separation makes true feelings even stronger and kills the weak ones. Anyway, if you believe that you can make your relationship work being geographically separated, here are some tips prepared by Russian Women from to help you.

1. Communicate as often as possible


Thanks to the technology, it’s not a problem to stay always connected. Phones, social media, chats, Skype – you can use all of them. Don’t be afraid to overdo it. While in real life it’s considered too much if a guy texts his woman from his office in the morning, chats with her online during lunch, and calls her on his way home, this is what a long-distance couple should do. You should stay the closest and the dearest people no matter how far away you’re from one another. And don’t even think to complain about the international calling rates.

2. Do something together

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Since you can’t be physically near your partner, you can create an illusion of presence. For example, call your loved one while cycling in the park and comment on everything you see around you. Ask her to help you choose a new tie sending her photos from the fitting room. You can even set up an online cinema: start watching one and the same movie and comment on it via Skype. It may sound weird but you should do your best to create the effect of presence.

3. Learn to deal with misunderstandings

For many people, indirect communication (not face-to-face one) is hard because they need to see their interlocutor’s reactions to their words. Since a great part of your interaction will be in writing, you should be more cautious with words. Women tend to look for the subtext and hidden meanings in the text even if there isn’t any of that. If your significant other misinterprets your words and gets offended, don’t blame her for being a hysterical woman. She misunderstood you because you were unclear. Just accept it. How can you avoid those conflicts? First of all, make use of emoticons (don’t think it’s lame). Secondly, watch for any suspicious signs in her behavior: if she gets caustic or ignores your messages, call her immediately and ask what you did wrong. And thirdly, double check your message before clicking the “Send” button.

4. Surprise her

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It’s important to keep romance alive being away from each other. Your woman should feel your care and attention. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to order the flower delivery in her city. She’ll be pleasantly surprised and touched when she finds a bunch of flowers in her office. It’s important to give positive emotions no matter how far you’re. You can also send her a gift. If she mentioned that cute dress she saw in a magazine and you got the hint, buy it and have it delivered to her.

5. Plan your visit

Staying connected 24/7 is great but there is no substitute for a face-to-face communication. Grab every opportunity to visit your loved one. If suddenly you get two days off, go to your woman or agree to meet on a “neutral” territory. Your meetings will recharge your relationship. They are necessary to keep your passion alive. If you feel you can do without real-life visits, it seems that you’re failing the test.

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