Everything that was once false is now true, and everything that was once immoral is now moral. This change was started with the Baby Boomers, enhanced under Generation X, solidified with the Millennials, and now nearly complete with Generation Z. In just four generations we’ve seen the re-engineering of human behavior and values to promote all that is deviant and depraved.

An example of this happened in Berlin during my lecture tour last year, described in my book Free Speech Isn’t Free, when drunk gays were dancing almost naked on the streets while heterosexual men had to meet in secret to hear a speech on ordinary masculinity. I described what happened during the New York lecture:

Women and gays are now seen as superior to straight men. They are being given the benefits in the universities and in the media before everyone here. Their voice is amplified while ours is muted. Three weeks ago, I had a lecture in Berlin. There was a man over here who was there. I had to hide where the venue was, like I did here. I couldn’t say where the event was taking place until about twelve hours before. At the same time we held the event, outside on the streets in full view, guess what was going on? A gay pride parade.

Hundreds of people, gay men with their shirts off, humping each other. The music was loud. Alcohol was flowing. And to top it off, there was a midget gimp on a leash. (Laughter.) I got a witness, he was there. The gimp was in a leather mask like a slave midget, being led around, and we have to hide. This is what happens. (Laughter.) There are kids outside: “Mommy, what’s that little man in the leather?” But I can’t say where I’m going to hold this event. And many of you here right now are scared to death that someone is going to take your photo. (Laughter.) One thing is you can’t lift up a group without pushing down someone else, and we are the ones getting pushed down.

What’s happening is the manipulation of humans to enter their weakest and most corrupt state. This prevents family formation and makes it easier for them to be controlled. When humans are driven by transient feelings of lust, gluttony, and sex instead of traditional rituals, moderation, and strength, they are slaves to their present desires and needs. The inversion can easily be seen in photos.

What beauty used to be:


What beauty is now:

What family used to be:

What family is now:

What normal living used to be:

What normal living is now:

What relationships used to be like:

What relationships are like now:

What pride used to be:


What pride is now:

What empowerment used to be:

What empowerment is now:

What being blessed used to be:

What being blessed is now:

What fun used to be:

What fun is now:

What justice used to be:

What justice is now:

Some of these changes were at least partially inevitable with the introduction of technology, but most of it is engineered with the explicit intent to weaken humanity. And it’s working. We’re so distracted by our own frivolous desires and concerns, so exhausted from being pestled by elite-sponsored phenomenon like migrants, ISIS terrorists, social justice warriors, and Black Lives Matters, that we have nothing left to fight against the puppet masters behind it all, and that’s even assuming you’ve reached a level of awareness where you see the top level organization and funding.

Inverting society so that what was once strong is now weak while weaponizing useful idiots to act as shock troops against the few remaining strong men who survived the engineering is the powerful one-two combination that we must face. If you rise above a certain level of awareness or masculinity, you will either be forced to hide like the men who attended my lecture in Berlin or outright attacked and be threatened with the removal of your livelihood. You must now make a decision of how you will respond as the societal inversion gets worse and the attacks against you get bigger.

To see the full transcript of the speech I gave in Berlin and New York, and to understand the system that is in place to control the West for the benefit of the few, check out my book Free Speech Isn’t FreeThis article was originally published on Roosh V.

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