In my last article, I went over reasons why leftists are losers as people. Today, I want to go over how they’ve been managing to win in spite of their loser nature. It’s not by accident that progressivism, feminism, and other illusions became mainstream in the West and beyond. The effectiveness to which the leftists have managed to change entire culture and society is something we must acknowledge if we’re serious about countering them.

1. They have government support

Who needs a female minority to lead social justice when a cis-gender white male is the prime minister?

Most of the countries in the West are globalist or globalist leaning, which means its ideology gets trickled down to the masses through schools, media, and policy. In a way, it’s not that the leftists are winning, but that the governments have effectively molded the majority of the population to accept the ideas of multiculturalism, feminism, progressivism, etc. Unlike what the leftists believe, they’re not fighting against the system—they are the system.

2. Material force is on their side

The wall alone is not going to reverse the demographic changes.

In my last article, I said the leftists were delusional because they believed that the spirit of times was on their side. But the truth is, they are correct in a way. Just look at the countless examples of what’s happening today: As technological advancement accelerates, so does globalism. The demographic landscape of the West is changing dramatically in a way that even a complete halt of all immigration will not prevent the minorities already in the nations from growing in numbers, which contrasts to the declining birth-rate of native population.

And with consumerism becoming the dominant religion, people today lack values which they compensate by taking up social justice causes while rejecting “outdated” traditional norms. The truth that everyone needs to acknowledge is that social development through materialism is dictating the political trends, not some ghost called “Cultural Marxism.”

3. They control the narrative through institutions

The leftists dominate the mainstream media, academia, tech industries, and the entertainment industry in numbers. Although a counter-reaction has been fomenting in the past few years, leftists are still dominant in any platform that is “major” and “official.” How they achieved such level of dominance is up for speculation, but I’m strongly convinced that it has a lot to do with the above two points plus the fact that a group of highly successful people were able to influence the system from where it matters.

4. They have the celebrities

America loves celebrities and the vast majority of the stars in Hollywood and elsewhere have a clear and unabashed leftist leaning. And it isn’t just the actors and musicians who are shaping the people’s political consciousness, there are many liberal political commentators like Jon Stewart (who got me into American politics during the Bush era), Bill Maher (I still enjoy his show from time to time even if I disagree on half of the issues), Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Young Turks (horrid, but they have a large audience) and many more mainstream political commentators who make political issues fun and easy to digest for the young Americans. Alternate viewpoints that appealed to younger generation were just not available until very recently.

5. They don’t concede


When leftists have an issue, they bite on it like a bulldog and don’t let go. Just look how they operate: They fought for abortion and once they got it legalized, they moved to gay marriage. Once they got homosexuals having weddings, they moved to bathrooms for transsexuals, and so on. They fight until their issue becomes normalized. On the opposite side, however, concessions are made every decade to appeal to the general population that ever so slightly slides over to progressivism.

For example, homosexuality has been so normalized today that people calling themselves conservatives tolerate it and are even openly supportive of it. If this trend continues, I expect to see a pro-abortion, pro-multiculturalism transsexual woman calling xerself a Christian conservative in twenty years time (note that there is already a trans-gender Republican called Caitlyn).

6. Not as much infighting

Perhaps due to their message of equality and harmony, the leftists don’t tend to engage in as much infighting as the right. You’ll usually see liberals, “anarchists”, feminists, BLM, gays, of all colors and sexual orientations forming one large blob to fight for social change. Yes, they occasionally eat their own, but they’re usually individual cases and not full blown divisions.

Compare that to the anti-leftists who are divided and often averse to one another because those with similar views are: not white, neo-Nazis, Christian, atheist, pro-Russia, women, gay, statist, libertarian, and so on. Does this mean they should unite as one like the leftists? No. But leftists will always have numerical advantage for this reason.

7. They act as a mob

As they are somewhat united and are collective-minded, the leftists use an effective strategy of swarming individuals or organizations using a mob attack. They make people afraid to voice their opinions as their employment or business might become threatened along with their reputation. Corporations and universities seem particularly cowardly with the way they kowtow to the whining tantrums of the leftist infants as they must guard their profit. The silent majority usually prefers to remain civil and focus on building their own lives, which the institutions view as acquiescence, which is why those said institutioins will continue to cater to the leftists who cry ever louder.

8. They use passion

Last, whatever the leftists may lack in intelligence, they compensate with their passions. These individuals are often accused of being dumb and irrational bunch, but that may be exactly why they’ve been so successful all these years. Being reasonable and making sound arguments may win you meaningless intellectual debates, but to win in politics, you need to be driven by passion to fight and impose your will upon others.

The leftists inspire changes because they make noise, they’re not afraid to take it to the streets, they don’t care about breaking the rules, they get in your face, and they put their ideology above themselves. Their energy is directed towards changing the world around them rather than their individual lives. That makes them a loser as a person, but as a group, they become a formidable force. They are also highly effective at keeping their messages simple and rousing to rally the people instead of drawing out convoluted truths that are hard to comprehend. The human passion trumps anything logical and rational.


Now, let me just say that I don’t condone these methods nor am I suggesting that we or others should adapt their techniques. I am just pointing out what makes them an effective force. That said, I’ve noticed that the opposition is starting to mirror the techniques and strategies used by leftists seeing how effective they are. The younger generation has especially been active on the Internet to propagate opposing viewpoints to counter the current leftist trends.

As the socio-economic situation around the world continues to deteriorate, I expect to see further polarization of politics and for the ideological battles to get even uglier.

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