In 1920s, the US experienced a period of unprecedented economic prosperity, rapid advances technology, and a sense of destiny. With the election of Trump, the US is on the verge of a new golden age. Here is how Trump is going to make it happen and how you can capitalize on it.

Economic windfall


By far, the biggest effect of a Trump administration is going to be economic. Trump didn’t run as a moral reformer. He’s a businessman who ran on the promise to make American great again, and the primary way he is going to do that is by turning the US economy into a job-creating machine.

After Trump won, Apple suddenly announced that it was considering moving its iPhone manufacturing from China to the US. Later, Trump announced that he had convinced Ford to keep a plant from moving to Mexico. Even on Thanksgiving Day, Trump was negotiating with Carrier to keep its Indiana manufacturing plant in the US. Trump’s promise to do away with bad trade deals will keep existing jobs in the US and create many new ones that do not exist today. Manufacturing is what drove the prosperity of the US during the 20th century and under Trump, the US will again become a manufacturing powerhouse.

But the opportunities will not be limited to manufacturing. Those new jobs will drive demand for more service and knowledge oriented workers. If you are an employee, you can expect your salary to start increasing after the real unemployment rate begins to drop. It might take a couple of years to get there, but people in the middle class will once again see their wealth begin to grow. But the real opportunity will be for those who want to start their own businesses. This is a good time to begin thinking about what goods and services will be in demand during the golden age of Trump, and opening a business to meet those needs.

If the Republican Congress implements Trump’s tax plan, you will be taxed much less on anything you do earn. This will especially benefit middle class men who are trying to get ahead. Currently, the tax code benefits the wealthiest individuals who earn most of their income through capital gains and the poor. The middle class workers who are high wage earners now get taxed at a 39% rate. Under the Trump plan, they will only be taxed at a 25% rate—a substantial reduction that will allow ordinary families to build a nest egg.

The return of masculinity



Presidents don’t just influence policy, they also influence fashion and style. The 1970s were characterized by long hair, bushy mustaches, and bad fashion with wide lapels, clownishly wide ties, and the bell bottom pants that you saw on That’s 70s Show. The “ideal” man was the skinny, amoral, polyester-clad lounge lizard. When Reagan came into office, the style changed. Men cut their hair short, ties got narrow, and bell-bottoms vanished. Even the actors got more muscular—the 1980s were the golden age of tough guys from Schwarzenegger to Van Damme. The opposite happened during the Obama years. Men with muscle vanished and were replaced by narrow-shouldered hipsters in skinny jeans with low testosterone levels. In a way, Return of Kings is a reaction to these weak soy men of the Obama era.

Unlike Obama, Trump exudes what SJWs would call “toxic masculinity.” He enjoys being in the company of beautiful women. He works hard and believes that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labor. In comparison to the effete, professorial Obama, Trump has no problem conversing with ordinary working men. Expect to see masculine men to make a comeback during the Trump years. More men will hit the gym in a quest to develop functional muscle. It will again become acceptable for men to congregate together without women. We might even see a revival of the wood-paneled, leather-chair-furnished men’s clubs of the past.

SJWs in eclipse


Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have used our natural aversion to hurting the feelings of others as a stick to control us for over two decades now. Their control extended to every aspect of our lives. Americans were not able to have an honest conversation about immigration because doing so was deemed racist, and men have lost their jobs on the testimony of one SJW accusing them of being homophobes.

Before Trump ran for office, there appeared to be no way to break the SJW straight jacket. But Trump’s campaign changed all of that because he was able to say publicly what the rest of us were thinking privately. His winning of the presidential election marked the first victory over the SJW rule of terror. Trump’s eight years could represent a serious setback to SJW ideology but only if the rest of us refuse to bow to SJW orthodoxy.

Conclusion: nothing lasts forever

The Trump years promise to be prosperous for everyone living in the US but he will only be in office for eight years and the voting public has a short memory. Trump’s successor might be an establishment Republican or a liberal Democrat who would reinstate the failed policies of open borders and bad trade deals that characterized the Bush and Obama administrations. It wouldn’t take more than a year or two before the prosperity of the Trump years would be rolled back. Thus, while you should enjoy the extra wealth that streams your way in the next eight years, you should also be sure to sock away a lot of that money in savings. This is not the time to develop the habit of snorting cocaine off of some prostitute’s bare backside. Continue to live a minimalistic lifestyle and you will leave the Trump years as a wealthy man.

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