We spend a lot of time pointing out the flaws of the beta male and the reasons why any self-respecting man ought to avoid resembling one. What we less often do, however, is examine just how it is such men are produced.

The beta can be created in more than one way, but the above 18 minute short film from Denmark titled “Dennis” provides a perfect illustration of how influential a mother can be in that process. I’ve taken the time to watch it and think you should too, though I understand that not everyone will be able to do so. In any case, I’ve summarized its key points and provided the time in the video at which they occur for easy viewing.


0:30: Dennis is Danish and this movie takes place in Denmark. Roosh will tell you that place is the land of the beta, and Dennis does nothing to disprove that. Here he takes out a girl’s phone number and proceeds to call for a date. He had never spoken to her before, and got the number from a friend—he actually tells her this.

The interaction is textbook pathetic beta game. We’ll soon see how this dude (who is huge and quite clearly a fully grown man) got into such a pathetic state.

3:08: Dennis’ mother gets home, and we see here the real source of this guy’s pathetic behavior. She expects him to cook dinner that night and keep her company, but he tells her he has to go out to a movie. She gets angry, and starts shaming him for daring to have a life. He relents, unwilling to challenge her.

We’ll find out later in the movie that Dennis’ father was an alcoholic. He’s out of the picture, and she has never let Dennis forget about it, consistently telling him in a shaming tone how much he reminds her of his father.

It is almost certain that this dynamic has been constant since childhood. Dennis’ mother resents all men because of his father, presumably the distant alpha male who used and abused her (Dennis being the by-product). She coddles Dennis and refuses to let him be a real independent man in any way shape or form, shooting down any masculine independent streak he shows. At the same time, she consistently shames him because he is his father’s son, and she cannot stand that man (or any men).


This combination is perfect for building a beta, and has likely repeated itself tens of millions of times throughout the western world. His mother’s refusal to let him grow up and concurrent subtle shaming/distrust of him has left him weak. He can’t speak up, he rarely looks up when talking to people (poor body language all around), and as we’ve seen and will continue to see, he knows nothing about how to interact with women.

5:30: This is a quick dinner scene, and it gives us some insight into why things are the way they are in this household. Dennis tells his mother about his training (insinuating that he might finally have a life outside the home) and she immediately quips back with how necessary it is for him to be at home.

Dennis surprisingly shows a little backbone here and is clearly frustrated with his mother’s consistent coddling and unwillingness to support anything he does outside the home. He finally asks her when she is going to get a man. Her response?

“Men can’t be trusted. You remind me so much of your father.”

Did you ever wonder why so many uber-betas have such a hard time being forward and taking what they want, or why others simply behave like overly-emotional women? Bitter, anti-male single moms beat them down from a young age, that’s why. His mother has been shaming him since childhood, insisting on how horrible his father was while also consistently implying that he is his father.

Again, this is the perfect beta recipe. His mother dominates his life completely (she allows no life for him away from her) and allows her own insecurities to tear her son down piece by piece. Men like this rarely ever grow up with a backbone because they never had the time to form one.



7:30: Dennis begins a date with the cute girl he called at the beginning of the movie. Despite his betatude (the dinner date itself is a big mistake), the guy still has a shot with this girl, who is drinking a little and seems intrigued by his physique. As he walks away at the end, without even attempting to touch her, she invites him to hang out.

9:45: Dennis meets her friends. One thing leads to another, and soon they are asking him to take his shirt off so they can see his muscles. He does, and they start hooting and hollering. Two guys enter to hang out, and Dennis grabs his shirt and leaves quickly, embarrassed. The dudes are dumbfounded as to what he was doing there.

Despite having such an amazing physique and likely incredible strength (he could easily have crushed the two men who arrived), Dennis has no confidence in himself whatsoever. He was too shy to take advantage of the decent vibe he was inadvertently generating in the room with the girls as the center of attention, and the mere sight of a couple of new male faces was enough to scare him off.

Any one of us here could understand that he wasn’t in a bad place when it came to getting at that girl he took on the date, and we all know what could—and maybe should—have been done. Dennis can’t even think to go that far, though. He’s been beaten down for far too long.

14:15: Dennis gets home. He sits in front of his mother who is playing cards by herself and insisting she had a good time. He sits in front of her with his head down, looking absolutely defeated. What she does next may ensure he never completely leaves this state.

She lays the final psychological beat down of the movie. She lets him know subtly that she knows what he was up to, asking if he was drinking and noting that his shirt was on inside out. Finally, she says in a cold tone with a hint of anger: “You remind me so much of your father.” She leaves, ignoring him after that.


The movie ends with him in his boxers ready to go to bed. He gets up and crawls into his mother’s bed, saying good night before turning the lights off, ending the film.

With this last scene, her domination is complete. This was his most ambitious attempt at having a life yet—he tried to find another woman, and have a normal social life complete with dinner dates, hang-out sessions, and even some alcohol. Unable to sustain this given his upbringing and general inexperience, he was forced to return to her and face her harsh judgement once again, and essentially accept “his place.” You can bet that there won’t be any more cute girls in his near future.

Such is the life of the beta/omega male. You can rest assured that there are many tens of millions of Dennis’ in the western world whose behavior would make us all cringe. Yet they can do nothing else, regardless of how smart or physically impressive they are. This is frequently because their mothers (often angry, bitter women of the kind you saw in this film) will not let them.


The boys grow up either watching the men in the house getting destroyed by their mothers (in cases where the father/stepfather is a mangina foolish enough to subject himself to marriage with such a woman) or hearing their father get insulted constantly and suffering comparison to him, while also being coddled far too much.

This is another reason why men should be careful where they put their seed—a good woman can keep a man reasonably on-track in the absence of a father, but if your seed ends up in the wrong womb (e.g., belonging to a woman like Dennis’ mother), there can be disastrous consequences for the child, especially if you’re not around.


It is crucial that every self-aware male keep this in mind and avoid contributing to the manufacture of more Dennis’ in the future.

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If you’d like to see a more complete ending for Dennis, be sure to check out the full-length sequel to this short film.

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