I have previously and repeatedly stated how hard it was for me to adapt to American culture once I moved to the States. How it was shocking to see women behave in a way that until that day I could only regard as proper behavior for a man. I found myself being actively pursued, something that in Colombia would be inconceivable, something I quickly learned to take advantage of.

Having been raised in a very conservative and traditional household, I went to a top notch private high school were I was taught how to behave according to what the high and ultra conservative social class of my country expected. There, I learned the intricate mechanism that ruled social interaction at that level. I also learned that women were just as horny as men, but that they had to hide it. No one wants the daughter of an ambassador being publicly exposed as a slut.

I observed the scenario, recognized my target, and adapted to my situation. In other words, I saw that girls would never sleep with me if I shamed them for being sluts, and other sluts would then learn not to get involved with me because their reputation would be at stake. Therefore, to play the game in my teenage years I did my best effort to put a front of discipline and discretion. If I slept with a girl, as bad as I wanted to brag, I would keep my mouth shut. I realized this policy of discretion and reserve was the only possible way to keep my amorous adventures intact. It was horrible; not being able to tell anyone that I was banging girls left and right like I was running out of scotch.

Welcome To America

The contrast with American culture was astonishing, I saw girls openly claiming that they too were on the hunt for a night of blissful and shallow passion. I embraced this attitude and swore to myself I would never marry a Colombian woman. I was so infatuated with this cultural oasis that I started a relationship with an American girl.

She was smart and beautiful, but incredibly emotionally unstable , a hard-core Democrat and feminist. I decided to put this to a test by molding her into what I wanted in a girl. I would do whatever I wanted to her in bed, and then sent her to the kitchen to take care of my food. She then became too emotionally dependent and I was forced to end things, but I had learned what feminism stood for and what modern feminism stands for now.

I understand that some terrible things are done to the weaker sex. In some countries female circumcision is normal and required, and in others they are stoned for insulting the prophet Mohammed. Feminism is trying to help these women and make them equal in the eyes of the law, but more importantly, it has freed their sexuality, a fact that has had very generous results for yours truly.

The cost is that modern feminism has become as blind as radical Islam. In the same way that making a cartoon of Allah can get you killed, any attempt of a man to exhibit his nature and sexuality will have you labeled as condescending and damaging to women. Anything that even resembles any vestige of masculinity is a threat and therefore must be removed. They refuse to engage in logical, rational and methodical arguments, clearly exemplified in example of Toronto feminist Big Red, who Jezebel desperately attempted to defend.


The Shaming Of Common Sense

When a person radicalizes a topic they close off to any attempt to a rational discussion. Current American feminists seem to think that any man who uses common sense and logic is anti-women, misogynist, male chauvinist and all other related nonsense.

For example, if the military won’t admit women for a special division of bad ass armed forces they immediately jump the gun and shout you misogynistic pig! However there is a very simple reason why they do that: countries are not in the business of losing wars. And in the specific case of the United States, they didn’t become the best armed forces on earth by training weak units.

Do not get me wrong, it’s fine if girls put in the work and pass the tests like men, but wanting things handed to them because of gender alone without earning it is outrageous and simply comical.

I strive to always keep a rational and methodical process in everything that I do. This has led many women to label me as a woman hater, misogynist, womanizer and such. And although I will admit that often times my misanthropist side comes out for a walk, I do not think I’m a misogynist. I have loved many women quite frequently; if anything I am a philogynist. If there were no women left in the world I would probably throw myself off a cliff.

The Equality Excuse

What I find most annoying is their sanctimonious claim that feminism is for equality. If this bogus statement held any resemblance of truth I would have some respect for feminism, but the sheer hypocrisy of their behavior is perplexing. If feminism were truly for equality, they wouldn’t obviate the concrete facts that evidence a society that is clearly lenient towards women. A clear example of this is the fact that women serve far less prison time for equal or comparable crimes (63% less time)

…females arrested for a crime are also significantly more likely to avoid charges and convictions entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.

They also ignore the many cases of false rape accusations that destroy male careers and where men are treated as monsters. The incredible divorce settlements that end up on women taking everything and males ending up moving out of their own house. Kicking me out of my house is just as absurd from a woman as she expecting me to marry her at 32.

At this point please allow me to request that you do not take me for an MRA or a defender of male rights. I could not care less if a bunch of betas end up as lap dogs of some fat and unattractive girl (any man who lets that happen to him deserves it). In the end  I don’t even know why I’m writing this, because the more decadent American women become, the more easy sex I get. I used to have to spend my money on them—now they spend theirs on me. I should say I’m sorry for soaking up your American culture and banging you girls, but I’m not.

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