First of all, you might wonder, how dare anyone criticize feminism? You’ve been told that it’s a noble quest for equality. What possibly could be wrong with that? The truth is that feminism stopped being about equality long ago. If it was just about equal rights under the law, American feminists would have declared the job done following the Equal Pay Act of 1963, then celebrated the golden peace between men and women ever since. It didn’t quite work out that way; read on and I’ll explain why.

I’m here to discuss radical feminism, which is the only variety that gets much attention and media access. Since the Second Wave arose—beginning in the mid-1950s, and kicking into high gear in the mid-1960s—feminism has been telling you that we live under a patriarchy, men are responsible for all your problems (“the personal is political”), we’re a bunch of evildoers, and so forth.

I have some bad news for you. These demagogues in your movement have been lying to you all along. They haven’t stopped lying despite being disproved again and again. That should tell you everything you need to know about their dishonesty and lack of character.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics


Likely you’ve heard that domestic violence is the worst around the Super Bowl. They lied to you. They wanted to convince you that we’re a bunch of cavemen who get so worked up about our brutal games that we’re inspired to slap you around. The truth is that domestic violence is wrong, no matter who’s doing it. You might be surprised to know that it’s not just men responsible for that. In fact, on average, lesbian couples have the most turbulent relationships of all.

Then there’s the “wage gap” lie. Surely you’ve heard that women make only 77 cents on the dollar compared to what men make. I first heard that one in the 1980s, and feminists are still telling us that. The truth is that men work longer hours (more overtime), in dirty and dangerous jobs that you don’t want to do, and study nerdy majors that pay well but have little interest to you. Want to make more money? Quit retail and drill oil wells, mine coal, or drive an eighteen wheeler. For the big money, I hear commercial fishing in Alaska and underwater welding pays pretty well.

They also told you that one in four coeds are raped in college. That one is a very dirty lie. The real number, according to Justice Department statistics, is 61 in 10,000. (In the general population, this is 76 in 10,000 among the 18-24 demographic.) One felony is one too many, of course, but the number certainly isn’t 2,500 out of 10,000. Overstating that by orders of magnitude was pure demagoguery.

They lied to you. They wanted you to fear us, hate us, and think we’re a bunch of savages. Also, they wanted more money for their programs, supplied by taxpayers and private donations. It’s hard to ask for a budget increase if they admitted that 9,939 out of 10,000 coeds will go through college without needing their services.

This all ties into that “rape culture” scare, which is more vile demagoguery. Since it’s a felony everywhere, the culture certainly doesn’t approve of it. Actually, that (along with other violent crime rates) has declined sharply since the 1990s. Don’t count on feminists to tell you this good news, much less thank conservatives for pushing the legal system to get tougher on crime.

Although diminishing, it remains a problem. Unfortunately, feminists have declared discussion of practical prevention measures off-limits. (If making a particular crime a felony doesn’t reduce the rate to zero, then what’s wrong with discussing how not to be victimized?) Instead, feminists bolster their misleading narrative with lots of false allegations. Ruining people’s lives with phony charges isn’t justice.

Think about it a minute. We’re bigger and stronger than you. If we really were savages, we would be doing whatever we wanted to you, especially if that truly was approved by our culture. The reason you don’t have to pepper spray someone every day is that the vast majority of us are actually decent, civilized people. There are a few exceptions; they end up going to prison, and rightly so, where they’re despised even by the other criminals.

More feminist lies you’ve heard

At least these men have their male privilege.

At least these men have their male privilege.

You’ve been told that you’re living in a patriarchy. So what were the practical implications, back when that was actually true? You had certain roles; actually, we did too. It was all on us to provide for you and the kids; be it by working on an assembly line all day, in a coal mine, digging ditches, or under the hot sun tilling the fields. If we didn’t, then we shamefully failed to do our duty. We got drafted in wars to protect you. We let you have first place on lifeboats. Meanwhile, women were tending the children and doing housework. All told, it wasn’t quite such a bad trade-off for women.

A hundred years ago, it was true that we had patriarchy; now we certainly don’t. Still, they keep lying to make you discontented. There’s been a lot of talk about “male privilege” too. That’s more baloney.

They also told you that marriage and motherhood makes you a failure, or that you’re wasting your potential by not spending your prime years in a cube farm. (Do feminists think the next generation will come from a cabbage patch?) Meanwhile, your TV tells you that being “slutty” is cool (music videos especially) and meaningless promiscuity is super (Sex In The City, etc.)

The fact is that sex is a great bonding experience, but the more people you do it with, the less effective the bonding is. (Yes, that applies to men too.) They even told you that walking away from your family is no big deal.

We care about what all this is doing to society, and doing to you. It’s actually pretty ironic that we—even with our critical perspectives—care about you more than the feminists. They only want to use you as a pawn in their sociopolitical chess game; more on that later.


How feminism affects the social scene


Now take a look at what your wonderful movement has done. Today, there are men who are giving up on women and their hostile attitudes. We’d prefer a good relationship, but if that isn’t happening, there are several safety valves for the dysfunctional sexual marketplace.

Some men are “going their own way” and saying to hell with you; and others by different means. Some guys are “herbivores” and don’t even bother to approach you. Countless men meet their sexual needs with pornography. Other men are finding mail order brides, or sometimes flee the country to get away from our toxic social environment. A few join the gay community; finding it to be better than nothing. Now, there are even those who turn to sex robots.

You may be shocked by all this. You may be tempted to call them names or question their character. Still, Ms. Feminist, think carefully about it: maybe your sisterhood is the problem. What your movement did to society is quite unfortunate; it didn’t have to be this way.

Countless women like you have been led to believe that being snarky or nasty is “empowering”. Actually, we have no use for that. Sure, some of us know how to play these games and deal with all that. As for the rest, your attitude is a complete turn-off. Although some of you want to make talking to you a crime, we know that women really do want to meet high-quality guys. That’s not going to happen if you have a nasty attitude; men have standards.

When we’re young and innocent, guys just want to cherish and love you. (It would be great if we could get back to all that, but we can’t do it all by ourselves.) Receiving hostility and crazy behavior affects our feelings toward you. It’s often difficult to see things from another’s perspective, so take it from these guys:

If all that shocks you, consider that actions have consequences. Decades of feminist negativity have made society a colder and more mistrustful place, and this has backfired on you. The screwed-up social scene that your sisterhood brought us greatly hurts your chances for a decent, long-lasting relationship.

Let me add another thing. If you spend your 20s partying and “finding yourself” as you’ve been encouraged to do, don’t expect Mr. Big to be waiting around patiently to sweep you off your feet after you’ve aged and decided it’s time to settle down. Actually, many Mr. Bigs used to be those nerds you wouldn’t have given a second look to back in college.

I could go further into how feminism led to more divorces,and more broken homes, which in turn worsened poverty and crime, ultimately making things worse for you. However, all that’s another subject entirely.

Why feminism changed


We don’t appreciate all the vilification, and hopefully you don’t appreciate your sisterhood’s leaders lying to you. Still, perhaps you might be thinking, “Maybe the feminists lied, but surely they meant well. They were concerned about real problems but exaggerated them.” The truth is that their intentions were anything but noble. Let’s explore some of them.

First, here are some actual quotes from your sisterhood:

“Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.”

“The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist.”

“Female heterosexuality is not a biological drive or an individual woman’s erotic attraction or attachment to another human animal which happens to be male.”

Some of them were frustrated lesbians who wanted to distort the sexual marketplace so they’d have a better chance of getting into your panties. Pretty noble, huh?

Also, the social engineers in the corporate-government complex wanted to get women out of the home and into the workforce for more productivity and tax money. Increasing the labor pool also lowered the cost companies pay for salaries; that’s basic microeconomics. I’m sure that spending your days in a cube farm feels pretty liberating, though!

Finally Second Wave feminism—the radical variety—was heavily influenced by Communism. Feminism became one of many fronts of a variety called cultural Marxism. This is not to say that most feminists these days are Communists—in fact, most of you are just as unaware of how this happened as the rest of the public. Still, you’re unwittingly participating in an ideology purposefully designed to bring down civilization. Unfortunately, it’s working as designed.

Think about it

1950s 1960s Laughing Teenage Boy and Girl Sharing Drink Together With Two Straws In Soda Shop

All that might seem pretty shocking, but by all means, do the research. The purpose of Second Wave feminism was about creating deep divisions in society and wrecking families. For the last fifty years, it’s stirred up discord, making you distrust and even hate us. Did you think that was really about empowering you?

The leading feminists have been using you, and others like you, all along. This sort of thing has ruined the natural trust and affection between the sexes. In a healthy society, men and women get along together. We used to love each other. Let’s try to get back to that. A growing number of young women are rejecting feminist indoctrination. It’s time to join them and free your mind.

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