Segregation is coming back to college campuses.  But this time it’s welcomed by the establishment, administrators, politicians, and student leaders.  Recently, University of California at Berkeley students, in a protest reminiscent of the famous Schoolhouse Door stand by Alabama Governor George Wallace, physically blocked minority students (whites, who make up 25% of the student body) from going to class by forming a loud, angry mob at the Peder Sather Bridge, and yelling hostile profanity laden monologues, which sounded even more aggressive and hateful than the 1963 Wallace rally.

Let’s examine ten statements used by the speakers from both protests. Try to guess which event is a modern SJW protest and which came from George Wallace’s protest.


1. Whose university? OUR university!

2. This intrusion results solely from force or threat of force, undignified by any reasonable application of the principles of law, reason or justice.

3. I don’t give a FUCK about you!

4. While some of you may applaud these acts, millions of Americans will gaze in sorrow from the situation existing at this great institution of learning.


6. I hereby denounce and forbid this illegal and unwarranted action.

7. OUR STREETS!  OUR UNIVERSITY!  (as they move to the streets and block them also)

8. I am going to ask that all the people in this state continue to be calm and restrained in this matter.

9. There will be casualties on both sides.  People have to die to make a change in this world.

10. We must have no violence today or any other day.


If you guessed the odd numbered items were modern protests, while the even were from the 1963 Wallace speech, you are correct.  Due to the shrill, fast, high pitched and profanity-laden screeches of the Berkeley protest, I could not hear much of what was said, so item 9 is from a November Los Angeles protest.

While the 1963 event occurred after two black students attempted to enroll in classes at the then all white University of Alabama, and the governor attempted to prevent them (before standing aside peacefully and lawfully minutes later after JFK federalized the Alabama National Guard), the current protest was triggered when a university-designated safe space was moved from the 5th floor of a building to the basement.

A group of angry millennials quickly formed and blocked the Peder Sather Bridge, where they let minority students pass, but blocked white students, yelling at them to “Go Around!”  The students then went out into the streets, blocking traffic, paraded through the student center, disrupting students trying to study, and then then moved to the student bookstore where they surrounded it and posted an eviction notice to the bookstore, stating “You are hereby notified by the students of UCal Berkeley to vacate the premises immediately.  This space expansion is one step in an ongoing process to remedy the historical devaluation of students of color and LGBTQIA+ students.”

They then marched on with banners stating “Fight 4 Spaces of Color” which, despite it being racist and illegal to have a racially segregated area in a publicly funded university, they already have at the university’s Edelman Hall.


Whites were turned away; minorities allowed to pass

Of course, their targets were poorly chosen.  The Peder Sather Bridge was built by a donation from Mr. Sather, a Norwegian who moved to California and became a benefactor of the school.  He is responsible for the tall clock towers found on many campuses, as he installed one of the first in America, the Sather Tower, third largest in the world, modeled after St. Mark’s Campanile in St. Mark’s Square in Venice.


After the Sather Tower was built in 1914, colleges around the nation began adding these to their campuses.  On the top of the Sather Bridge, a national historic landmark, are four men and four women, representing eight academic disciplines, and showing an equality of the sexes over 100 years old.  Indeed, when passing through the gate, one may see a woman on one side, and a man on the other, inscribed on panels.


One of the gate panels of Sather Gate, equally representing women for over 100 years

The bookstore who received the eviction notice, followed by the written threat that “if you fail to vacate immediately, community action will continue to escalate with the goal of eliminating any revenue generation,” donates to local charities, encourages its employees to participate in social justice issues, and makes efforts to fight global warming.  Of course, this is a lesson to never give an inch, because it will not earn you any form of allegiance or sympathy.  With these freaks, you just can’t win.


To sum up, institutions that sell books, engage in social justice issues, donate to local charities, and support the student body are bad.  White people are inherently bad and racial minorities are inherently good.  Segregating students by their race and harassing them is not racist.  Blocking students based on their physical appearance and ethnic background, something they have no control over, is a legitimate method of protest.  Threats to local business owners who have done nothing wrong are perfectly warranted.  Basements are inherently worse than 5th floor spaces.  Separate but equal is fine government policy.  Public universities should spend money for racial based and other exclusionary groups.  The actions of the Berkeley students are not racist.  ROK is a site promoting rape.

While Trump won the presidency, it was by a narrow margin, and half the country is not going to give up their feminism and SJW lunacy.  Expect more of this kind of insanity.

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