There is still a lot of accepting and getting used to saying the phrase “President Donald Trump” for many people in America. Personally, I went to the gym first thing that morning of November 9th and the level of angst, frustration, and disgust from the women (and even some men) around me was palpable.  I was absolutely jubilant and I suspect the women could sense this.  It was an awesome workout, but a bizarre one none the less.  I did not have to say a word, every woman knows what Trump’s victory means.

The days of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too are over. Any mainstream celebrity, brand, business or advertiser who ignores the cognitive dissonance cluster bomb that exploded on Nov 9th, 2016 will be out of business, fast.

While I am still keeping my eyes wide open on Trump’s actions as he becomes President, nothing will change the fact that a cultural tipping point in the war on men has been reached.  A tipping point that was possible because of the men of the manosphere and alt right communities.

For a year, the media said that Trump was a KKK sympathizer, a rapist, and a xenophobe. They literally threw everything they possibly could at him. It didn’t stick. Perhaps the country is starting to understand that ad hominem attacks are used by people who can’t deal with rational arguments. People who can’t talk about policy dismiss their opponents as racists. (Communities Digital News -Main stream media dies November 9, 2016: Rest in Peace)

Sound familiar?  Who has been at the sharp point of the spear over this past US election cycle?  Who has been using rational logic to refute liberal/leftist/feminist/SJW lies and ideology to prove who are the real deplorables? That would be you if you are reading this post, and every single writer and commenter who has contributed to not just ROK’s success, but the success of the neomasculinity movement in general, no matter what form or version it takes.

It took me awhile to truly realize just how far reaching this Trump election will be culturally.  Roosh has outlined what it could mean for men living out their daily lives in the West. Jon Anthony showed us just how clueless liberals/feminists were in their reaction to Trump’s win, which was so obvious to us. Relampago Furioso showed us that the mainstream media is so far out of touch with reality, they fell all over themselves trying to explain away Trump’s win with every theory under the sun except the only one that is true—Hillary was in the election only for herself, while Trump was a man for the people.

What I have not read on ROK yet is the cultural fallout of Trump’s victory in the one sphere of society that walks with the biggest stick—money. If the main stream media is now dead and all but buried, what is the logical fallout from this fact?

Advertising on the MSM is a complete waste of money and time

ROK and others ARE the new mainstream media. We have the stats and the demographics to prove it, but no one would believe us until Trump’s landslide victory.

And it is not just advertising that will be shaken up culturally. Comedians can’t expect much of an audience, and therefore income, if they continue to insult you and the man you voted for to be president. Hollywood’s reaction to Trump’s win is going to result in a lot of empty theatre seats and people cancelling their subscription to NetFlix if they don’t realize that continuing to insult and demonize half of the American population is not good for business.

One producer told Deadline that we should keep productions inside California or only in the states that shares the same values as Clinton’s voters.

Hollywood Reacts To Trump Victory With Shock And Disbelief


Yeah… good luck keeping a studio afloat by producing feminist tripe over the expense of the heterosexual majority of the population that just voted in the most alpha male president in America’s history.  To say there is a disconnect between the producers of “culture” in America and the American consumer of “culture” is an understatement.

Sure, Americans have a lot less money than they used to, but they still have money.  And if they choose to spend that money, what are they going to spend it on?  If you are a big brand with a huge advertising budget, where are your ad dollars best spent?  Targeting the leftist half of America only?  Or perhaps expanding your demographic “diversity” a little and consider the fact us deplorables have more disposable income than your ideological, femi-nazi “love trumps hate” losers?

Are you a celebrity?  Are you a mainstream brand or business?  Will you be the first one to reach out to us “deplorables” and make it rain $$$ for your brand or business by recognizing we exist?

Case in point.  Here is a female entertainer who bases her entire image on her sexual appeal to men (at least until she hits the wall) and women who aspire to be like her. Is it really in this woman’s best interests to continue to demonize the majority of the heterosexual male and female marketplace for her brand?

While this may be a single and highly isolated example to many, this is the only Twitter update Christina Aguilera has given out since Trump’s election win (as of Nov 22).  One tweet in two full weeks since the election of Trump.  Coincidence?  Or is Christina crunching the numbers and now realizing just how much money she might be losing by continuing to push the feminist-Hillary-Democrat-SJW -leftist line of pathological insanity.

When you live in a bubble, you only wake up when someone pops it.  Nov 8th was the biggest cognitive dissonance bubble pop heard round the world in human history. You might think my line of logic does not compute.  That there is no way, no way, the entrenched leftist thoughts that are destroying the West could be so quickly dropped and the patriarchal pendulum start to swing back with a force unthinkable to snowflakes in there safe spaces on campus.

But we are talking about America.  The land of money and dreams of money.

This election proved that fully half of America, and thus half of the money, has been completely ignored by advertisers who have no clue how to market to them. Unless you are a complete idiot, continuing to ignore half the American population (i.e. non-feminist, heterosexual men and ladies) is going to result in a lot less money for you. Are you going to see Star Wars Rogue One?  I did not think so.


A massive change not just in the White House, but in Western, or at least American, culture is coming.  Perhaps I am playing prophet once again, but feminism is well and truly dead.  The 2016 election for President was nothing less than an outright, country wide, nay world wide, referendum on the entire intellectual foundation, history and future of feminism in the west.

And feminism lost. BIG. HUUUUUUUUGE.

This will be the only conclusion advertisers and others are going to discover once they begin to research how to market to us “deplorables.” Girl power.  Rape culture.  Alphabet soup, gender and racial “diversity.”  None of these memes are going to work with us and if you market your brand / product to us in that way, or claim to speak for those values, you won’t lose only my dollar, but half of America’s.

And before you laugh at the idea of a wholesale culture change with the election of one man for a single term, possibly two, you should remember what the fate was of those who laughed at Trump when he said he was going to run for president in 2016.

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