Via Breitbart:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was rushed offstage at a Reno, Nevada campaign rally as a protester in the audience was involved in an extended incident near the stage.

It was not immediately clear what was occurring in the crowd, but several members of what appeared to be law enforcement or U.S. Secret Service jumped down into the area where the protester was, as could be seen on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s video livestream of the event.

Video of Trump being rushed off stage was posted online:

In the video it appears Trump pauses to look out into the crowd for the event disrupter. Two U.S. Secret Service agents can be seen rushing in to remove Trump from the stage and two other agents also facilitate his removal.

During his absence someone announced to the crowd that Trump would return. The protester was eventually seen being removed from the crowd, although there appeared to be a struggle with several law enforcement or Secret Service agents to secure the protester’s removal. It was several minutes before Trump was able to take the stage again.



As Trump returned to the stage, he thanked the crowd, which cheered him back.

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped, never ever be stopped,” said Trump.

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