When men think of the word “game,” there is a lot of confusion when trying to pinpoint which behaviors attract a woman. Men usually break down into two camps.

“He got her because he’s rich/handsome/tall/has an awesome job.”

The first camp believes a man gets women not because of who he is, but what he is. The second camp is exactly the opposite:

“He got her because he has tight game.”

Both camps have valid points. A man who is rich, handsome, tall, and has an awesome job, has clear advantages over the average man. Yet there are plenty of rich/tall/handsome men resorting to hookers or working obscene hours with no vagina to show for it (except an aging gold-digger wife).


Likewise, a man with game would be nothing if he was broke. So which camp has it right?

They both are, but they’re talking past each other. The missing distinction is between passive and active game.

Passive game includes all the ways you can improve oneself over long periods of time, such as earning money, building a career, lifting at the gym, getting a fashion overhaul, learning a new language, and acquiring drugs for use as party favors.


Active game includes your immediate behaviors that directly affect an interaction with a woman, such as being charming, funny, witty, displaying some backbone, remembering to ask to use her bathroom when you drop her off at her house, etc.  It’s what most players refer to when speaking of a man’s “game.”

Ideally a man wants to have strong passive and active game. Both are necessary to getting laid at all, but, depending on the man, it can be profitable to focus on your passive or active game.

Passive game will determine the quality of the women a man attracts, while active game will determine the quantity of the women he bangs. Passive game gets a woman’s initial interest, but it takes active game to close the deal. Passive game is the product, active game is the sales pitch.

So if a man wants to bang hotter girls, he needs to increase his value via passive game. But if his dry spells are unacceptably long, he should be spending the majority of his time developing his active game.

Which side of your game needs improvement?