When people ask me about my current position fighting in the culture war, years after starting my writing career with “Bang” books, I simply say, “I just wanted to get laid.” From these hedonistic beginnings opened a path that I find myself in today. A reviewer of my new book Free Speech Isn’t Free also noticed this transformation:

I’ve been following the ‘Red Pill’ community for a a few years now. The members therein have been engaging in some of the most relevant conversations anywhere on the net. Roosh is one I’ve only recently become familiar with as I tend to appreciate and relate more to the more traditionalist members like Vox Day, Dalrock, and Roissy.

What is so fascinating about guys like Roosh is how their journey to acquire more sex and attention from highly attractive women has led them stumbling across uncomfortable truths about the world that we men of the West find ourselves living in.

This book is a very straightforward account of an encounter that an iconic Red Pill pillar had with the traditional media community that exposes a truly shocking level of laziness and corruption on the part of an institution that we are supposed to respect for some reason. I remember watching from a social media distance as these events went down and I had no idea just how bad it was.

I really admire the stones on this kid and I hope he stays motivated and encourages more people to be bold with the truth (which is always unPC). I’m not a fan of lotharios but I appreciate intellectual honesty and bravery. I hope Roosh’s Neomasculinity gets legs. I really do.

How did game serve as the gateway drug? Simple: I kept asking why, as if I was an annoying 8-year-old child.

  • Why are woman attracted to me when I dance and act like an entertaining clown?
  • Why did my father not have to act like a clown to attract my mom?
  • Why has society changed to encourage women to pursue exciting “bad boys” and clowns over good men?
  • Why are institutions like the media and universities pushing women into behaviors which harm them and the family unit?
  • Why is there a concealed group of elites who seem to control politicians and the most important institutions?
  • Why are those institutions attacking me for speaking the truth?

There wasn’t only one step from having fun into the nightclub to fighting back against social justice warriors and the media, but several steps that had to take place over the past 15 years. My path weaved through sex and gender relations, but there are other paths as well, which I describe in The 5 Paths To Realizing Truth. For example, minimalism is another point of entry:


When you live below your means, you begin to see that most people are unnecessarily living above theirs. That leads to the conclusion that they were trained to live a life of excess by corporations with the complicit help of a government that wants to keep society in a neverending state of indebtedness and distraction so they ignore everyday injustices while losing any will or desire to fight the establishment. The easiest stepping stone out of The Truman Show is to realize that consumer lifestyles are not the path to happiness, and those those who chase material possessions are misguided.

Many other men have also had a similar path as myself, whereby promiscuous sex was a device for understanding the world and deciding on behaviors that are more sustainable to the male soul. While not every man gains wisdom during the stage of his life where he wants to sow his royal oats, many do, and they use that wisdom to devise solutions that can solve our modern problems. I do not at all regret engaging in shallow sex with many dozens of women throughout the world, because it has developed my thinking into what you read now, even though the sex itself wasn’t especially memorable and didn’t give me much except momentary pleasure.

From my current vantage point, it really does feel like it was all pre-determined, as if I was supposed to participate in shallow intimacy in order to arrive at true understanding, but that would imply some sort of divine providence. Whatever the mechanism, it’s clear to me that many of the behaviors and ideas we hold now could be mere way-stations for a grander, more universal truth. Whatever individual journey you’re a part of, I hope we’ll find out soon enough.

To see the whole story of how the media attacked me with an incredible attack of 1,600+ media articles, along with my analysis of the establishment’s master plan, check out my new book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It has a balanced mix of narrative and ideology that will also give you actionable advice to help defend yourself against establishment attacks. Click here to learn more about the book or order it now on Amazon.

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