This spring, I stayed a week in Ukraine. I teamed up with Sery, a Ukrainian friend of mine I used to box with. The man just came out of a six year-long relationship and needed some action. He is an athlete with decent game and looks while having a “purple” pill mindset.

He was settled in France for last sixteen years, lives in the capital with a high-income job and has a French passport. Quite the catch for a Ukrainian girl.

But as you will read, you will see that the laws of game always apply, even in a “relatively non-Westernised” country. It was an eye opener, showing me that this country was far from the Promised Land (in terms of women) that I pictured.

1. Tattooed women are damaged

Sexy tattooed woman.

I had just got off the plane after spending the flight shooting the shit with another RVF guy. We exchanged tips on the city and were pretty excited about raiding Ukraine. We parted ways after he reached his hotel and I walked towards mine.

I did a few approaches, direct and indirect, to get in the mood, without much success. I suddenly crossed path with a slutty blonde who looked like she just jumped out of a porn set. Fake blue lenses and eyelashes, platinum blonde weaves, fake round tits with no bra, a transparent top and trashy high heels. The picture would not be complete without a tattoo on her forearm and neck. Almost a caricature.

I stopped her and her brunette sidekick, using an indirect opener. Just off the plane, with my headphones and my weekender on the shoulder, I looked like a tourist. The conversation died out and there went the potential strippers or professional sponsorettes.

Capture d’écran (606)

WBBWNAAHTTD (Would Bang But Would Not Ask About Her Trip To Dubai)

A bit further down the road, I notice another blonde near a fountain with very high red heels and a black miniskirt.

A few seconds in the conversation, red flags keep adding: She asked me if I was a player, told me that she is not religious and explained that she works with the Weapons Department of the Azov Battalion (all-male environment). Plus a giant bird tattoo on her thigh. Unstable but I took her number anyway.

Not her but pretty close to what this abomination on her thigh looked like.

Not her but pretty close to what that abomination on her thigh looked like.

Saw her the next day and she came dressed in jeans, sneakers and a loose white T-shirt. In three words: dressed like shit. I thought about leaving but she smiled warmly and I decided to give it a shot.

Wrong move. Turns out she was mean-spirited and apathetic. One red flag after the other. When she told me that she stabbed someone once after a drunk argument, I stood up and left. Red flags exist for a reason.

2. Alpha fucks, beta bucks

Sery arrived after visiting his family in his hometown for a week. The situation was dire there. No jobs, no future, and when he described it, it reminded me how good the folks have it back home and how they choose to throw their opportunities out the window.

A girl wanted to go home with him that week but he refused, as she gave Hepatitis to a friend of his some time back and the dude almost died. Wise decision. He picked a spacious, central flat for us and was ready to raid.

We decided to try our hand at Tinder, in addition to other approaches. The talent was good, almost too good to be true.

tin 4tin 2tin 1tin 3

He matched with a girl that looked decent. We set up a date and she brought a friend along for me. They turned up well dressed but at least a point below what they looked like on their picture. The conversation was painfully slow and they would refuse any escalation. No attraction whatsoever. We left empty handed

It was like trying to escalate with this

It was like trying to escalate with this

Ignoring my advice, Sery wanted to see these girls again. He brought them to a venue that served food next to our joint. I told him that it was a bad idea as it should be a place that only serves drinks.

Once again, the girls did not have any active part in the conversation. They also decided to order sushi even if it was four in the afternoon. Why not? They grace the stupid foreigners with exquisite company, the gringos should foot the bill. I was fuming and told my friend in our language to eject, as they had it planned and that I did not come here for sub-par, entitled slags.

I did not sign up for this

I did not sign up for this

He tried to calm me down. I still paid my share out of friendship. They refused to follow us anywhere after that (surprise) and we never heard of them again.

I could not help but having a talk with him about what happened. We spent a tiny amount of money but it was a question of principle and common sense. We are not walking wallets. His answer disappointed me a bit:

JB, I am not like you. You would fuck a girl seven times in the arse until she bleeds and maybe after that, would consider buying her a glass of water. I enjoy having girls around for the sake of it. It’s part of the game.

3. Male thirst is the root of all evil


Later that evening, we met up with a childhood friend of Sery, Chiapik (which is usually the name given to small, rat-like dogs). He left their town for the big city and they did not see each other for seven years. We bought some drinks and walked back to our place.

Chiapik did not chip in a kopek and decided he would crash at our place. The guy was speaking very fast, laughing about nothing and flattering us on different levels. Something was odd.

On the way, we noticed that all the benches of the street were taken by people drinking in public and enjoying the fresh air. On one of them, four girls were drinking and laughing.

I came over to start the conversation and we sat together. Being uni students, they were intrigued by our personalities and between jokes, Sery and I were giving them dancing lessons in the street.


Our situation

We agreed on which girl we were after and told them to carry on the party at ours. Soon everyone was quite drunk and I isolated mine on the balcony before kissing her.

Sery has already kissed his girl and had her sitting on his knees. As I came back in the main room, there was Chiapik, kneeling next to them, caressing the girl’s thighs, almost under her dress.

There were two additional, single girls and the thirsty bastard went for Sery’s one.

I advised my wingman to make things clear with the cockblock. He agreed and I carried on with mine, bringing her to my room to show her pictures. We lied down after a few minutes, kissed, undressed and I took her. She was a sweet girl and it felt good to take the poison out.

I got dressed to check the situation in the living room. They had all disappeared. I went to sleep and learnt the next morning that Sery had to physically kick Chiapik out of his room to isolate the girl.

But the rat kept barging in their bedroom all night long, with lines the likes of “Hey guys! What you up to?” She probably would have slept with my friend if males fighting for her attention did not flatter her ego.

She just gave Sery an awkward handjob that night. Early next morning, after he enjoyed our girls, our drinks and our couch, the rat vanished in thin air with “Got some things to do, see you guys.”


Doing the splits a couple of days later

We brought over our respective girls a few days later. We isolated them pretty quickly and Sery managed to bang his prospect in peace.


4. Always escalate


I met a 19 year old brunette, while she was walking with a large group. I stopped them, asking for bar recommendations and I felt that she was into me. I took her number and left.

Two days later, we had a coffee date next to my place. She was really smiley, innocent and had a nice, round arse. She did not move back when I touched her and held her hand.

I did a test by bringing my face close to hers. She did not retract. I kissed her and she proceeded to eat my face. We went at it for ten minutes. “I don’t usually do that” she said “I have been two years without a boyfriend”. Her innocence was very convincing.

I was split between two decisions: waiting for another date to bring her to my place or go for the kill. I chose the latter and brought her for a little walk towards mine. I invited her over to show her cool pictures of my native region. “So beautiful, it would be a shame to miss it.” She agreed.

Always with a radiant smile and high heels, even under the rain

Always with a radiant smile and high heels, even under the rain

We went to my room. The bed was the only place to sit. A bit more kissing, then she puts up some last minute resistance. I go back one step. Minutes later, I plow on and her top comes off. “We are not going to have sex” she said “But I can do it with my mouth.” Fair enough.

I carried on playing with her body and off come her jeans, revealing her great arse. “Okay, but not without a condom” followed shortly after. I took one out and railed her like a bricklayer. A very satisfying notch. We talked a bit then she got dressed and left.

Zero games played. Zero time wasted as the attraction was present. Good times.

I had to leave as well. We had another Tinder date planned and I rocked up an hour late. It was a hot day and I was still sweating bullets from the intense sex. We had a drink with those Tinder girls but they went cold the following day.

5. Girls fear the wall more than anything

I had met a local tall brunette two years ago during my holidays on the Black Sea. The connection was instant and during those two years, not a week passed without her sending me nudes or asking how I was.

I reached the meeting point an hour late. She was all smiles and forgave me. She looked really good and was a genuinely nice person. She told me that she bought a new dress and lingerie just for me.

I brought her to our flat after two drinks and smashed her like there was no tomorrow. I went at it until falling asleep in a sea of bodily fluids.


She bought food the next day and prepared us (my friend included) lunch. All of that in a dress and high heels

The night after, Sery went to bang an old flame of his and my girl invited me over for dinner. She cooked me a nice meal while pouring me wine. We had great sex and she was very upset that I had to leave in the early hours of the morning.

Face and bodywise, this girl would be an 8 in the West (7,5 considering that she is 31). But she is damaged goods in her homeland. Why would she cling on me like this and shower me with affection? Because men do not even see her there with all the feminine competition around. She might think of me as her last chance to secure a mate.

6. All women are like that


We spent the last two days exploring the huge city and we got lost looking for a park that apparently was worth seeing. I spotted a hot blond girl with very high heels, a white outfit and asked her for directions.

She noticed my accent and switched to English, asking where I was from. She was very friendly and her skin and hair were so light that I thought she had albinism. It was not the case.

She missed her bus in order to show us the correct way and was constantly giggling, saying that she found French guys very sexy.

I took her number easily, even kissing her goodbye as she left. She accepted it and we parted ways after she declined visiting the park with us. Contacting her the following day this is what I got:

Those albinhoes ani't loyal

Those albinhoes ain’t loyal

Radio silence since then. No mention was made of a boyfriend during the interaction. Igor probably caught her red-handed. I will soon learn that Ukrainian girls are masters at extracting resources from men and managing their own.

Later in the park, a blonde 8 caught my eye. I walked over, telling her to take a picture of Sery and me near a monument. The foreigner factor was working in my favour. She was warm and the interaction was pleasant. She was a student at the local medical university but was dressed very elegantly.

I asked her about the good places to hang at in the city and she recommended me the central sponsor spot that we visited a few days back. I answered that I was more interested in seeing the places where “the Ukrainians go. A student place, maybe?”

Moments before the incident

Moments before the incident

In a fraction of a second, she turned into a different person. Her smile vanished and her face turned icy. She cocked back and here is the translation of her words, verbatim:

For fuck’s sake, man! Did you come to Ukraine without money?

Such a brutal display of venality and crude sexual reality stopped me in my tracks, I walked away and carried on with my day.

7. Feminine girls are the most attractive thing there is

Those few warm days in Ukraine were just a festival of beauty. Everywhere you could look, there were feminine, slender girls strolling around.

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It was beneficial for my libido, making me feel that I would regret it if I did not approach constantly.

The day I flew home. I really di not want to leave.

The day I flew home. I really did not want to leave.

It is beneficial for their society that those girls are the norm. When it happens, the ego of women is not inflated and their attitude is much friendlier. In that kind of difficult economic context, women know that the concurrence is brutal, that if they miss their chance with a high-value man, he could find another pretty girl immediately.

Men do not act beta and thirsty when they see that this kind of specimen can be found everywhere. Their abundance mentality is much stronger than in the West. It makes it a balanced and healthier society when it comes to the sexual marketplace.

Ce qu’il faut en retenir

I went home happy but with a pinch to the heart. Sery stayed in contact with the rat-episode girl. She told him that she would visit him in Paris… if he bought plane tickets for her and her girlfriend, plus a hotel. And maybe they will catch up. He cut ties shortly after.

Brothers. In Ukraine, steer clear from sponsor venues and be very clear about the fact that you are not a chump here to spend his dollar solely on the company of girls, without a return of investment.

Bear in mind that Tinder has a strong transactional vibe there. It would be an option if you have time ahead of you. Day game is far better than night game, which that was ruined by thirsty Turks long ago. Learn Russian, approach a lot, be bold but friendly.

For those having any doubts about the reality of game, traveling is one of the best opportunities to observe its relevance in a different environment.

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