How many of you have ever seen a cute girl like this…


and thought…

Wow, I should go talk to her…

Damn, that girl is really cute. I should DEFINITELY go talk to her…

Wait maybe too much time has passed…

Yeah it would be weird to talk to her now. I’ll just wait for the NEXT cute girl. Because they’re everywhere! Abundance mentality! Yeah!

Please raise your hand if this has happened to you. One, two, three… OK, good, everyone.

The truth is we all experience approach anxiety to some degree. I don’t care if you are the most bad-ass approach machine on the planet, I guarantee you have had your moments of being an excuse-spewing little bitch. I have them all the time. I may approach more than 95% of men, but I still let tons of viable daytime approach targets slip through my fingers for no good reason. C’est la vie.

There are a variety of effective tactics, re-frames, and mental tricks you can play on yourself to lessen your approach anxiety. Many blog posts have been written on the subject. Books have been written. One could argue that overcoming approach anxiety is the single most important aspect of pick-up, hence why so much mental energy has been expended coming up with solutions, from Mystery’s three-second rule, to Tyler Durden’s Crash and Burn missions, Mark Manson’s progressive desensitization therapy, to Roosh’s innocuous elderly opener. In my own travels through life, I’ve developed a few NLP hacks of my own that have given me the ability to approach consistently.

But let’s be honest: learning and implementing all that sounds like a lot of work. Seeing as it’s the 21st Century, can’t I just take a goddamn pill or something and be done with it?

I write this tongue-in-cheek, but the answer is: yes you can. You can take a safe, cheap and legal pill, and remove approach anxiety as an obstacle in your life. Return of Kings readers, please allow me to introduce you to: Theanine.



I started taking Theanine for it’s Nootropic qualities. I had no idea it would have any effect on my ability to approach. Then, walking home from work on Day 1 of my Theanine experiment, I realized I had zero social fear whatsoever. My eyes confidently scanned every girl that I passed for fuckability. The three that made the cut, I opened effortlessly. No fear. No ‘psyching up.’ Just an easy-peasy introduction as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The three interactions (two solid numbers and a nice chat with a lovely girl who seems quite happy with her boyfriend) all went very smoothly. I was just totally and completely ‘In The Zone.’

I was particularly surprised by the strength of my chilled out sex machine vibe, because I was rocking – at the risk of sounding like a middle school girl – a huge icky gross pimple right on my chin and feeling like, totally not pretty. I had no intention of crunching numbers that evening. It just happened. Motherfucking Theanine.

The effect was so strong, and the coincidence of it being my first day on Theanine too great. I got home and fired up the old laptop. Checked out the Google results for Theanine Social Anxiety. You can read the journal articles that all find effects with small sample sizes, or just trust the hordes of autists praising it to the heavens on social anxiety support forums.

It stands to reason that if Theanine can turn the socially anxious into the socially competent, it can turn the socially gifted (such as moi) into social Demigods. And so it was. I do not suffer from “Social Anxiety” in any reasonable sense, but pre-Theanine, daytime approaches were some degree of a challenge. Post-Theanine, they are a breeze.

Bottom line: Pick up a bottle for twenty bucks at your local gay herbal health store today, or buy it on Amazon here. You should also learn more about Theanine’s Nootropic effects. After you’ve had a taste, come back and let us know how it worked out for you.

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