OK, we all know that today’s dating arena is tipped in favour of women in many ways. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buck the system, however, and start attracting cute girls into your life for relationships or more temporary affairs. Put the three tips in this article into practice consistently and on a daily basis and over time you will see your results improve significantly.

1. Look Out For Opportunities


It hardly needs to be said that hot women are not just to be found in the confines of luxury lounge bars and nightclubs. In fact, as the seasoned player knows, these locales can be some of the worst for meeting women. In 2016, if you’re not doing daygame at least some of the time then you are a fool.

In major cities like New York, LA and London there are hot women literally everywhere—in the coffee shop, on the subway, on the way to work, working out at the gym and so on. Living in central London, on an average day I will see five women that I find attractive enough to date. Over a year that’s 1825. If I approached all of these girls and only slept with 1% of them that would still be 18 hot girls a year—a wildly better result than that achieved by most men.

Bottom line: You should always be scanning your surroundings for cute girls to approach, whether you’re on your way to work, at the dry cleaners, or out on your morning run. Fortune favours the brave and you must be ready to approach.

2. Be Bold


Once you’ve spotted that cute girl, then you must be bold in approaching her. Not only do you need to be bold in order to differentiate yourself from your competition (beta guys), but you should also recognise that boldness in itself creates attraction. So why not start talking to that sexy brunette in the packed tube carriage? Or chat up the barista in front of her colleagues at the coffee shop? Or run up to the girl who’s out shopping with her friends?

Bottom line: You only live once, so you might as well put yourself on the line every so often. The worst that can happen is she rejects you. 99% of the time rejections are polite and along the lines of “I already have a boyfriend”—nothing to be scared of. So get out there and demonstrate that you are the kind of man who isn’t afraid to take action and go for what he wants.

3. Always Be Closing



OK, so you’ve approached her, it’s gone well and you have her phone number or, even better, you’re out on a date with her. That’s great—what next? What you must never forget is that it is your responsibility as a man to move things on to the next level. It is masculine to take charge and make things happen and that is what you should do.

What this means in practice is that you must “always be closing”—or at least, you must always be taking some action that will drive the interaction forward, wherever you are in the seduction process.

Don’t have her phone number? Ask for it. Have her phone number? Send her a teasing, cocky-funny text like “Hey bad girl, are you always so forward with strange men?” She responds? Banter back and forth then set up a date. Be assumptive and commanding—“Meet me at XXX cocktail bar, 8pm.”

She’s out on a date with you—have you initiated physical contact yet? No? Then touch her. Go for non-intimate areas first, like the forearms, the shoulder, before progressing to the lower back, legs etc. Remember, touch (or “kino” as it is often called in game) is one of the most powerful ways of preparing the ground for getting a girl into bed and you must do it. Too nervous or scared—screw it, pretend you’re not and do it anyway.

You’re touching her and she hasn’t slapped you round the face yet? Great—now you need to kiss her. No excuses. Just place your hand on her jaw, position her face so it’s looking at you and go in for the kiss. If she gives you the cheek then don’t worry—carry on chatting for a while, and then try again later. [Disclaimer: if she pours a drink over you then you need to give it up. Have some social calibration. If a girl is truly 100% not interested then say goodnight and move on to the next one. Otherwise be assumptive and go for the sale]

You’ve kissed her and she’s receptive? Great. Now you need to get her back to your place. When you’ve finished your drinks simply take her hand, stand up and say “We should get going.” Then lead her into the street, order an Uber, and take her back to your place. She resists? Fine. Just relax, chat and give her more time. But be persistent and don’t give up unless you get an unmistakable red card.

Bottom line: Always be looking forward to the next step. Always be closing.

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