The next Q&A video is on religion:

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“1. Why is it that you seem to go against your fellow middle easterners and uncle tom for the whites. is it due to that they are your main readers.
2. Why do you hate Islam and immigrants from Muslim countries despite being the son of an Iranian immigrant?” (SPLOOGE & SOREN)

“1. Every intellectual has to pick a religion. They usually do it by now; you’re almost 40. What is the holdup?
2. Are you contemplating joining an organized church/religion?
3. What is your current status with regards to religion and spirituality?” (SGT POG, PEARLBUCK, KOMATIITE)


“To what extent do religion or spirituality play a role in your daily life?” (THEBASSIST)

“Have you ever tried Meditation? If so, thoughts? If not, is it something on your radar?” (DASHER)

“1. How can one prepare for “the end” (death)?
2. Were you ready to lose it all for what you believed in?” (RONALD REAGAN REMIX)

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