I’ve already written about the limits of money when it comes to game. Suffice it to say that, in today’s modern Western environment where young, attractive women are exceedingly well provisioned, the provider male is not as valuable as he used to be.

It was one thing to be financially stable in a world where women had few prospects for earning on their own, and where they could be socially ostracized for having sex outside of a marriage or a VERY committed relationship.

It is another thing entirely when women not only can support themselves, but also suffer no consequences for having sex with men outside of marriage and/or committed relationships. Women like that do not need to limit themselves to the borders desired by the traditional beta provider male—they are instead free to fuck whoever it is they find attractive, and do so without the pressure of marriage/family forced upon them by society as a cost.

Despite these glaring realities, there still remain many betas in our society who have not gotten the memo. To illustrate this, I present to you the story of one Mr. Rishi Bajaj:

Rishi Bajaj, 33, says he opened his heart, then his wallet, to Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2007 Liz Kranz after she told him she was considering selling her eggs to raise cash for a relative in rehab.

The sob story got the beauty a $20,000 loan from Bajaj, he claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.


We already know where this is going…

Bajaj, who co-manages the $620 million hedge fund Altai Capital, then told Kranz, 24, to pick out a car for the couple to share — and was “surprised” when she selected a 2012 BMW that came with a $17,070 down payment.

Here we find a man who is shocked that a girl he essentially offered a blank check to would pick an expensive car. And even after finding this “surprise” he still paid for it.


They met in July 2012 and dated for “several months,” even vacationing together in Italy, where, Bajaj said in court papers, he let Kranz use his American Express card.

Kranz, of the Lower East Side, was also allowed to use Bajaj’s AmEx to buy a dress for a wedding they attended.
In all, Bajaj claims Kranz spent $58,860 on his credit card over three months last year. In a November letter, his lawyer accused her of “theft, fraud and other egregious misconduct” and demanded she repay the full $58,860 in credit-card purchases.

He wants the court to force Kranz to repay him at least $40,000 of the credit-card charges as well as the $20,000 loan and the BMW down payment plus an $1,853.73 late fee.

In this we see the sad plight of the pitiful, clueless beta male.
Blissfully unaware of the broad societal changes I outlined at the beginning of the article, Mr. Bajaj decided to give the world to a former beauty queen for no other reason other than the fact that she was young and reasonably hot. He essentially threw money at her, furnishing the woman with jewelry, clothing and an expensive new car.

Ms. Kranz, for reference:


In return for his generosity simping, Mr. Bajaj was probably expecting to secure Ms. Kranz’s sexual loyalty and affection. After all, he’s already done the “right” thing and “taken care of” her. Surely, she would have to respond by committing to him, expressing her undying love for him and articulating a willingness to stand by his side forever. Such is the stuff that beta dreams are made of. The reality, however, is not nearly that kind to the beta.

In another era, Mr. Bajaj’s dreams could likely have come true. An attractive woman like Kranz would have had great incentive to settle with a wealthy, successful young man like Bajaj, beta or not. In the “old days”, such a woman couldn’t earn much on her own and social shaming would prevent her from waiting too long to settle down and/or messing with more attractive but less financially stable men outside of marriage.


So what did a woman do in these bygone eras? They settled, often for a man who was steady and reliable if not particularly sexually exciting (most were not lucky enough to snag more balanced prospects). She made do with the understanding that it was her best choice. Perhaps down the line she’d even develop some genuine affection for her husband for his ability to provide for her, even if he wasn’t the most sexually attractive man she could have had sex with.

Often, however, there was an undercurrent of resentment in the hearts of these women, a current that I’m confident played some role in the explosion of second-wave feminism during the 60s and probably helped to drive the no-fault divorce movement. As has been articulated before, women hate betas. Given the choice between a weak, supplicating male she can easily control/extract resources from at a whim and a more confident, secure, self-assured man, most women would certainly pick the latter. In the past, the weaker men were protected from this reality.

They aren’t anymore.

Now dating mixed-martial-arts hunk Max McGarr, Kranz did not respond to requests for comment.

Here is Mr. McGarr, for reference:

Abduhl Beyah v Max McGarr _2_
Abduhl Beyah v Max McGarr _13_

How much do you guys want to bet that Mr. McGarr hasn’t felt the need to purchase a new BMW or drop $60,000 for the privilege of pounding this former beauty queen?

This story only highlights the reality of our modern environment, and the growing weakness of the provider model in securing the affection of young, attractive women with options. Ms. Kranz, unlike her mother and grandmother may have before her, didn’t feel any compulsion to settle for a weak man like Rishi Bajaj.


He’s wealthy, but she doesn’t need his money. She can support herself just fine. He’s a “nice guy,” but such appearances are irrelevant in a world where girls like Liz Kranz do not face social ostracism for having unmarried sex with men who do not fit that traditional mold.

For better or worse, women are free now. They can finally make the sexual choices they’ve always wanted to make, choices dictated by their natural hypergamy. Rishi Bajaj and tens of millions of men like him are thus left with a stark choice: adapt to these new realities by improving yourself and becoming the more sexually attractive man that an attractive woman will want to choose over her abundance of other options or refuse to change and suffer the consequences (rejection, long sexual dry-spells, and embarrassing “extortion” of the kind seen in this story).

Women have made their conditions clear—supplicating betas and other wannabe “providers” need not apply. Men must either adapt to this reality or accept eternal frustration in the sexual marketplace. There is no middle ground.

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