My fourth day in Sweden I was in complete shock that the country could suck so hard after all I had heard about it. I understood why Karl and so many other Swedes high tail it to South America, a place where it’s far easier to get a more beautiful and feminine woman.

Ironically, while Swedish guys leave Sweden for South American women, many American guys are going to Sweden to find Swedish wives. I’m confident this is a mistake. Going from American girls to Swedish girls is nothing more than a lateral transfer. After you get past a Swedish girl’s curious personality, you’re still burdened with a hyper feminist chick who won’t ever make you a sandwich.

In the end, Sweden isn’t the answer for guys like us. You’re not motivated to run day game because it’s hard to find cute girls in isolation and they’re often dressed like hipster bums. And you don’t want to go out at night because it’s expensive, it has a lot of sausage, and you’re up against the cockblock army.


You really have to know which venues to hit, which nights to go, how to crack massive groups, and how to perform surgical extractions, though I must say that being American really helped—I can only imagine how being from a “boring” neighboring country like Germany or Holland would make things harder. Sweden may be fine to party for a weekend, where it’s possible but not easy to get your flag, but I wouldn’t commit more time than that.

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