Meet Eddie, 23 years old. When Eddie flirts with girls, he looks for signs that she’s interested. A twirling of the hair, a warm gaze, energetic conversation; he likes to make little advances when she makes these gestures. She shows more interest, and he moves a little closer.

Eddie is a coward.

Eddie is reduced to waiting on her every move, practically doting on her. There’s nothing a woman despises more than a man who asks for permission for each little thing he does. She starts to see Eddie as dependent on her for approval. She does something, and Eddie slavishly responds. He cling to her every word and gesture, for a sign that he’s wanted. She may even start to think he’s gay. Here’s an approximation of his thinking process, when talking to a girl:

Enter Stan

At first, Stan doesn’t seem so different from Eddie. They’re both fairly quick to touch girls. But look a little closer, and there’s a world of difference in how Stan acts. At any given moment, Stan is doing whatever the fuck he wants. He’s thrown caution to the wind, and listens only to what his dick is telling him. His thought process is “I wanna bang this chick” and everything else flows from that. He doesn’t even think – he doesn’t have some complicated mental model telling him when and when not to touch a girl. The only thinking he does is “how do I get this girl to a place where I can bang her?” His behavior is downright Pavlovian – through experience, he’s learned that touching precedes fucking, so he gropes girls purely out of instinct. Other men stare at Stan with bewilderment, as he makes out with girls he met mere minutes or seconds before.

Why Is Stan Attractive To Women?

I confess, I’m Stan. I’m not extremely charming or handsome, nor do I have a fat bank roll. But I go after what I want with boldness and determination. I simply don’t wait around looking for little signs to pass go – in the moment, all I care about is getting my dick wet, and the path to make that happen. And when I feel like grabbing a girl’s head and making out with her, I do. Sometimes she shoves me off, yet I try again seconds later, and am met with sweet success.  I’m told that I’m extremely forward, and I make out with girls quicker than my wingmen – who are pretty experienced in their own right. Of course, just making out with a girl is nothing to be proud of.

Herr Gropenfuhrer, Showing The Way

Don’t Wait for “The Moment™,” Seize It

I was on a date with a girl, and the conversation was a little tepid. She seemed distant. I didn’t think I’d get laid – I figured she was bored. While she had never rebuffed my advances, she had never really registered them either. She was like a rag doll in my hands. We strolled down to the beach, and I made a move to kiss her. Whether I banged her on the beach that night or just fingered her there, and then banged her in my bedroom, I can’t recall. But in retrospect, I remember being astonished at how indifferent she seemed up until I kissed her. She had fucked a lot of guys, about 30, despite being young, so maybe she had just become desensitized; she wouldn’t show signs of arousal despite being DTF.

Don’t be deterred – every first kiss is sexual assault anyway. You’re going from touching her shoulder or hips, to putting your tongue down her throat, without ever asking for her permission. You never know she’s down until you’re balls deep. You will truly never be sure if she is willing to sleep with you, until you go for it. There will be times where a girl is enjoying my company, but she thinks nothing of it – flirting with a cute guy is something she does five times a day, seven days a week. But when you suddenly grab her head and start sucking face, you’ve blitzed pass all those feckless men who flit in and out of her life. She has so many opportunities, that she has no need to defy her passive, feminine nature, and actively choose one of her many suitors. She leaves that to you.


A woman wants nothing more than to be objectified by a high status man; man desires, woman craves being desired. As one fling told me, “sometimes it feels good to be objectified.” As for some harpy braying on about ‘objectification of women,’ put her in a room with a willing Ryan Gosling, and see how she moans as his hand climbs up her skirt.

The Risks To Taking The Reins

Go far fast enough with girls, and you may start to find yourself in sticky situations from time to time. You’ll have a girl lying in your bed, naked. You’ve fingered her, and maybe she even came several times already. You start putting on a condom, telegraphing your intent to bang. Most promiscuous girls are too happy to oblige you at this point, without any contest. Others never even let you get to this point – you can hardly even get her top off. One move I heartily recommend – grab her hand and put it on your shaft – once she starts fondling your junk, she will find it hard to say no to you returning the favor. As things progress, repeat the move without the bothersome clothing in the way.

There will be a few who verbally refuse to have sex, as they’re lying naked in your bed, but you get the distinct feeling that if by some stroke of the gods, your penis ended up inside her, well… she’d be writhing with pleasure, happy that you forcibly ignored her protestations. One of these girls even said to me, “we’re not going to have sex, but you can try if you want.” In other words, “if you forcibly penetrate me, I’ll change my mind.” A touchy situation, to be sure.

Another one, I got her to admit that she sort of wanted a man to fuck her against her stated will, when I had her in this exact the scenario, because that would absolve her from responsibility, and therefore not make her feel like a slut. She was a Jezebel-reading feminist. I opt not to forcibly fuck girls under these conditions; the risk of a girl accusing you of rape after several penis-induced orgasms under such circumstances is too far above zero for my tastes.

Let Dignity Be Your Conscience

Despite what it sounds like, I don’t chase girls until they call the cops on me. For the novice, it can be hard to tell if a girl truly doesn’t want you at all, or if she’s just playing games. With experience, one gets the sense for when it’s appropriate to withdraw. I see it simply as a matter of dignity – if I feel I have to abase myself to continue pursuing her, I will stop. If she is snubbing me and ignoring me, and we have not even kissed, I quickly bail.

It All Starts With Honesty

Above all, you have to identify what it is you want, and then align your actions with that goal. Men today are confused – they have desires common to men all of eras, but they refuse to own up to them and act to satisfy them. They think they’ve evolved, that they’re no longer a primal, violent beast, so they suppress their innermost desires. This suppression of male instinct is at the root of their woes with women in relationships.  The man wants something, like sex twice daily, and the woman refuses to accommodate him. Yet he soldiers on, pissing away his dignity. Men are rewarding mediocrity from women when they’d never accept it from a man.

The masculine man, by contrast, is completely honest with himself about what he wants. He isn’t ashamed of groping girls, because that is something he finds spiritually fulfilling. He is quick to acknowledge that he is not getting what he wants. He doesn’t suffer in relationships, because he knows that to do so is fruitless. If a girl say, starts refusing to have sex with him, he respects her wishes by withdrawing from her. He knows that he cannot continue with her.

He comes off as less ‘creepy’ than other men, because he suffers no delusions about what the future holds. He assumes the future is, at best, no better than the present, so he doesn’t hold out for improvements in her character. As soon as his needs cease to be met, he bids her adieu. Short of being married, he knows the answer is always the same: walk.

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

He doesn’t contrive schemes to make a female friend desire him. He knows he can do to nothing to make her want him, so he opts for fresh pastures instead. He is the oak tree, impervious to the egos of lesser men, unshakable in the face of female challenge.

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