A few weeks back I wrote a column that offered tips to men of color who want to increase their success with white women. As promised, I’ve inverted the skin hues to help out my Caucasian brothers this time around.

Because I’m black, I obviously can’t speak to what it takes to bed females of any race as a white guy. So I’ve recruited two of my red pill buddies to help us out.

A quick refresher on “Paul” and “Doug”:

“Paul” is a tall, good looking dude I’ve known since my college days. I mentioned him near the end of this article. He’s a stone cold assassin and red pill to the core.

“Doug” is a good friend of Paul’s whom I’d never met before this trip. Paul told me about some of the red pill knowledge Doug had inadvertently dropped in the past so I knew he’d be a solid guy to roll with. Upon meeting him it didn’t take long to discern that he was as advertised.

Both of these men are like-minded and have a good working knowledge of a woman’s true nature. Suffice it to say they are both more than adequately qualified to give advise regarding this subject matter. It’s also worth noting that they answered my questions separately so one man’s advice won’t be influenced by the other’s.

5. Be bold and confident

Q: What do you think is the single most important element when running game on a non-white girl as a white guy?

Paul: “As with most encounters with women of any color, I think confidence is the most important element. Non-white girls don’t expect a guy like me to show them interest or to have balls enough talk to them. When you show no fear of racial stereotypes and societies expectations, it automatically soaks their panties.”

hot asian girl

Doug: “Being bold. Which is having confidence to run your game without hesitation. I’ve found non-white girls will find weakness in your armor much faster than white girls.”

Boldness and confidence when approaching is standard operating procedure when approaching girls and women of color are no different. However, Doug points out a very important element regarding non-white chicks testing your congruence more stringently than their fair skinned counterparts.

I addressed this in a previous article:

Latin women can be very intimidating. Their fiery personalities are another part of their culture they embrace. Incidentally, this acts as a highly effective beta repellent. Step to a mami with weak game and she will blow you out like a bad tire. I speak from personal experience.

hot hispanic girl1

It appears that a man’s skin tone has no bearing on the hyper drive shit testing dolled out by exotic females.

4. Once she’s on the hook, go in for the kill

Q: What have you found helps the most in terms of closing the deal?

Paul: “Dude there’s no secret to closing the deal. Once you got a girl on the hook, closing the deal is a given. The challenging part of game is getting the deal TO the close. Follow all the other steps and then bring some skills to the physical escalation and you’ll get it in for sure. If you get a girl to WANT to fuck, then she WILL fuck.

Doug: “Be direct when going in for the kill. Know what you want and don’t be afraid.”

hot black girl1

Once again Doug points out that boldness is the key throughout the interaction, up to and including closing the deal. Paul, however, brings up an excellent point in that if there’s no deal to close, you’re not getting laid. In other words you can’t just show up, buy her a drink and try to fuck her without first escalating properly and running tight game. If a girl doesn’t have the tingles, she’s not dropping her panties.

3. Don’t try to adopt her culture

Q: Are most exotic chicks you’ve been with ‘white washed’ or do they tend to hold onto their cultural traits?

Paul: “YES! All of them are white-washed. For one, I am not attracted to ghetto chicks or Boniquas and so I wouldn’t even give them the time of day. It goes the other way too, because most white-washed exotics look at me and see their ideal mate. They want to be a part of the culture that they attach to a guy like me.”


hot polynesiangirl1

Doug: “Culture traits are still in tact. Although a majority that I have found that date white, say they prefer to date white due to the fact that they do not like some of the culture differences in their own race.”

Standard game tells us to bring her into her our world and the same holds true with women of color. Regardless of what race a man is, a woman who wants to be with a man will adapt to his lifestyle, his preferences, and his overall personal culture because her biological hard wiring wants to belong to a male.

hot asian girl2

It’s probably safe to say that most non-white chicks in the U.S are “white washed” in some way, shape, or form depending on how long they’ve been in the country. This means their ideal mate is whatever television shows and movies tell them—which is a white male.

Because of this, I’m fairly certain there’s also an added sense of accomplishment and status if a Hispanic, Black, or Asian female can lock one of them down. This probably makes gaming them much easier than white girls, who feel they’re entitled to white men simply because they, too, are white.

2. They’re just as slutty as white chicks…run standard game, rinse and repeat

Q: Based on your experience, are non-white chicks sluttier than white girls? Less slutty? Equally slutty?

Paul: “Equally slutty I think. My theory is that the vast majority of girls are equally throwing it around and the only thing that varies is how open they are about it.”

Doug: “All chicks are down to fuck when your game is on and you’re confident.”

Not much to say here. Most females in western countries have adopted the culture of sluttiness no matter what her skin tone is.

1. Tweak your game according to the situation

Q: What tweaks in your game to you employ when stepping to exotic chicks?

Paul: “I become more brazen and blunt I think. In reference to answer one, exotic girls respond more to the guys who are out of the norm for them and so a tall, blonde white guy who’s confident, knows how to talk game and comes at them with an abundance mentality is a guaranteed way to get those panties off. Of course this can backfire every once in a while, but usually only with certain Asian girls. Latinas and Blacks chicks who are used to “strong alpha male” types just eat that up when it comes from me.”

hot black girl2

“With that being said, you have to know the situation and adjust accordingly, because some of these chicks have dated assholes constantly and being the ‘Nice guy, with an edge’ has worked well also.”

Doug: “For me its trying not to make tweaks. I find myself subconsciously trying to fit their cultural mold and quickly reel myself back in to just be myself. If non-white girls have interest in me, I believe they are interested because of who I am and are not looking for me to conform to their own race.”

I’ve witnessed Paul in action employing his “nice guy with an edge” routine and chicks of all colors eat it up. This strategy is not unlike running calculated beta game to moisten the panties of females by giving them the impression you may be looking to settle down, when in reality you’re just looking to nail ‘n bail.

hot hispanic girl2

Doug’s answer goes back to #2. As a white male in the West, there’s no need to conform to the culture of a non-white female to keep her interested. She’ll adapt to your culture as a matter of obligation if she wants to keep you around.

In the end…

…gaming non-white girls in the West is similar to gaming white girls. They’ve all been infected by feminism and their time in this part of the world has little bearing on their immunity to its effects.

My thanks goes out to Paul and Doug for taking the time to share their experiences with us. Hopefully this helps our fair-skinned readers increase their prospects with not-so-fair-skinned females.

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