The most passionate relationships I have ever had all involved a healthy, even heavy dose of objectifying women. That objectification has made the woman wetter and happier, whatever intellectual opinions she has had about the matter. I am certain the same goes for you in your relationship history. The rosy, sanitized vision of romance women often claim they want, or say they want to confuse men, is nothing but a furphy. Accordingly, I will stop treating women like objects when they stop getting wet when I treat them like objects. Deal?

Of course, feminists are already hard at work trying to counter women’s natural inclinations. Appalled at the willingness of women to subject themselves to objectification porn like Fifty Shades of Grey, they are continuing to erect college regulations and even proper legislation to penalize the slightest form of male sexual activity. Has a woman voluntarily pulled down your pants and started giving you a blowjob? Hold on, soldier, that’s not nearly enough, especially for regular coitus. Where’s your notarized document, certified only after a five-hour cooling off period?

Inasmuch as many women having these beliefs foisted on them is outright brainwashing, not reversing deep-seated biological drives, for the present purposes I will pretend this constitutes women not getting wet when objectified. But what about all the other women?

Even as the SJWs march down on common sense again and again, the responses you get from women are invariably better when you demonstrate that they are, in large part, an object for you. By treating her as an object, you are saying that she is not unconditionally eternal in your life, nor are any feelings you have for her. If she misbehaves unacceptably, falls out of line beyond normal human foibles, or otherwise substantially disappoints you, you are very likely gone and she assumes a similar lack of relevance for you compared to before you knew each other. So why the hell should you stop doing this, if it works?

Some good, by no means exhaustive examples of how objectifying behavior can coincide with women getting sexually aroused or romantically attracted include:

  • Painful spanking of her buttocks. The pain itself is part and parcel of the arousal or attraction (but remember, it has a limit);
  • Calling her a slut, whore, bitch, piece of meat, or something analogous, including prior to and after sex. Oftentimes saying it outside the bedroom illustrates the objectification point much better as many girls say practically anything during coitus;
  • Telling her to do something that she does not have to, especially immediately after she has already done something for you;
  • Depending on the girl: joking or talking far too much with other women. This is an acquired skill, particularly in paying just enough attention to your girl, but it is not simply a matter of inducing jealousy—it shows you have quickly seizable options should you and her part ways; and
  • Out of the blue sending her text messages or telling her point-blank in person the things you want, usually sex-related. As you do so, you make it clear that she is really only the vehicle for your gratification, not an equal participant in it.

Look at the examples in your own life

“I really, really don’t like this girl anymore,” I tell the woman behind the deli counter, whom I have never met before, in Czech. I am pointing to the 25-year-old blonde girl next to me, whose face is now a beetroot red. It’s a joke, and all parties know it, but for Eastern Europe it’s moderately audacious. For good measure I add, “Do you have any meat made from gypsies? This one [again pointing to the blonde] hates paying half for sirloin steak.” My girl goes redder still.

This was just one of many examples on a recent jaunt I made to Prague. The girl in question, whom I will call Kristýna, learned almost every day that me objectifying her made her wet. When shopping for clothes, she would come out of the change room for my opinion. Instead of just looking, I would grab her ass to see if they fit, slapping her rear end afterwards for good measure. “Yeah, it fits,” I would say, but only after the slap.

“You treated me like a piece of meat today!” she stammered out that evening, disbelievingly, after the latest clothes shopping episode. Incidentally, this was just after we started making out on the bed. The antics that followed afterwards, which I will let you imagine for yourself, should not surprise you, either. Quite frankly, there are clear rewards for “mistreating” women.

Having thought for most of my teens that the “nice guy” approach was the answer, with periods of asshole-ish in between, by the age of 18 and 19 I was changing. I came to learn that in most ways treating women heavily as objects at the beginning and even well into the relationship was not just a choice some people made but essential. In fact, it constitutes a very large segment of the only workable path to dealing with women romantically. This has all been confirmed to me ad nauseam by the women in my life, who have represented just shy of two dozen nationalities.

That said, being legitimately cocky and objectifying a woman is not a sure-proof way to get girls and arouse them. If you are morbidly obese and do not have some other redeeming quality, like a famous name or career, your chances using this approach are likely very, very limited. It is your job to use a holistic approach and see the objectification of women as causally necessary but not casually sufficient. There is a difference!

What I am not saying

Objectification has a time, a place and a context. This photo has none of those necessary ingredients, as her face shows. Be aware of them!

This is not an ROK sanctioning to go out on some kind of ass-slapping free-for-all, especially on women you do not know or barely know. Likewise, if you go overboard on the objectification in particular circumstances, expect at least some (very) negative outcomes. Doing it excessively, sometimes even just moderately, in front of her friends is a no-go zone. In these sorts of cases, you are better off modulating your tone to something regularly dominating like, “I need to make a call, can you get some water?” and then working up from there to determine the appropriate limit. The same goes for her (or your) family. Importantly, when you overdo it, you look like you have no place doing it in the first place.

In my own life as well, I have a couple of men edge provocatively close to a sexual assault charge, one pretty much of their own making. Objectification, as you should already long know, only works when you either have attraction or can guarantee she will be attracted to you after the action you perform. Going in gung-ho and acting your way to such a result is a recipe for a lot of drama you could definitely do without.

Moreover, having the ability to objectify is not the only asset you need to have. As a relationship or fling progresses, you need both wits and emotional depth to manage a woman and her reactions. Objectification alone does not provide this, irrespective of the potency it gives you in pursuing women initially.

What women tell you is almost always bullshit—objectification is what they want

You would be incredulous about believing a woman with a loudspeaker, just as you should be incredulous about a woman with an opinion about what men should give women.

A new friend of mine in Europe is hopelessly lost with girls. In trying to teach him how to speak with them, I approached random women at a beer garden. I jokingly asked one of them for her advice on him getting women. When she said “respect” as her first piece of “wisdom” and claimed that a lack of it from men was why she was single, I laughed out loud. I retorted: “If you really wanted respect, you would never be single… the world is full of nice guys.” After that, she could not say anything in reply, so she promptly changed the subject.

Like this girl at a bustling beer garden in Prague, women will say what they want to be the right answer or, sometimes even more commonly, what they think deep down is the right answer. It is almost always bullshit. It does not take a sexual Einstein to realize that almost every trend in the human world proves otherwise. If women did not respond positively to objectification based on natural inclinations, men would not engage in it. And nice boys like my new, hopefully soon-to-be less clueless friend would finally have the girl they desired.

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