Women love to be dominated.  It is in their biology.  Yet men tend to forget this almost universal truth given we are constantly exposed to various forms of masculine women in our western culture, be it via feminism or having to listen to career women brag about their sex and the city type exploits.  Ask most girls you sleep with and a large number of them will admit they like to be dominated, they like it when a man takes control, they love it when they are thrown around in the sack.  Any reading of evolutionary biology will confirm that women enjoy being the weaker sex—that it makes them happier as a whole.  Ever heard of 50 Shades of Grey?

But let’s say you still don’t believe me.  Or if you just want to have some fun with your girl…I want you to try something.  But first, the ingredients:

HER:  A girl with whom you are past the initial “dating” phase and have had sex with her on at least two different occasions.  This can be a girlfriend or a casual fling.  The key is your comfort level with her.  She has to be comfortable getting naked in front of you, just coming over to watch a movie, and so on.  If you are still nervous around her this won’t work.  (However, it’s ok if she’s nervous around you.)  If you feel you have to still take her out and woo her to have sex, again this won’t work.

YOU:  To not have been a total pussy around her previously.  If you are always asking her what she wants to do or you are rescheduling your life to see her, again this won’t work.  She has to have been exposed to you as a true man during the course of the relationship.

The Experiment

Invite her over via phone call or text for whatever reason.  Say you are going to cook, go see a movie, go to bar — it doesn’t matter.  This can be done anytime of day from prior to a morning hike to an evening dinner.  Make sure your last communication states that the door is open and for her to just let herself inside.  If you have a roommate, expand the instruction to come into your room.  You need to be dressed in something comfortable like shorts or track pants.


When she arrives, continue doing something for about 30 seconds or so such as checking email or typing on your phone.  Let her start talking, sit down, walk around, anything.  What she’s doing is irrelevant.  Get up and walk towards her and WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD, start kissing her.  She will likely say things like “What are you doing?” or “What’s going on?” or “I thought we were doing ____, are we not?” or whatever else her now confused mind will blurt out.  The key is again to NOT SAY A SINGLE WORD DURING THE ENTIRE TIME.  Continue kissing her, then groping her, then move towards sex.  Rip off her clothing.  Be a fucking caveman.  By now she should be flowing like a waterfall.  Bang her hard and well.

When you finish for added effect get dressed and go back to checking emails for a bit, again without saying a word.  She will probably make some comments about how “that was unexpected” or something along those lines.  Be unphased for a few minutes, then get up and speak for the first time before continuing with whatever plan you had.

Now, be smart about this.  If she is asking a ton of questions as you initiate the process and it is more of an annoyance than anything else, you can stop, give her a cold “don’t be a brat” stare and then continue.  That should be sufficient.  However, if she does tell you to stop or start forcefully trying to get away, then of course stop what you are doing.  I’m not suggesting to rape a girl, merely to demonstrate their affinity for dominance.  Similarly don’t try this on a first date or with a virgin you just deflowered.

But assuming the right factors are in place with respect to the girl and yourself and you execute this correctly, then you have completely dominated her.  You did not ask permission, you did not respond to her inquiries, you took what you wanted in the most primal and raw sense.  And I bet you she responded very favorably to that.  Not only in the moment, but she will now see you in a more attractive light than she did before.

I heard about this over 10 years ago from a famed red-pill radio host named Tom Leykis, so I have to give credit where credit is due.  I have attempted it a few times and it has been beyond successful.  Give it a try and see how effective dominance can be on the female mind.

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