With the constant decrease in quality in the behaviour of modern women, one of the symptoms of the cultural decline, it seems that soon night game will no longer be a viable option to find a girl for something other than sex. The West does not seem to improve, so guess what? It’s up to you to change or pack your bags.

Relying heavily on day game and approaches, I can say that I rake in 75% of my lays from it. 20% of them come from night or club approaches. 5% or less come from my internet game, something I truly suck at, but I am working on it.

Direct or indirect game, choose the one that brings you the best results, suits your character and get out there. I would redirect you to Troy’s article if you do not clearly see the difference. For our brothers who might be starting, here are some ingredients that you can implement in your day game for greater success.

1. Do not give a shit


This is by far the most important tip of all this list. Rejection is the big sword that looms over the head of rookies. It is there, so what? There are millions of pretty girls out there. You are the prize, boy. Never forget that. If it’s not her, it will be another.

Step by step, you need to reach a point in your day game when rejection is only a distant notion, part of a routine. Eventually, you should also reach a point where her beauty does not faze you. When a girl flakes, does not answer or outright rejects you, you need to reach a level where you are completely detached. Believe in and show your self-worth with a ruthless abundance mentality.

Roll in like you own the place. You are the emperor of the squares, interrupting his stroll for a chat with an attractive female commoner, in the perspective of enjoying her moist holes. As one puts it: “Who cares if 10 women rejected you, if the 11th approach leads to a bang?”

2. Pay attention to your voice


Speak slowly, even slower than normal. Use all your lung capacity and your stomach muscles, you must be clear as crystal in your elocution. This is even more relevant when approaching girls that do not speak English.

A good habit I have developed is to constantly hum a low tune, getting my vocal chords warmed up for a smooth, low-tone opener. Something like the low hums in Vangelis’ song “Conquest of Paradise”

Asking questions and expecting a answer will make you raise the accent at the end of the sentence. Because that is the most common way in many languages to orally stress that you are requesting an reply.

The problem is that you tend to raise the pitch of your voice in doing so. A high pitched, effeminate voice detected during the first impression is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. What you say does not matter as much as the way you say it. Your tone must express confidence and calm.

3. When in doubt, approach anyway

Girl in white

Then eject if necessary. There are always cases when you can’t immediately tell if the girl is attractive in your book. She passed too fast, she turned around, she wears a hat, she has an oversized pair of sunglasses (slut tell!), she looks nice from behind but she might be a butter face… cases are too long to list. One answer: who cares?

Go anyway. While you talk, you will have the opportunity to study her face, style and the kind of girl she might be. Give it your best shot and use what you have learnt. It is an absolute game of trial and error. She is a bitch, she looks at you like you fell from Mars, or is cross-eyed? Eject. You can even do it without saying a word. Your time is important, not hers.

4. Mind appearances


It is valid for every poon, slayer but if your presence is strong and your game is bullet-proof, you can slightly dress down or approach with a t-shirt full of holes, stains, or a convict outfit. Nobody rocks the suit look 24/7, especially in warmer climates.

But for a beginner, better keep it sharp. It will give a better first impression, even if a few mistakes are made during the approach. If you notice that you get more numbers and smiles when you wear a shirt and dress shoes, than with a plain fitted t-shirt with casual shoes, keep doing it. But you can see the issue in having to get changed after work and getting a new shirt, especially if you are like me and hate ironing.

5. Be persistent (within reason)

Get over here

Get over here

A girl might not take the bait straight away. Or she did not understand what you just said. You might not have been convincing enough or she is just shy. Whatever it is, keep talking, unless you clearly see that this ship has sailed.

Block her way for a bit, keep involving her in the conversation, walk side by side if she carries on walking but sends you positive signals, direct her by saying “Hold on. Stop here as I (stress the “I”, you are the boss) need to go that way,” pointing at the other direction, then resume. You have balls, use them. You should clearly feel that the attraction is absent before leaving.

6. Try different approach patterns



We are animals. Relatively intelligent ones, but animals nonetheless. Note that the most popular style of predation in the carnivorous fauna is to isolate a target instead of charging groups.

Like novice diurnal predators, day game beginners should first approach single girls before turning into multi-tasking charming comedians. Try the different techniques from those predators of the animal kingdom. Not trying to play the mysterious kung fu master here, but it describes quite well the way to proceed:

Eagle game


Here, you stay at your post, near a square or a very busy street. You need good eyes to scan the crowd for a extended period of time and spot the attractive girl in the blur of people. Spot her from far, intentionally cross her path or go after her fast on a short distance, stop her and open. You might need to face her and monopolize the space with your arms, bag, umbrella etc. to create an invisible barrier and stop her for a bit. Once you are done, return to your post and wait for the next one.

Crocodile game

You can bring a fellow crocodile along to watch your valuables while you stand and stop the girl or turn it into a small contest to see who’s the man. Grab a coffee and observe. Stay at a cafe terrace or a bench near a busy street or square. Saturday afternoons work well. The careless antelope walks by. You act, charm, number close, then back to your coffee until the next one.

"Hey. I saw you passing by and you look nice. So I came to say hello. I am JB"

“Hey. I saw you passing by and you look nice. So I came to say hello. I am JB”

Wolf game


It is a blend of the previous ones. But you walk, walk, walk. You must never stop for something else than talking to an attractive girl. No texting, no wifi browsing, maybe a take-away coffee.

Stop when you see a potential hottie. Then you go for the insta-date or you carry on to accumulate approaches. The wolf is motivated because he is hungry, he outruns failure and Incel.

Bonus: Monkey game


Shout-out to Roosh on that one, an equivalent could be used at the end of concert, when a large crowd gets of a train or when the students leave the university classes:

I do not run around the venue approaching every girl in sight. Other girls will see this and be reluctant to indulge in your approach later on. The only exception is when last call has arrived, I have no solid prospects, and the club is dying out. Then I approach at will any girl within sight, running around like a monkey to do so (monkey game?).

7. Be constant


Better approach during a smaller time frame every day than in excess during one day (although approaching in any amount is better than doing nothing), the only exception being extreme time constraint or irrepressible horniness. Dedicate a time slot to day game on a given number of days and stick to it.

Approach like a machine. If you feel like it, use an insta-date but I would stick to massive amounts of approaches if your rejection still hits you hard or your confidence and frame are still shaky. A long break makes you lose the momentum and confidence that you accumulate with the memories of successful approaches. A good mental habit is to decide of a number of approaches you have to make a day in order to keep a steady flow. We keep repeating it, but after all, mathematics will always be on your side in game.

8. Stop choking the chicken


This one is a no-brainer. You need to be focused, so keep your hormones in. You need to be horny and feel that you are more aggressive. You need to reach of point where you can’t resist approaching girls. It becomes a mission.

Your animal instincts must completely override your logical brain. It is also a proven fact that men that get natural sex instead of masturbation are subconsciously perceived as more attractive by girls. Science will prove one day that the “I just had sex” victorious stride is real.

Vas-y, garçon

Day game and its success can be centered around a few main factors: mathematics, logistics, presence, body language, persistence, level of attractiveness, self-esteem… The list is quite long. But one factor tramples them all: balls.  At the end of the day, it is the foundation that needs to be solid to support the whole structure.

So get out there and conquer!

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