With American cities becoming less and less appealing, men of all ages have been starting to wonder if there’s a better place to call home. Skyrocketing costs of living, degradation in the quality of women, and general lack of opportunity are all problems that men face. But I’m here to tell you that there’s still an American city that’s not half bad, especially for younger guys. Here are five reasons you should consider taking a look at Atlanta.

1. Southern Women


Although they are still American, Southern girls are on average more feminine and appreciate traditional gender roles more so than their west coast and northeastern counterparts. Their upbringing is more conducive in preparing them for a traditional relationship where the man is expected to be a masculine protector and the woman is to possess more nurturing and feminine traits.

Girls raised in the South are usually going to lean more politically conservative as a result of the culture they grew up in. This is not a guarantee that they aren’t riding the carousel and getting off to the Instagram attention chodestream (many are). But it does mean you won’t hear any annoying opinions about the latest feminist pet cause or any nagging to attend a dinner party with her five homosexual friends.

Atlanta is like the NYC of the south. It’s a central hotspot for the post-college SEC (Southeastern Conference) crowd. And every summer, after annoyingly chanting their last sorority cheer and banging their final frat bro, thousands of sorostitutes from across the southeast graduate with their $60,000 piece of paper and descend upon the city of Atlanta. Here they begin a new life and engage in a form of post-grad promiscuity never before seen until recent years. These girls are in a strange and new place and are no longer subject to the confines of keeping up a reputation that southern conservative Greek life obliged them to.

In their college towns, it was permissible to fuck around with a select few socially approved frat guys. But in Atlanta, they’re ready to get down with any guy who has a dating profile and good text game. Now that the scrutiny of their peers is a no longer a factor, and their social circle has taken a huge hit, these hotties hit the dating apps HARD in the ATL. Girls from the SEC schools are known for being some of the hottest in the country, and now they’ve never been easier to lay. Get down to Atlanta and get a piece of the action.

Now if you’re looking for a girl who’s a little more relationship material, I would advise you to just avoid big cities in general. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough that can be found in this southern whorehouse of a city. The way to snuff them out is to determine if they’ve completely abstained from the dating app sex buffet going on here and instead prefer long term relationships stemming from their social circle. They are a rare find but they’re out there.

2. Influence Of Southern Music


The rap game is strong in Atlanta. It could be argued that it’s been the hip hop capital of the world for much of the last two decades. This is important because most rap music encourages men to be masculine and women to be feminine. It also has an interesting way of encouraging some women to be sluts while at the same time slut-shaming them. Then also occasionally praising the girls who are relationship worthy.

Effectively, these heavy rap influences lead to more people that value a masculine gender role for the man to carry out, a feminine role for the socially adept women, and certain number of sluts for alpha men to indulge in. The influence of rap music has rubbed off on all races in Atlanta and is liked by almost everyone.

On the flipside, you also have a huge country music culture which has strongly impacted nearly every attractive white girl in Atlanta. Country music, for the most part, encourages the same traditional gender roles that make southern women desirable. If you ask an Atlantan what kind of music they listen to, you will often get the response, “country and rap.”

It seems that there’s a concert or festival in Atlanta every other week. These types of events are perfect for meeting some of the talent the city has to offer and they make a great adventure for people who are coming to visit from other cities.

3. Much Less Expensive Than Other Large Cities



This is often a cliche and tired old point made by those who are blinded by city pride to the point of bias. I may be guilty of the above in some regard but the fact remains that Atlanta is a steal when it comes to the cost of living and what you get for it. The south as a region is cheaper than the coastal areas due in part to sweltering summers that can make being outside brutal unless you’re poolside (drinking pool culture is another big plus in Atlanta). However, with the widespread adoption of air conditioning in the 1960’s, people began swarming to the south en masse to take advantage of the cheap real estate coupled with the new-found comfort of A/C. Decades later, the south is still a bargain compared to other regions of the country.

According to recent data, Atlanta is 41% cheaper overall than Los Angeles, and housing in particular is a whopping 71% less expensive. A salary of $80,000 in Los Angeles could decrease to $47,364 in Atlanta bucks and get you the SAME standard of living you had in LA.

You might assume that more expensive cities balance out the cost of living with higher incomes. That is usually far from the case. Here are the most recent stats from Forbes.

Los Angeles
Median Income: $55,988
Median Home Price: $454,500
Unemployment: 7.3%
Cost of Living: 17.9% above nat’l average

Median Income: $57,062
Median Home Price: $162,200
Unemployment: 5.9%
Cost of Living: 1.7% below nat’l average

Those data points tell all. If you own property in an expensive part of the country, sell and move to Atlanta, you’ll soon be balling out on a level you never could in those rich liberal havens.

4. Gentrification

Rich portfolio

Thirty years ago, Atlanta used to be one steaming shithole. But business has been booming in ATL over the last few decades. There seem to be 20 new high rises going up at any given time and you can actually live in a nice apartment in a desirable area on an entry level salary.

The city used to not be a very safe place, which is why most middle and upper class people fled to the northern suburbs. But today it’s out with the old and in with the new. Ghettos are being pushed further south and west while the central parts of the city have been rejuvenated with new restaurants, bars, shops, and even the occasional Korean whorehouse fronting as a massage parlor.

Every time I travel to a typical major city, I complain in my head how old and run down most of the buildings are. They’re usually only 20-30 years old which isn’t that bad but Atlanta has got me spoiled. Everything here is brand new, contemporary, and most notably, affordable.

Here’s what I recommend you earn in Atlanta for a typical bachelor lifestyle:

Shitty apartment in the city with 1 roommate – $35,000-$40,000
Nice apartment in the city with 1 roommate – $50,000-$60,000
Baller high rise with 1 roommate – $70,000+

The housing you can get off middle class salaries is something you’d need to be moderately wealthy for in other parts of the country. If you want to live by yourself I would recommend bumping those salaries up another $15,000-$20,000. The suburbs are cheap and 20 minutes out if you can’t afford the above.

5. Strip Clubs


One last noteworthy item is that ATL is known for is its strip clubs. As you may know, Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport. High business travel and hip hop culture have teamed up to create a city with more gentleman’s club offerings than you’ll know what to do with. I’m not huge on strip clubs (a lot of money blown just for blue balls) but I do enjoy the occasional bros night out and a strip club is always a classic staple of that. With strip clubs being a part of the culture here, cute normal girls are also known to pop in on occasion, giving you some options to game, although they are a minority.

Here are a few gems:

Pink Pony North – Located where Brookhaven and Buckhead come together. Hotly debated as the best strip club in Atlanta. (Not to be confused with its ugly cousin Pink Pony South near the airport.)

The Cheetah – Very classy spot. Located in midtown. Lots of college students dropping in due to GA Tech and GA State being nearby. Everybody seems to recommend going to other shittier strip clubs first so you can fully comprehend the contrast.

Magic City – Located downtown. I’ve personally never been but I’ve heard it in so many songs that I had to give it mention. Mostly black girls here and you might just see your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

The Verdict

All things considered, Atlanta has broken in to the list of best American cities for men. There are a few downsides, of course, such as not having a beach (Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast both 4.5 hours away) but the quality of the women, the upscale but affordable lifestyle, and the anti-PC culture the south is known for have all come together to make this city a top-tier destination. It is absolutely one of the best places for living up your bachelorhood as well as settle down with a family in the surrounding towns if you can find that unicorn. Good luck.

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