Simply defined, day game is the practice of meeting and attracting women anywhere that isn’t a night venue such as a bar or a club. This leaves a huge number of possibilities open, and I personally have met girls in coffee shops, bookstores, parks, on public transport and in gyms to name but a few. But each potential venue has its own strengths, weaknesses, and inherent problems. If you want to improve your dating life or meet a quality woman to enjoy a serious relationship with it is important that you are aware of these pros and cons and choose the right milieu in which to approach.

A couple of weeks back I wrote an article called How To Have Conversations With Women That Get Results. While the ability to talk to women effectively is undeniably key, you must bear in mind that you have to actually meet and engage with one in a suitable environment first before starting to chat.

In his seminal book on day game, Day Bang, Roosh analyzes coffee shops, the street, clothing stores, bookstores, public transportation and grocery stores in some detail, advising on the best way to operate in each. I discuss a few of these here, giving my take on what has worked well for me in each.

1. The Coffee Shop

girl coffee shop

These day most of us—and women especially, it seems—are caffeine addicts who think nothing of shelling out the best part of five dollars for a concoction composed of Peruvian beans, froth, and sugar on the way to work every morning. London, where I live, is bursting with coffee shops, from those well-known chains we all know to smaller, “boutique” shops with chalk boards advertising macchiatos and the like outside. If you are not visiting your local coffee shop at least once a day then you are seriously missing a trick as you will find loads of cute girls there both buying drinks and working as baristas. It shouldn’t be a problem getting to a coffee shop—if you have a full-time job then pop in before hitting the office, and if you work for yourself then aim to spend a few hours each day working from one on your laptop.

Roosh describes in great detail where best to position yourself if you are planning to spend some time in the coffee shop and includes a diagram of an example floor layout, showing you exactly the best place to sit to be in with the best chance of interacting with girls. One tip: it really helps if you are somewhere on the path to the restrooms, as that means you can interact with women on their way to and from these.

Another thing that many guys ask about is how best to pull that attractive barista who pours your latte every day. While under most circumstances my advice is always to strike while the iron’s hot and go in for the pull as soon as possible, if she works regularly at the store than you can afford to take your time a little and build up momentum over a few visits (although not too many) before asking for her number.

I pulled a very cute Italian barista from a coffee place in Kensington largely through sustained eye contact, which I maintained over about three visits. Holding her gaze  meant that I didn’t have to actually say very much—“extra cream” sounded suggestive enough for me not to have to bother with actually “gaming” her. By my fourth visit she would blush when I came in. At this point I simply said that it would be great for us to meet up sometime when she wasn’t working, and told her to write her number down on a receipt, which she did. Our first date—on a Sunday afternoon—ended up in my bedroom.

2. The Street

cute girl street


It is in the chapter entitled The Street in Day Bang that Roosh unveils his now infamous “pet shop” opener. This is an opening line designed to work in any city in the world, innocuous enough to begin a conversation from which you can start to throw out bait on which she will hopefully hook.

The street is a great place to meet women. If you hit any major high street on a weekend you will see thousands of girls going about their business, shopping for clothes and so on. So the opportunities are limitless. But the street is also a terrible place to meet women—it’s busy, crowded, chaotic, and girls tend often to be busy when they’re out and about, with pre-planned schedules to meet. Therefore trying to stop them to get a phone number can be a thankless task, and even if you do get a quick number in the daytime, the chances of it flaking are high unless you have managed to create a strong and positive enough impression.

The big debate about street day game is whether you should approach directly or indirectly. This is a topic I discussed here a few weeks back. Roosh comes down firmly on the side of indirect approaches, arguing that direct makes for a greater likelihood of blowout and that a longer conversation initiated indirectly makes it more likely that she will actually come out to meet you on a date, which is the endgame after all. I personally have had success with both (I have got lays by simply walking up to a girl in the street and telling her she’s beautiful) and tend to intersperse the two techniques depending on the girl and the situation. But whichever approach you lean towards it’s imperative that you have a strategy, especially at the beginning. This is where Day Bang comes in very useful.

3. Public Transport

Ages ago I wrote an article for ROK in which I extolled the benefits of approaching girls on the London Underground transport system. To my surprise, a good many commenters were skeptical that any good results could be achieved on the capital’s subway. But it remains the case that the London Underground is where I have had the most day game success.

The benefits of approaching women on a city’s transport network are that there are a lot of them there and they generally tend to be bored and therefore up for a little distraction. The downside is that trains and buses tend to be packed, and so you may have to make your approach in the earshot of other commuters. Also you will have limited time to run your game as she will be getting off at some point, and she may be wearing headphones or playing with her smartphone.

Roosh deals with all of these issues in the Public Transportation section of Day Bang, and includes a useful diagram suggesting where best to position yourself in a busy train carriage in order to get talking to girls without “scaring the cat.” He also suggests a number of openers and conversational gambits to initiate a conversation without coming off as weird or creepy.

As with street game, I have had success both with direct and indirect approaches on public transport. I once told a Russian girl that I liked her bag on the underground and ended up sleeping with her in her hotel room several hours later. Alternatively, if I’m pressed for time or the girl is about to get off, I will sometimes “go for broke” and just tell her that she’s cute, that I’d like to take her out, and give her my phone for her to put her number in.

As with any type of game there are an infinite number of variables at play and it’s always better to try something rather than nothing. At the same time, you should aim to go in with a strategy, and it is for developing one that Day Bang really comes into its own, as it is packed full with tips and advice for the venues discussed here plus a good many more.

Next week I will cover taking girls you’ve just met through day game out on so-called “instant dates.”


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