With January and February well and truly gone and March soon to be over, too, now is the time for converting those nostalgic “I wish I could be more” New Year’s resolutions into concrete, daily, and, yes, “boring” actions. In no other field of your life is this more true than in gaming girls. Our enthusiasm for it can go from sky-high to subterranean very quickly. Unlike work and physical fitness, there are almost always far less obvious signs that you have been neglecting your game.

With this in mind, I bring your attention to four rules that will serve you well in the coming nine and a bit months. Like with any tools you rely on, they should be revisited (meaning properly read and applied in real life) time and again.

1. Choose your life dreams, not the girl, at least six times a month

What do I mean here? Modern thirstiness in men has created the phenomenon where their schedules can be determined by the mere prospect of romantic or semi-sexual interaction with a girl. Plans for study, important work proposals, and spending time with close friends take a backseat to whichever girl is showing even the mildest flirtatious interest in person, online or via text. It is nothing short of a recipe for neediness, even if your version is much less dangerous than the next man’s, and dismembered, ADHD-style focus for your other activities.

You must not be a slave to this. You must rebel. If you very quickly chase all the female-related chances (or just 50% of them) that come your way, are you really in control and able to set priorities? No. And, significantly, you think these chances come your way. Men routinely overestimate the attraction a woman has for them. They also invariably have a rosier picture than they should about the logistics of meeting girls, such as how much time meant for other activities they can reasonably sacrifice and the ease with which schedules can be combined to meet.

At least six times a month, choose yourself, which can include deciding to spend time with non-sexually based friends and other social acquaintances. Better yet, learn the habit of carving out hours of non-negotiable time for your long-term and non-urgent but life-enhancing projects. Are you writing a novel? Cultivating the 2016 version of Adonis at the gym? These should almost always be no-gone zones for interruptions from girls.

Now, there are sensible caveats to this rule. There is a fundamental difference between being dictated to by your desire for girls and common sense flexibility. The best way to quench your thirst is not to indulge it all the time. With time spent on your overall priorities, not your just penis’, your penis paradoxically ends up more satisfied in the long run. You learn self-control, build the rest of your life so you are more attractive to women, and get the pride of investing your time and talents in ways that others cannot because they are so consumed by their lust.

2. Go for 50/50 splits in expenses or better, but don’t make a big deal out of it to her

Return Of Kings holds that a woman’s beauty and fertility are exchanged for a man’s resources, intellect, and achievements. This rule for 2016 does not violate that principle because perception is reality for the women you game. If you are providing things like truly laughter-inducing humor, hot-and-cold personality features (insightful intellectual to cocky asshole in 3.2 seconds at times), and that air of mystery girls associate with intrigue and adventure, the resources, intellect, and achievement elements largely take care of themselves, especially in the short-term. You will have to watch out for rival suitors, but focused application using your existing repertoire should keep you ahead of the pack.

This year is the one for minimizing your girl-related expenses. Or you can increase them, but only in the context of spending more time out with more girls. Obviously, the more time you spend with more girls on holidays, at bars, in hotels, and just enjoying life, the higher your expenses will likely be. What matters here is a proportional reduction for many men, who are so used to buying or half-buying initial female attention to try and escalate interactions.

I fully admit to making women pay at least half of everything, irrespective of how tiny her income is. I do not care if she a student or working full-time. With gifts and other trinkets I have received, the costs are actually weighted on her side. My aim for 2016 is to take this further. It should be yours as well. Consider it as being akin to the situation where a hired gun goes beyond the service her role requires and begins to overly flirt with you and invest in the interaction. Women in real life, not just employees in bars or malls, are a form of hired guns because they expect a material offering from you or the real prospect of it. Make them put in more.


As much as possible, act with the assumption that she will pay her share. Responses that set the boundaries will be something like “Alright, I’ll use my card for getting the hotel, but give me your half when we arrive.” You will get burned far less often than you think. Moreover, you are radiating to girls powerful expectations about how you will be treated. She is ultimately paying to be in your company when you master this rule.

3. Practice better location discretion

Paris is a large city but in 2013 I learned how amazingly small it can be. I was gaming a girl in a large mall. Everything was going smoothly. Then, out of the corner of my eye, a familiar visage and svelte body slipped by. It was, of all people, an ex-girlfriend I had not seen for a period of time. Both girls had attended the same university and lived in the same leafy neighborhood, though a very large one. Even if I knew these commonalities, I assumed Paris, with its bustling permanent population and millions of tourists annually, would be the place where you could reasonably expect to avoid these run-ins. Following a brief exchange of words with the ex, during which time her tone and body language demonstrated to my new girl we had been an item, she continued on her way.

This incident took no skin off my nose, but what would have happened if the stakes were higher and if the ex-girlfriend’s presence could have torpedoed something? For sure, there are times you want social proof, but the number of scenarios where you want discretion are grossly underestimated by men.

In many situations, a temporary lapse in location judgment will cost you greatly with women. A large number of females will protect themselves or withdraw if these unanticipated run-ins with other girls you know occur. I have lost count of the girls who have told me about their need to feel special or said it just as compellingly with indirect words. A reputation as a player is not always the trump card it is made out to be. Alternatively, maybe the girl in question just wants a courtship sealed off from the pressures and eyes of the real world. Fulfilling female preferences of this kind can pay serious dividends. We know that the modern world has made women miserable and fantasies, like a secret weekend in a hotel, very often assuage the monotony and frustration of their lives.

4. Manage your own life and time better

This is related to the first rule, but deserves its own emphasis. So many men ruin their potential in game because of squandered time and talents. We have already explored the tragedy of thirsty men who stop work or change plans at the drop of a hat to pursue a girl they have a 5% chance to sleep with. But there are countless moments in our lives where non-sexual short-term time wasting impinges upon our ability to meet and bed high-quality girls, either later in the week or in the more distant future.

We neglect our work and studies, opting for procrastination that ensures in a week’s time our focus will be on fixing deadline crises, rather than honing our game or lifestyle skills. 2016 is the year for doing today the unattractive, obligatory things you have historically left for the next day… or week… or month and year. Demand more of yourself. Seemingly unconnected activities, like finishing that work report and hooking up at the end of the week with a hottie in the tight dress at the club, do work on one another. What you do in this moment has a drastic impact on what you wish to do later on in time. Be aware. Be smart.

Everything from learning a language to creating a six-pack is capable of enhancing your chances with women. So why are you putting them off? Naturally, these goals are worthwhile for other reasons: promotion opportunities, personal pride, caring for your family, increasing your health and longevity, and living more comfortably. But we can all agree that the massive benefits flow to your interactions with girls, too. So go on, do what you must.

Be happy but ruthless

Your game repertoire is a regularly shifting mix of skills and inventories that you must constantly use and upgrade as your life circumstances demand it. By no means treat these four rules as isolated pieces of advice. Combine them with what works for you, be flexible when you need to be, and remember to always give yourself conscious self-feedback, in addition to tracking the implicit feedback others give you.

Will 2016 be your best year ever? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Happy hunting, guys.

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