Last week I wrote an article called Indirect Vs. Direct Game, which discussed the best method of “opening”—that is, initiating a conversation—with a beautiful girl who you’ve just met through day game. But while many guys spend a lot of time agonizing over which line to use, the truth is opening is only part of the battle. The real meat of day game is in maintaining a conversation and then getting her number.

What Is A Conversation?

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Well, we all know what a conversation is, don’t we? It’s when two human beings exchange views and information with each other verbally. The problem we encounter in day game is this, though: how does one maintain a conversation with a perfect stranger when there is no real reason to talk to them at all?

Last week, when I discussed openers, I talked about how there are really two ways to go, direct and indirect. Sure, there is debate around this, but the method which Roosh prefers, as discussed in his day game classic Day Bang, is going indirect, starting off with an “elderly opener”—that is, the sort of conversational gambit a senior citizen would use—to get things going. Assuming you choose this sort of approach, then what you need to do next is to keep things going by rambling.



In normal circumstances, such as when we are talking to friends, coming up with what to say next isn’t really an issue. If we are already friendly or intimate with someone then most of the time the conversation just seems to “flow” without much difficulty. When you meet a girl on the street, or in a coffee shop or book store, then your aim should be to simulate this sort of flow as closely as you can to generate a sense of connection (and indeed, to create a genuine connection in doing so.)

Unfortunately, this means that you are going to have to put in a lot of the initial ground work.

It’s no good just to ask a girl you’ve just met a load of interview-style questions. Such a strategy just won’t cut it. Not only is it boring, and what pretty much every average dude on the street would try if he had the balls to approach in the first place, but it also risks being unduly personal upfront—something that can “scare the cat” when you’re talking to a new girl.

Instead, the method Roosh advocates in Day Bang, one that has worked for many thousands of day gamers the world over, is to ramble conversationally while throwing out “bait” for the girl to get hooked on.

How do you do this? The secret is simply to keep talking for as long as possible (until you’ve got her number or she’s outright rejected you) while throwing in tantalizing tidbits of information about yourself that she will be intrigued by and will have no choice but to question you on.

The point of all game is to reveal your personal value to women in a way that is not obvious, and crucially, to get her to ask you a personal question.

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Say you’ve gone in with an elderly opener about the laptop she is using in the coffee shop, and you happen to be writing a spy thriller in your spare time. Your job is to let her know this. After all, she won’t meet a man who’s writing a spy thriller every day, and therefore you are interesting, and most likely attractive to her as a result.

But you shouldn’t make the mistake of simply walking up to her and saying “Hi. I’m very cool as I’m writing a spy thriller,” any more than you should say that you own a Ferrari or manage a hedge fund or something similar. Instead, you should communicate your value covertly.

So if the topic is laptops, you should find a way to chat about your experience of laptops in a general way while throwing in your writerly bait. Like this:


So it’s a Dell. You know, I used to have an HP when I was travelling through Europe. It was a little heavy, but it worked really well. Not only was it fast, but it has loads of memory, which was useful for the project that I was working on at the time.

There are two bits of bait in this short example. The first is the mention of Europe. The second is the project. Most people are interested in travel to some degree, Because you have mentioned Europe but you haven’t been overly specific (i.e you didn’t say “when I traveled to Paris via Madrid and then spent three weeks in Berlin before flying back home”) then you have opened up the opportunity for her to ask you a question. And because you have thrown in a mention of your “project” (rather than your “spy novel set in the Cold War involving a tough but tender, hard-drinking member of MI5 and a Russian plot to assassinate a member of the British government”)  then the field is open for her to ask questions about that, too.

Rambling is perhaps the most difficult part of the day game kit for guys to pick up as the notion of talking aimlessly about random subjects to a stranger seems counter to our naturally logical tendencies. But it is a skill that we all need to master if we are to achieve greater success with women.

Roosh has some great exercises to improve your skills in this area in Day Bang. The most important thing, though, when you’re in front of a girl, is just to keep talking no matter what. Don’t worry overly if what you’re saying seems silly. Your aim is to get her to ask you a personal question. It is at this point—when she has made an equitable investment in the conversation—that you can proceed to the next part of the interaction, the close. Keep talking long enough, throw in enough bait and sooner or later she is likely to make the kind of investment that will give you the green light to proceed.



Once the girl has made an investment into the conversation by asking you for some personal detail such as your name, your age or what you do (and remember, these are for more potent indicators of interest in the daytime than at night) then you are ready to “go for the close.”

This really means one of three things. Either you take her phone number to arrange a date for another time, take her phone number and then get her to come out later that day, or take her on an instant date. If you’re a newbie and are wondering what to do, the best option is simply to take her number. Prolonging the interaction could be to your detriment unless you’re confident that your social skills are on point and that you’ll be able to strengthen your connection rather than sabotage it.

The problem that you have in this segment of the pull—even when she has shown interest by hooking—is that it can seem disjointed and clumsy to simply ask for her phone number after a ten minute conversation about laptops. So how do you segue from chit chat into arranging to meet up to get to know each other better?

Roosah outlines a great strategy in Day Bang he calls “Galnuc.” I won’t go into too much detail here, but Galnuc is a smooth and clever way of getting from “Well, I’m working on a spy thriller at the moment’ to “Let’s meet for drinks—give me your number and I’ll message you in the week”.

The great thing about Galnuc (and the meaning behind the term will become clear when you read the book) is that it covers everything that you need to say to a girl in order to be in with a chance of seeing her again. Okay, the main tangible result you can expect to see from day game is phone numbers, but in themselves they are not enough. What you really want are dates. Glanuc is a strategy which, if executed correctly, means that you are far more likely to get them.

Next week I will discuss the best venues to use for day game and how to work them.

Roosh has some great tips on how to develop your day game in his classic book Day Bang, home of the “elderly chat” strategy and the now infamous “pet shop” line. Day Bang, which I will be referencing throughout my day game series, is a 201-page book that solely focuses on approaching women during the day. Using dozens of examples, it teaches you how to meet girls in common daytime venues like the coffee shop, retail store, street, bookstore, and grocery store, among others. It’s available on paperback, Kindle, or ebook. Click here to learn more about Roosh’s book.

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