Thanks to the Department of Homeland Security, men now have hard data available on where American men have been finding their wives. HINT: Most stereotypes you know about foreign brides are true. How can we confirm the bias?

When looking at the Profiles on Legal Permanent Residents, click on “Country of Birth”, and then select a region or country, which will give you an Excel file… and buried inside of each excel file is a little known statistic called “Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens.” This is a measure of how many parents, spouses, and children obtain “legal permanent resident status” as “immediate relatives” of an existing US Citizen. Thus while the measure is not perfect it still gives a useful approximation for finding a foreign bride, because if most immediate relatives coming in from a given country are female then it’s a strong indication men are finding wives in these countries.

So here’s the world map after compiling all available data averages (click on pic for full size):

IR Sex Ratio


Please disregard the figures for America itself, since people obtaining legal permanent resident status while originating from the country itself are probably the result of children who were born on American soil, and then used their legal status to get their parents naturalized over time. I’m sure there are other loopholes. If you look at American figures you’ll notice that this number is low, only 269 cases of it occurred in 2011.

Regardless, when examining the rest of the world we get some interesting data of where American men are finding love. Again, figures are averaged from all available years (i.e. since the DHS was created).


Ten Best European Countries
1) Russia (77.2% of immediate relative visas are to females)
2) Estonia (77.1% female)
3) Latvia (76.4% female)
4) Belarus (75.0% female)
5) Slovakia (72.8% female)
6) Ukraine (71.6% female)
7) Finland (71.5% female)
8) Lithuania (71.4% female)
9) Moldova (70.2% female)
10) Poland (69.1% female)

Honorable mentions (for those who like Asian women)
1) Japan (89.1% female)
2) Thailand and Laos (both 80.8% female)
3) Mongolia (79.1% female)
4) Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (78.9% and 78.7% female)
5) Indonesia (77.9% female)
6) Taiwan (76.5% female)
7) Vietnam (75.6% female)

Ten Worst European Countries
1) Ireland (36.0% female)
2) United Kingdom (39.1% female)
3) Cyprus (39.6% female)
4) Netherlands (40.7% female)
5) Italy (46.3% female)
6) Denmark (47.3% female)
7) Norway (48.1% female)
8) Belgium (49.1% female)
9) France (50.0% female)
10) Greece (50.3% female)

Dishonorable mentions
1) West Africa: Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Gambia, Benin (all <40% female)
2) Tunisia (33.1% female) — although, strangely enough, Tunisia suddenly flipped to majority female in 2010 and 2011.
3) New Zealand (41.5% female)
4) Israel (42.5% female)
5) Uruguay (46.6% female)
6) Australia (48.7% female)
7) Turkey (49.1% female) — but similar to Tunisia, Turkey flipped to majority female in 2011.

So… do you have any ideas of where to plan your next vacation?

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