Back in 2014, my colleague Matt Forney warned men to not date Indian girls. But Indian men who want to honor their heritage will still marry Indian girls, and there will always be non-Indian men who fall for Indian women. So how can these men groom an Indian girl to be a docile wife?

Indian girls present a special challenge


Kiran Gandhi being unhygienic in London

White American girls take a lot of heat from the manosphere, but the truth is that there is a small minority of American girls who are very traditional. These girls have a natural common sense that allows them to see through the lies of feminism and progressive politics that infect their peers.

Indian girls in the US, on the other hand, seem to lack the bullshit detectors that this minority of white girls possesses. Every Indian woman I know swallows the feminist, progressive, and corporate indoctrination without questioning it.

Take Kiran Gandhi, the deranged Indian woman who ran the London marathon while menstruating without a tampon to raise awareness for “period shaming.” Even though she is one of the privileged few (she is a Harvard MBA), she still feels that she must engage in shameful stunts on the pretense that she is somehow persecuted.

Even “conservative” Indian women like South Carolina governor Nikki Haley are actually progressives. They subscribe to same liberal idea that a woman can only be fulfilled as a corporate drone or a man-jawed politician, not as a loyal wife and mother.

Any man who plans to stay married to an Indian woman is going to have to purge his wife of her feminist indoctrination and other bad tendencies. Here’s how to do it.

1. If you want to rule, you have to lead


If you think that Indian girls will accept their husband as the boss just because they come from a traditional culture, you are wrong. I have a close friend from college who went to India to find a wife. He was convinced that by finding a traditional Indian girl, he would live like some maharaja with his wife dutifully waiting on him. He could not have been more mistaken.

Although my friend’s wife was beautiful, she was anything but subservient. Instead, my friend ended up waiting on her; catering to her every whim. Within a few months of getting married, my friend looked like a wreck and he confessed that his wife was making him miserable with her constant demands.

In truth, if you want to be treated like a king, you have to act like one. Real kings must actively rule over every aspect of their realm—or they will not remain on the throne for long.

Husbands must think of themselves as ancient kings who do not sit behind the battle lines planning, but who actually lead their troops in battle. As king of your marriage, it is up to you to determine your family’s mission and get your wife to buy into it.

Also like a king who leads his troops, you must always maintain frame. You must not show weakness or lose your composure. Women are experts at sensing weakness, and no matter what they may say to the contrary; they are naturally wired to despise it. While maintaining frame takes a lot of discipline, your reward will be a loving, submissive wife.

2. Use dread game


Dread game is a tactic of instilling a sense of doom in your woman so that she appreciates you. Anything that gives your wife the idea that you have other options—and that there is a chance, however slim, that you might act on these options can serve as a dread game technique. While there is lots of information written on various dread game techniques, I am only going to recommend three simple ones.

The first is that you must look good: get in shape, lift weights, and dress well. Look your best whenever you go out. By doing so, you send your wife a signal that you value yourself. It will also increase the attention that other women pay to you. Women are always on the look out for rivals, so if other women show an interest in you, your wife will act more subservient to keep you.


The second thing to do is to go out more with your wife and to be very gregarious. Being very sociable is an alpha male trait that will give your wife, and other women, the tingles.

The third technique is a nuclear option that I don’t recommend unless your wife is a particularly difficult case. It involves taking dread game further and actually flirting with other women in front of her. It has to be something that she can see, because the whole point is to make her aware that you have other options.

Any flirtation that you engage in must be very subtle, so subtle that she can’t really accuse you of open wrongdoing.

3. Keep her fit


Some American women have the idea that they only have to be thin before marriage, but that once they “get the ring,” they can blimp out. But judging from observation, all Indian women think that it is acceptable to get fat after they get married. Even Aishwarya Rai, once one of the most beautiful women in the world, became a hambeast after she got married.

You can’t let this happen. Not only is a fat wife sexually unappetizing, your wife is also a reflection of you. If your wife begins to resemble Jabba the Hutt, it lowers your social value as well.

Fortunately, the fix is easy. As part of your dread game, you are already eating a healthy diet and going to the gym. Simply take your wife with you and keep her on the same diet. Besides helping your wife preserve her girlish figure, working out with your wife is a great activity to draw you closer to each other.

4. Be affectionate

Neha Sharma

In an earlier article I wrote: “Gentlemen, you need to fuck your wives.” And you must do it often. This seems to be an obvious truth, but there are a lot of married guys out there who are getting very little sex.

The key to fixing the problem is knowing the difference between how men and women are wired. Men are ready for sex all the time. We can get aroused in a matter of seconds.

Women require a longer seduction. When you are dating, the atmosphere of seduction is always present. Once they get married, lots of husbands forget this. They will ignore seduction and try to go straight for sex—only to be rebuffed for their effort.

Correcting this is easy. Show your wife massive affection. Hug and kiss her often and unexpectedly even when sex is not on the immediate horizon. These can’t be quick pecks as you leave the house—they have to be passionate so that you wife understands that you still find her ravishing.

5. Give her babies


As I mentioned, Indian women seem to be particularly susceptible to the corporatist lie that a woman’s priority is to her employer, not her family. The most enjoyable way of correcting this mistaken priority in your wife is by putting a baby in her belly. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching your barefoot, pregnant wife preparing a delicious home cooked meal for you.

Ideally, try to let your wife stay home full time while your children are young. Then, when the children are of school age, she can go back if the family’s finances require it. Although you will lose potential income, it will pay off in the end with healthier, better-adjusted children and a happier, less stressed wife.


There will always be a few women that are so damaged by modernity that they are unfit for anything. But if you diligently apply these five tactics you will be able to transform almost any young Indian woman into a submissive wife that will be make you happy for a lifetime.

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