Check out this email I received:

Last week I went out on a second date with a gorgeous 20 yr old. She is a college student in the town that I live in. I met her at a coffee shop and have slowly created a rapport with her over the last few months. She is close friends with another young girl I used to sleep with. After awhile I texted the other girl I used to have relations with and asked her for the new girls number.

We went out on a first date, it was nice, I had a pleasant time and we parted ways. We didn’t speak all week and I asked her out on a second date. We went out and had a great time. All was well until I ended up getting pulled over on our way home for failure to stop at a stop sign and ended up getting a DUI. I got arrested right in front of this girl. This is my first offense of any kind, as I am an upstanding citizen. I was placed into the sheriff’s car and hauled away. My 20yr old date was left along with the second officer.


As I sat in jail, after having my younger sister bail me out via bail bond 2 states away. I was told there was a young women waiting for me outside. Abby, my date was there. She stayed and ended driving me home. What a great girl. She drove me home and within 15 minutes I was inside of her. She was one of the most amazing lays of my life and I have had quite a few.

I was amazed at this. Here is a guy, she barely knows, getting arrested on her second date and she lays the hell out of me after picking me up from jail.

It’s a fun story and one that highlights the paradox of the female species.

Cheers to the Zen like state of game beyond game. The biggest disservice anyone could do is get married before they are 40. I find that men just keep getting better with age. Getting married before 30 is Jordan retiring after his rookie year.

The game canon continues to grow. Now we can add “go to jail game” to our list of effective tactics.


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