Some men don’t like to keep women around for long. They prefer the thrill of the hunt, the taste of new flesh. Not me. I’m an introvert. I suspect that many guys reading this are the same. Of course, there is nothing like new pussy, but I can’t tolerate extended periods of active gaming.

I know enough to get good results, but it doesn’t come easily for me. I have to put in the work. My game trajectory resembles a roller coaster with peaks and valleys. Sometimes I ramp it up and score successive notches quickly. Other times I settle back and lazily enjoy my harem. I’ll admit, I like the valleys better. I prefer the pleasure of sex to the excitement of gaming new women. I’m not a greedy man. Once I have a minimum of two horny young sluts on call, I’m good.

That’s why I advocate harem building. It’s nice having a few girls around for regular sex and, sometimes, companionship. That frees you to spend time on more productive pursuits, like weightlifting, empire building, and planning your escape from the West. Or smoking weed and playing Call Of Duty, if that’s your thing. Either way, a soft harem is an efficient way for an introvert to keep multiple females for sex, with minimal amounts of time and effort. Here are seven tips to keep your soft harem sluts in love with you, even after they leave:

1. Make Her Cum Hard

Not every man agrees with this point. But in my experience, this is the only way she’s going to share you for any length of time. If you want her to return, make her orgasm hard and often.

2. Reject Monogamy

The foundation of harem game is the rejection of monogamy. It’s all built on that premise. If she doesn’t want to share, she can leave. And that’s it. Once she understands that you will never change, you can relax just a bit.


3. Let Her Go Easy

Let her go with no drama when she decides to leave. Wish her luck and happiness with her new monogamous boyfriend. Try to score your goodbye fuck. Then show her the door.

4. Be Aloof, But Accessible

Don’t text, call or email her once she leaves. This should come easily to you. But respond if she reaches out.  She’s just making sure you’re still an option for her, and you should quickly schedule a meet.

5. Indulge Your Dark Triad

Make Machiavelli proud. She might come back to you while she still has a boyfriend. Bang her anyway. Don’t be upset if she returns to him for a while after that. She’ll be back again.

6. Be Beta

Of course, it’s best to be aloof and ruthless. But she will eventually get into a fight with her weak boyfriend and come fishing for your attention. Then it’s OK to tell her you miss her; let her know she can return whenever she wants. Just keep that shit to a minimum.

7. Give Her A Soft Landing

Don’t give her a hard time when she comes back. She probably won’t want to talk about her recent breakup. If you can calmly tolerate your woman leaving you for other men, then she will return repeatedly. Just use a condom until after she gets tested.

Extroverted men may not see the point of a harem. Getting fresh pussy is a fun sport. But for introverts, it can be physically draining and mentally exhausting. Running a harem allows us to have sex with multiple women while remaining true to our introvert natures.

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Photo credit: Frederick Arthur Bridgman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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