1. Sweden is a modern socialist state that places a lot of value on design. If Apple computer was a country, it would be Sweden. There is incredible detail to designing even simple lamps and chairs. Everything is optimized, logical, and clear, especially in public spaces. Sadly, these spaces are better presented than the women, who are the most overhyped on the planet. My guess is you think every girl there is a blond bombshell, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The talent level competes very poorly with other countries in Eastern Europe.

2. There are two levels of beauty. On the elite level you have a smattering of 8s and 9s with a few 7s thrown in. On the other level you have 6s and below who may have a cute face, but are extremely sloppy with their appearance and are overweight. Surprisingly, Sweden is fat. It’s perhaps the fattest country in Scandinavia, though it’s a close call with Denmark. Most girls are on the chubby side. If you like thick blonde girls, this may be your heaven.

3. Sweden has been infected with plain hipster style. All the girls wear Converse shoes and black stockings with tears in them. They believe Chucks match with anything, including dresses. Flip flops are to the USA what Chucks are to Sweden. Even guys wear it. The only positive is that you don’t see as many Skrillex haircuts like in Denmark.

4. Swedish girls absolutely love Americans. Many have visited the US or worked as an au pair. You’re their cultural bridge back to that happy time. The best part of it is that you don’t need to drop your background with any special tactic—they quickly sense it with your accent.

5. They are exceptionally friendly. They aren’t too sarcastic and won’t hit you with the superiority nonsense that you get in Denmark. While friendliness can help turn things into something sexual, don’t automatically assume it.

6. Demographics give an edge to women. The sex ratio everywhere is bad, with much more men than women. It reminded me of America. While Swedish guys don’t approach, they do have extensive social connections that actually make it worse than if they approached a lot instead. While an approach can fail within a minute or so, Swedish guys get introductions to desirable girls and have automatic long conversations.

7. Girls with boyfriends have a roaming eye. According to modern feminist theory, it’s best if a girl bangs a couple dozen bad boys to know what she wants before eventually settling down, but those slutty experiences re-wire her brain in such a way that it can be hard to resist one more go with a bull. Alcohol will be a great excuse to borrow a Swedish girl from her boyfriend. Unlike in Eastern Europe, Swedish girls are not looking to replace their man. Instead they’ll go for a brief fling that no one finds out about.

If you have regular contact with her (e.g., you see her every day in the coffee shop), it’s easier to pull a robbery than a one-off approach on the street or in the club.

8. It’s a social circle driven society on par with Iceland. Even Swedes consider themselves socially awkward, so they depend on their circle to meet people. This is especially true with the hotter girls who have a million orbiters competing for their attention. To increase your chances of getting something, you need to isolate her from the group. I definitely noticed a trend that the prettier the girl, the more likely she has a boyfriend. Regardless of her status, the hottest girls seem to wrap themselves up in a little cocoon. You need to get them alone.


9. Sweden has a huge minority population with many people from Africa and the Middle East. I found the Middle Eastern girls to be slightly better looking than the Swedish girls. The only problem with this diversity is that when you’re seeking a Swedish flag in a short amount of time, you’ll have less targets to work with. It also doesn’t help that the Middle Easterners are snobby, since they “made it” to Sweden.

10. The girls chew tobacco. I remember talking to a girl only for her to pop in a pouch midway into the conversation. I was not turned on.

11. Nightlife is very cliquey. The hot girls have a lot of beta orbiters who are happy wasting their time talking to a girl they most definitely won’t fuck for quite some time (or ever). Day game is a fine option, but you still have to deal with the Scandinavian shyness. Being a foreigner who’s American gives you an edge, but it can be hard to get the girl to really bite. Grinding it out at night is inefficient. Getting introduced via her social circle will be easier, assuming you can stay long enough to play that angle.

12. To get your flag, your best bet is to spit standard world game. Be a confident American guy and you’re partway there. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be careful about dropping value, cockiness, arrogance, and all those things that may suggest you’re better than her. I found Swedish girls to be much more flexible than Danish girls if you break the “rules,” but it’s something you need to watch. Nodding game plays big.

Definitely avoid talking about “foreign women” and how Swedish girls compare. It’s a sore spot since Swedish men are importing Asian women by the hundreds. If you say something she doesn’t like, use the excuse, “Well in America that’s standard,” to make it seem like she’s being closed-minded about your culture.

13. You’ll have success with Icelandic street game, where you prowl the streets after the clubs close for lone girls. One night I spent 6 hours in the club to get nothing only to get laid with a street approach afterwards. While the clubs have girls, the groups are cockblock factories. Keep your eye out for pairs who don’t know anyone.

14. Swedish girls can’t handle reality. They are too sheltered within their gender neutral utopia. Any type of remark that references science or the real nature of men and women will get a negative response. What’s interesting is that I had way better conversations with Ukrainian women, who spoke bad English, than Swedish girls who spoke fluent English. Ukrainian women see the world as it is. They understand sexual economics and human attraction. They weren’t so politically correct that topics were off limits like in Sweden. It’s one of the more open countries in Scandinavia when it comes to free speech but I felt censored. Stick to travel, music, and movies, and you should be straight.