I had an interesting conversation with a Norwegian woman in a bar the other night. We talked about marriage and then…

Me: “I read that if it wasn’t for the immigrants, the population of Norway would decline. Norwegians aren’t reproducing.”

Her: “No, they do. People have one or two kids.”

Me: “Yes but that’s not enough to sustain the population.”

Her: “That’s good anyway for the planet. We don’t need more kids.”

Me: “In a few hundred years, it’s possible there will be no such thing as ‘Norwegian.’ You don’t care that your race will die out?”

Her: “No because the planet should be saved.”

Me: “So you don’t mind that the Muslims are coming?”

Her: “No, not at all.”

Me: “Yes but the Muslims will reproduce. When I was in Oslo many girls told me of an ongoing rape wave where Norwegian girls were raped by packs of Muslim men. So you are telling me that it’s a good thing your country is being overtaken by immigrants who rape your countrywomen that no longer reproduce?”

Her: “Whatever, it doesn’t matter!”

She got visibly angry at this point and the conversation ended.

Norwegians are perhaps the most liberal on the planet. They are so opposed to other viewpoints that it takes a man to kill 77 people for those views to even be heard. The debate on multiculturalism will rage on…

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