Over the past week, another example of non-issue hysteria has been created in the Australian media, further feeding the need for female indignation. The following interview is what started the response:

The man being interviewed is Chris Gayle, a professional cricketer from Jamaica. The interview was held shortly after Gayle left the field after being dismissed in a T20 match for Melbourne vs. Hobart. Gayle currently holds the record for the highest score in a domestic T20 game of 175 not out. This is only one of the many records that Gayle currently holds. His full player bio can be found here.

Chris Gayle

Off the field, Gayle has always been known as a smooth “ladies’ man.” It is his on-field performances, and his laid-back attitude and flamboyant lifestyle off the field, that have made him one of the more known and likable characters in world cricket today. It is also because of his character that he behaved in this way in the interview with Mel McLaughlin

The response from Mel McLaughlin

The response in the days after the event from the journalist who interviewed Gayle has to be applauded. McLaughlin could have easily used this to set herself up as a professional victim. However, her take on this is that while she was uncomfortable at the time, it isn’t a big a deal. Notice in the interview here she was continually trying to get those interviewing her to get over it as she wanted to talk about what she is actually paid to talk about… cricket.

Even though McLaughlin has accepted that Gayle didn’t mean to cause offence and she wants to move on, others in the media couldn’t accept this and are continuing with their assault on Gayle. While pretending to care about the welfare of McLaughlin, the people interviewing her in the video above don’t seem to care that she was feeling uncomfortable in continually having to answer the same question as to whether she felt harassed or not.


The media response

Chris has currently been fined $10,000 for this “offence,” but even the most novice of fortune tellers could have predicted that wasn’t the end of it. There are currently countless articles vilifying Gayle’s actions from a plethora of media channels on this issue, but the worst of all these is that the most respected source for cricket news the world over (ESPNCricinfo) has published these articles.


Much in the same way that Gamergate began with articles claiming that “gamers are dead,” cricket journalist Dan Brettig is also trying to lecture to men that we need to bend over backwards to accommodate women into another section of what used to be a male space. This was then backed up by a “cricket feminist” claiming that women’s cricket is just as good as men’s, as well as the usual garbage of wanting to introduce quota systems onto cricket administration boards.

Out of fear of becoming the next target for feminist sabotage, the chairman of Cricket Australia Jamie Sutherland has shown support for those wanting harsh penalties on Gayle. The media are currently and quite successfully calling for Gayle to be sacked, and it is now likely that Gayle won’t be part of the next season. Similar to how Bill Cosby had his name tarnished by claims of harassment in the name of publicity, so too has someone come out months after the event allegedly occurred to say that Gayle exposed himself to a female journalist in Sydney during the Cricket World Cup in February 2015:

This journalist is from the same company (Fairfax media) where Gayle was previously employed as a guest columnist. Even though Gayle has denied the allegations and there hasn’t been a single piece of evidence shown to prove this allegation, we can safely assume that Gayle won’t be employed to contribute any columns to this paper in the future.

The public response

The public response to this has been much polarized. After reading the comments sections from various new sources, there have been a surprising amount of people who are getting sick of being lectured to by leftist PC thought police. A lot of people are seeing this “incident”—a man complimenting a woman and then asking her out for a drink. There are, of course, those of the public who have joined the media in blowing this out of proportion.

People are now rightly so comparing this incident to one of Maria Sharapova flirting with a male journalist in a press conference:

This issue has nothing to do with whether Gayle made the journalist uncomfortable or not. The PC zombies are instead outraged that a man would take steps to fulfill his own sexual strategy rather than passively waiting in line so that women have full control in fulfilling theirs. Gayle putting a woman on the spot scares women and manginas because he is showing that they don’t always have full control. This is also why the red pill is so offensive to most women.

This issue will more than likely blow over in the next couple of days. However, with more and more examples of issues like this coming up each day, it might have the same effect of opening the eyes of a number of men to the feminizing of society.

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