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C’mon then chaps, it’s time to own up, we all know the feeling. You’re walking down the street and a woman passes you. Though she’s pretty, what really turns your head is when she passes close enough for you to get a strong blast of her scent. Some incredible mix of fruity coconut shampoo, body wash, or moisturiser will hit you and you’ll suddenly feel a very intense blast down below.

But, this sort of thing isn’t just exclusive to men. It’s easy for us to think it’s just because of our sex drives that we find the scent of a woman so incredibly alluring, but the truth is that there’s some genuine biological principles at work here. Men find the scent of a woman incredibly attractive, but it works both ways—women find the scent of a man incredibly attractive too!

Your scent is an absolutely vital part of how attractive your desired partner will find you, and it’s a factor that you should be loathe ignoring if you decide you want to pursue a certain person. Money spent on great clothes, hair products, and fancy meals won’t do you any good if your intended isn’t feeling that unmistakable biological attraction to you deep in the pit of her stomach. Your confidence coach won’t get you out of that one.

Picture of a blonde sexy woman looking away while holding her boyfriend close to her. The man is looking at the camera.

In your brain smell is a powerful memory trigger, so if you associate a particular scent with sex itself or memories of sexual experiences, the next time you come across that smell your brain will automatically stimulate you in response to your memories. Smell is directly linked to emotions and feelings. The incredible power of smell when it comes to the mating rituals of all species, humans absolutely included, has been scientifically attested for more than thirty years.

This is yet another reason for you to ditch that revolting rubbish they sell in big chain stores and catalogues that masquerades as ‘cologne’ or ‘animal pheromones’, when in fact it should be called ‘petrochemical, solvent, dye and alcohol ridden gunk’. We admit that isn’t much of a catchy name, but it’s certainly more informative when it comes to accurately explaining what those bottles of cologne actually contain.

So not only do you smell like a freshly varnished floor or a second hand car salesman, we’ll let you decide which is worse, in doing so you are actively sabotaging your chances of inspiring sexual interest in members of the opposite sex. Your natural pheromones are what she really wants to smell, so stop covering them up! Now we’re absolutely not saying you should just stop washing altogether, that certainly won’t help, but there are certain products out there that use only natural essences to enhance our natural aromas, rather than covering them up.


The natural scent

Generally speaking, women respond even more strongly to these scents than males do – favouring men with a strongly natural/musky scent. You could argue this is because they seem biologically more powerful/protective/likely to provide strong children, going by our deeply embedded biological instincts. Men too favour the scent of young women as they send of signals of maximum health and fertility – just another reason why granny’s perfume doesn’t do much for you.

Enter Elena Vepritskaya, Ukrainian-born sexologist and aroma-therapist now based in New York. She has concluded that one of the main reasons Americans seem to be having less sex than South Americans and Europeans is directly traceable to more fastidious grooming and hygiene habits.

Western culture, by and large, is highly focused on being hygienic and there are millions of products designed to make us ‘smell clean’. But this almost fetishist focus on being ultra clean is leading us to wash our body’s natural pheromones off every single day, leading to a massive dulling of this innate sexual instinct.

It’s for this exact reason that she has created her own line of attraction scents using only the most natural essential extracts from a variety of plants, flowers, trees and roots. For the last decade she has been advising her male clients on the best way to wash and use her products – shower with natural soap, free of fragrance, towel off and then place a drop of her natural scents on the neck and in the bend of the arms.

So, what top 5 scents make for the most attraction?

1. Lavender

Known for being and incredibly relaxing scent, it could be just the perfect solution to encourage your partner to settle and relax in your company.

2. Bergamot

A strong and citrusy scent that is already used in a massive amount of perfumes and colognes and extremely popular in aroma-therapy.

3. Jasmine

Has been found to be helpful in reversing impotence in men as a result of its ability to stimulate blood circulation in both you and her. Stimulated blood circulation is never unhelpful.

4. Black Pepper

Hot spices can induce sweating and lead to a marked increase in your heart rate. A similar response to what you may find during sexual peaks.

5. Sandalwood

Earthy, woody aroma and part of tantric sex rituals for thousands of years. The clear but not overpowering scent will help stimulate you both in all the right places.

So with this in mind, have a little further think about just how important your scent is when it comes to finding your perfect partner. The science of your scent has been in place for generations and is a powerful force you’ll do well to embrace rather than ignore.

Of course, we’ll say it again; this doesn’t mean that you can get away with just not washing!

You do still have to be clean in order to attract a woman; just don’t let yourself smell like you’ve just crawled out of a vat of petrochemicals.

If you’re interested in learning more about Elena’s natural scent enhancers, please feel free to visit this website.

So please remember; always keep clean, but let your scent do the real talking!

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