A couple months back, Roosh posted the results of ROK’s first reader survey. One bullet point in Section 7 grabbed my attention like a fake tittied brunette: Handling Infidelity.

I’ll go ahead and save everyone the time and an unnecessary article and reveal the one and only way to handle sexual disloyalty from your woman:

You don’t.  

Drop her like the cheating slut she is and don’t look back. Easier said than done, but we all know taking back a cheating woman will turn your life upside down in a hurry.

The best way to handle infidelity is to prevent it from happening in the first place. So here are my tried and true, three best remedies to keep your girl from spreadin’ em for other dudes.

1. Flirt with other girls in front of her

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a broad or two when you’re with your main chick

No, this doesn’t mean number closing a girl in front of your woman (though you should be doing this when you’re not with her anyway vis-à-vis keeping your abundance mentality intact).

But striking up a conversation and lightly flirting with pretty girls and allowing them to flirt back will do three things: 1) Create drama (which girls love), 2) elicit feelings of dread within her, and 3) show her you can and will find her replacement if she doesn’t keep her shit together.

When a female is embroiled in drama due to feeling like her boyfriend is “becoming distant” and “may be straying” because he consistently shows he isn’t afraid to flirt with or eye fuck other chicks when she’s with him, all she can think about is what he might be doing when he’s not around. This leaves her very little energy or time to think about much else, let alone other men in her orbit.

Yeah, she’ll be pissed, and yeah she’ll throw fits. Hell, she may even call you out in public to attempt to rattle you. But so long as you maintain frame and remain unapologetic and nonchalant about the whole “ordeal” she will make all three of her luscious holes available for the taking at your discretion to keep you from poking other chicks.

After her tantrum, she WILL turn up the heat

Within the context of a sexual relationship in 2015, feminism combined with their hard wiring has rendered females powerless against this technique. They quite literally and involuntarily reward behaviors conducive to infidelity. More availability, less clothing, ass to mouth, it’s all on the table when she thinks you’re about to step out on her.

But remember, if you apologize or promise it won’t happen again you’re fucked. Not only have you shown zero backbone, you’ve allowed her to emotionally manipulate you which means the script has been flipped.

So flirt away, don’t feed into the ensuing emotional shenanigans, be utterly unapologetic for your exploits, and watch her transform from a bitchy prude to an insatiable, degenerate porn starlet who all of a sudden can’t get enough of your cock right before your very eyes.

2. Never say “I’m sorry”……EVER

A man likely headed for blue balls

Outside of those three little magic words (when being the first to say it) the phrase “I’m sorry” ranks up there as the most sniveling, beta-fied garbage you can utter to a female.

When you apologize to a woman for anything you have or haven’t done, you’re telling her that you regret your actions and would do things differently if given the chance…which reeks of fear, pandering, and oneitis—all of which make her resent you with a seething contempt like you’ve never seen.

Girls want a man who does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants without reservation or apology, even if she happens to be in his line of fire. Like the flirting, she’ll throw a tantrum and call you every name under the sun when you don’t give her the apology she’s looking for.

When the smoke clears you may have a headache but you’ll definitely have her respect, which is probably the single most important element to keep your woman from running around on you.

Women almost never respond well to “I’m sorry”

If you’re at your girl’s place and you drop and break one of her glasses or dishes: “My bad.” Admitting or acknowledging fault is very different from being sorry.

Forget to pick up whatever useless thing she squawked about on your way home from work? “My fault. I’ll get it tomorrow.” And leave it at that.

Even if she catches you balls deep in another female DO. NOT. APOLOGIZE.

“But Donovan, there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re sorry about something you’re sorry about, right?

Wrong. Dead fucking wrong. Are you really sorry you broke her dinner plate? Did you really regret slaying that slut? Of course not. So if you’re not sorry about something, don’t fucking apologize.

Further, women know when you’re truly remorseful and when you’re not. Apologizing for something you both know you’re not sorry about is like failing a shit test she didn’t deploy.

No apologies from this guy

The bottom line is that when you apologize to your woman for anything, right or wrong, she loses respect for you. Be a man, stay disciplined, and don’t succumb to the instant perceived gratification that comes with a heartfelt apology.

Weather the storm and reap the benefits that come with being the man she wants and needs. Doing the opposite too often almost guarantees she’ll be swallowing the salty loads of someone who doesn’t even apologize when he smacks the shit out of her for mentioning your name.


3. Be unabashedly selfish

Make it all about you

Show me a man who says “It’s all about her” when referring to his woman and I’ll show you a man who is being or is about to get cheated on.

Females have it easy in this part of the world, and they know it. Just about everything is handed to them from the cradle to the grave—most notably, male attention, deference, and subservience. Girls have been steeped in all of this their entire lives and as a result they are desensitized to it and take it for granted.

I touched on female indifference to the abundance of male adoration in a column I wrote last month:

…when a man exhibits similar reverence in her presence it doesn’t arouse her because she’s quite literally desensitized to that kind of attention. She’s been getting it all her life and can get it whenever she wants. It’s human nature to take something for granted if it’s readily available to us and male idolatry is no different.

The reason women cheat with impunity on men who “live for them” is because he’s putting her on a pedestal. Deep down women know they’re not worthy of such reverence and any man who doesn’t recognize this will be punished with bitchiness, neurotic behavior, and of course, cuckoldry.

Females want nothing more than to surrender to a masculine, confident man who would be just fine with or without her. They project this desire by treating men like extensions of themselves because they long to be an extension of a man.

A man who exhibits overt selfishness tells a woman in no uncertain terms that he lives for himself. And when she gets it through her thick skull that her man is the captain of the ship, she begins to make emotional (and sometimes even financial) investments into the relationship.

It is infinitely harder for women to be unfaithful to a man she’s invested time and emotion into. Remember, females are accustomed to getting some sort of ROI so they rarely walk away from or jeopardize something they’ve put so much time and work into.

Fuck her feelings….do what you want

Making all the decisions on movies and restaurants, paying zero attention to her “needs” in bed, making her change her plans to suit your schedule, and doing only what you want to do on date are just a few of an ocean of examples blatant selfishness.

I’ll reiterate that like the flirting and lack of apologies, your “me first” attitude will rub her the wrong way and she may very well voice her discontent. But we all know a shit test when we see one and this is no different. Stand your ground and you will have her respect and loyalty.

A personal anecdote

The following conversation happened a week before Thanksgiving at a shopping center with a girl I’ve been seeing for a few months:

Her: Did you just look at her with me standing here?!

Me: Yeah <my tone and posture reflected a “it’s no big deal” attitude>

Her: You disrespectful asshole!

Me: Calm down…you’re bein’ a drama queen.

Her: You look at some random girl in front of me and instead of apologizing you call me a fucking drama queen?!

Me: Grab your shit, we’re leaving. And you’re making stir fry tonight.

Her: <laughing> You expect me to cook for you after this? Fuck you, I’m not making you shit.

Me: Fine. I’m taking you home.

Her: Good!

I didn’t say a word to her the entire ride to her place even though she bitched the entire time calling me names, telling me I wasn’t shit, and that she “can’t do this anymore.” I dropped her off, went home and proceeded to make my stir fry.

She acts up, I handle dinner myself

She held out longer than I thought she would but she eventually called and came over that night, apologized for being a drama queen, and turned on the slut antics.

I held frame at all costs, including her possible departure, and she ended up apologizing for a situation I created with what may or may not have been disrespectful behavior I inflicted on her. That’s the power of this brand of next level game.

Even if she had decided to never to talk to me again after the fiasco (which was a real possibility as this was not an isolated occurrence), I would not have called and apologized. I’ll admit it would have sucked to lose the guaranteed pussy, but that loss pales in comparison if I had lost her respect—which would have ultimately resulted in losing her anyway.

Does this work all the time?

Of course not. No strategy is bulletproof. Besides, a lot of girls will cheat on you anyway regardless of how tight your game is. That’s just how it is in today’s sexual marketplace.

But along with standard red pill game, I’ve personally found that utilizing these three tactics not only drastically reduces a woman’s desire or even thoughts of cheating, it keeps them on their toes and triggers her to exhibit good behavior to keep you around.

It’s absolutely paramount that you not cave into the pressure she will inflict on you when you deploy this style of game. If you try to console her with an apology for looking at the pert ass of a passerby, and then ask her what restaurant she’d like you to take her to in order to “make it up to her,” you’re in for big problems down the road—count on it.

So long as you withstand the initial verbal assaults and tantrums, you’ll be well rewarded in the long run. Delayed gratification and discipline is an effective mindset when dealing with your finances. The same applies when dealing with your woman.

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