I’m involved with two different American white girls. Both in their mid-twenties, close to the same level of sluttiness, one small tattoo each, and typical liberal attitudes toward sex. Recently, I made the mistake of learning too much about one of them.

That’s right, I hacked into her computer. She was upstairs, sleeping. She left her laptop right there in front of me, still on. Hacked is a bit of an exaggeration; I guessed her password….her first name, all lower case letters.  The browser was up, her Facebook and email accounts still open. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I did anyway. Just a few clicks and all the intimate details her life were exposed. What a mistake.

I found out damn near everything about her past sex life. Now I know her exact notch count and can put names to faces. I will continue dating her, but it won’t be the same. And even though I know the second girl I date is just as slutty, the fact that I don’t know her details makes it much easier to tolerate.

Learn from my mistakes. Don’t hack her. Never look through her computer, iPhone, Facebook, or email accounts. Because if you do, here are some things you may find:

1. Naked Photos & Videos

A dozen men have naked pictures of her on their phones. She still has those pics saved in her sent folders.


2. The List

Your girl has a list of dudes she’s banged. You won’t like the number.

3. Alpha Emails/Texts

She doesn’t delete emails from her old alpha boyfriends. You’ll find out just how easily she gave it up.

4. Beta Emails/Texts

Lots of these, mainly harmless.

5. Cock Pics

These are usually sent to her iPhone by desperate, horny dudes who want to bang her.

Was it alpha to hack into her accounts? Was it beta? Does it really matter? It was a fucking waste of precious time. I’ve digested the red pill, I know I will never get married or have kids with her. So really, it doesn’t matter either way. And it’s not just her. We all know most American girls are not worth marrying. So why torture yourself? You will be happier in the relationship if you stay blissfully ignorant. Just assume she is a typical Western slut who is not worthy of bearing you children or carrying your family name. Knowing everything will dull your affection for her, if you have any. That makes the time you spend together less enjoyable for you. The bottom line: she is not worth the time or energy it takes to hack her.

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Image credit: salihguler