Any man who has ever gone to college has come across a situation where they’ve spotted a cute girl all by her lonesome at a class. Maybe you spotted her standing outside by the wall beforehand or sitting with a free space next to her. For any guy who runs daygame, this is the best type of target you could ever ask for. Not only is she alone and stationary but she’s also bored and probably more than willing for a chat. Knowing how to game such a girl may seem like a no-brainer, but today I have a special tip to share about college lecture game to create more attraction and get more solid closes.

How To Approach If She’s Waiting Outside

Let’s start off with the basics first. When you approach a girl while she’s waiting outside the class, position yourself near her and ask her a question about the class or lecture. This will vary by what kind of class it is, how far you are into the semester and what assessments you have coming up soon and so forth. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s relevant and seems genuine. If there are other people waiting around right near the girl, it’s a good idea to pose the question as if you’re addressing all of them and as the conversation progresses direct most of your responses and follow-up questions to your target. This causes the other people to slip away into the background and stop participating or stop paying attention all together. From there transition into the basic get-to-know-you questions before the class starts and when it does, sit next to her. I’ll come back to this scenario shortly.

How To Approach If She’s Sitting In A Lecture

Say you walk into a lecture when it’s halfway full (so there’s a better chance there’ll be a lonesome girl with a free spot next to her). Scan around, spot a girl preferably by herself, and sit next to her. If she’s alone, it’s either because she has no friends in the class, she does but they haven’t arrived yet, or they just haven’t or aren’t going to spot each other in there. Instead of the purely indirect approach you’d take on a girl waiting outside, it’s okay to be more obvious that you’re purposely trying to get to know her. Sit next to her and say “Hey” as you unpack your books.

Girls actually find it very awkward if you actually don’t talk to them in this situation so she will be quite receptive. If her friends come and sit on the other side of her it won’t make a difference to how you’ll game her except you’ll have to be more subtle about number closing or insta-dating her around her friends. If somebody you’re friends with comes and sits next to you that won’t make a difference either, and if you get lucky like I have and one of your bros sits next to you, you can whisper things about other girls to him loud enough so that your girl on the other side can hear and become intrigued.

Get To Know Her Before The Class Get’s Going

Either way, talk about class related questions with her for a little bit and then segue into the get-to-know-you questions like name, major, what classes she’s in, etc. Girls you approach inside a lecture will often bring this up in the first couple minutes, so avoid the topic until then to gauge her interest level. The trick here is to get to that personal question phase early. You need to exchange that info either before the actual lecture begins or whisper it very early into it. In my regular daygaming I avoid questions like her name until she asks me first, but in a lecture if she doesn’t ask first soon enough before it gets going it’s better if you ask first. This situation is basically daygame on easy mode.


Do Not Whisper

Now both scenario’s have met at the same place. Your sitting with your girl and the lecture’s begun. Considering that one or both of you is going to want to be paying attention to what’s being taught, it’s not feasible nor is it polite to others around you to talk the whole way through. It is however necessary to communicate through the class.

If you only talk beforehand it makes an insta-date hangout or number close after class harder, simply because you haven’t spent enough time talking. Whenever something interesting to say about the lecture or the lecturers behaviour came to mind, I would quickly whisper with the girls about it, being the natural way most people would talk in this situation, that some of you have probably already done.  Whispering your little witty remarks and observations however is not the best way to game a girl however.

First and foremost it’s often difficult to understand each other, and asking each other to repeat themselves all the time gets tedious. Secondly it’s difficult to have a longer conversation with whispering, which in a lecture is more naturally suited to intermittent bursts of short sharp word exchanges. Lastly if your lecturer is a cranky bitch or just being one that day and especially if you’re closer to the front you might get told to shut up for it.

Write Notes And Make Her Giggle Like A School Girl

So what should you do instead? Easy, write little notes on a spare piece of paper in YOUR notebook (we’ll come to why it should be yours later). Why? Because for some reason girls enjoy this illicit note writing. It always gets them giggling to bag at the lecturer, their presentation, or random people in the rows in front of you even more than they do in sneaky whispering. Do try not to use your notes as your means of finding out her basic information however, because it sets the wrong vibe for how your notes to each other will go. Make sure you get that out of the way before you write her your first message.

“Passing notes” seems to be a forgotten mode of communication, having been made extinct in schools and colleges around the world by the mass proliferation of mobile phones. Writing notes to each other has the advantage of making it easier to have longer flowing conversations compared to whispering, but don’t over do it. Just like texting its okay to see something they’ve said and not write back straight away. Don’t write constantly the whole way through or she’ll get bored of it, space it out, keep it novel and try to keep it fun and playful. Observing things going on in the class is the easiest way to do that.


Towards the end ask what classes she’s got after class, and if you’re both free ask to her hangout verbally after it finishes. If one or both of you isn’t available, get her to write her number on the paper in your notebook. Now, why should it be your notebook? First off because if she has cleavage you’ll have a great view as she leans over to your desk to write messages (which you can make a point of conversation to keep things flirty and playful), but most importantly doing it all in your notebook means you get her number and not the other way around. If you number close here there tell her that she seems fun and you two should hangout sometime while the fun time she had with you in class is still fresh in her mind. Whether or not you insta-date her right after class or not, from then onwards you can run your game as you usually do.

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